Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Apply to become a writer at Gossip-Stardoll

I'm just making this post if anyone wants to become a writer at Gossip-Stardoll. I know I wrote one before, but that was too long and didn't exactly point out what I'm looking for, so I just took these questions from a post Fiona wrote ages ago. Read below and answer in comments. Thanks!

***Please don't forget to mention your Stardoll username!***

1. Have you used blogger.com before? We need to know this because we need someone who is reasonably experienced at using blogger. If you haven't used blogger before, maybe you should try it out and apply next time.

2. Do you know how to add pictures to posts on blogger? The reason for this question is pretty obvious. :)
3. Are you reasonably experienced with taking screenshots and editing them? We need you to be able to produce pictures like we have on most of our posts. This is because posts are much more easy and fun to read if they have pictures. People get turned off by big blocks of writing with no pictures.

4. Do you have a good standard of English? We want to see well-written posts. We don't mind the odd grammar or spelling mistake, but we definitely don't want to see posts written in 'txt tlk'.

5. How often do you come on Stardoll? We want someone who logs on a lot and gets all the Stardoll news and gossip as it happens, not a week later :)

6. How often would you write posts for Gossip-Stardoll? We want to see a lot of posts, but only if you have something good to write about. We would love 1-3 posts a day, but if you can't do that, we don't want to see posts about boring topics, or just saying you're bored. You don't need to do 1-3 everyday, it's just a rough guideline.

7. Do you write for your own or someone elses blog/magazine? We want someone who will write posts exclusive to us. It's alright if you do write for someone else as long as you write different posts for both, as we don't want to have the same articles as another site. You can leave a link to a blog you've written for so we can see your writing style.

8. Why do you want to write for Gossip-Stardoll? Just a few sentences to let us know why we should choose you over everyone else.If you want to write for us for the fame or so you can advertise your club/blog/magazine, then don't bother applying. We want to deliver high quality gossip and news, we don't want our readers to be constantly advertised at.

Answer all questions truthfully in a comment, and don't forget to use your Stardoll name so we know who you are!

Do's and dont's:

  • Do not apply for the job and try to advertise your blog or anything, I will be making a new page for all the blogs I recommend of reading.
  • If you get accepted to the blog, it is probably ideal that you download and create a skype account, so that all of the blog authors can have meetings and talk.. and stuff :)
You can ask me anything in my guestbook or mail if you have any other questions.
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