Friday, January 30, 2009

New voile gift ;)

Here's a new Voile giveaway,
I dont know if its for superstars and non-superstars.

New broadcast system!

As you noticed yesterday (January 29th) broadcasting was not available, and today it is, with a new broadcasting system!

In this new system you choose where to link the visitors to, but you can't write what ever you want >.<

There are words that you choose from and I dont really like it :O

What about you?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Competition results!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay with the competition results, but finally, here we go!

I have carefully chosen four finalists, out of 63 entries!

Before I announce who the four finalists are, and voting opens, I just want to congratulate again the winner of our last competition, in which the prize was also a code , the newly superstar-ified Lydia AKA *Lejla*! Well done, I hope you enjoy your superstar-ness!

Anyway, on to the finalists..

The finalists are:

Now, a note to you, the voters. In case you forgot, what these girls had to do was create two outfits. One from my Styling Studio with clothes I chose them, and the other of themselves with any clothes they wanted.

Please vote based on who you think deserves to win, rather than friendship, as I really want this to be a fair competition.
Voting begins now (side of blog) and ends in exactly one week.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm not leaving stardoll, and not this blog.
The reson why the title says "Bye!" is the fact im going to my dad's in two day's, And i wont be able to blog till monday.
I will log into stardoll and msn.

Also, i know there is a "lack" of posts as you might want to say.
But the fact is; there is hardly any gossip!

Many of you might know Teale is back, But guys, Those who hate her, get to know her, teale is amazing!

AND for the uk members and people who have found working UK Proxies;
I've heard of dogs in the plaza and styling studio, just incase you haven't checked.

If you know more places(Expecially the puddle wich apperantly many people have in trouble with finding) You can tell them in a comment :)

Can't wait till i'm back, BUT i have exam's coming up. So i can't be very active :(

When i checked the chatbox i saw one of our awesome readers found all the dogs.

Romeo is in Starplaza
Cooper is in Stardoll Shop
Juliet is in Doree
Lenny is in the Vintage Starbazar
Friday is in the scenery making
Frick is in your medoll editor

Thanks alot Katee/Annakin

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Get 100 Starpoints!

I'm not sure if this only applies to recent members, or every member. But when you dress up a doll(any doll) and save it in your album, the next day you will get 100 StarPoints. Maybe everyone knows this, But I only found out xD Lol!

Thanks to chloerocks2024 for telling me..

BTW, I know you were all mad with the last post, But I only realized it was bad when people said scammers were coming back, I just wanted to help other people, who lost accounts because they said bad language or something..


Hey everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't been on, but I've been really busy all weekend. The competition will be judged tonight!

Also, as you may have noticed, *Lejla* won the other competition, I'll get back to you about that soon Lydia!

Friday, January 23, 2009

What have I done!

Since I was SUCH an idiot, I posted about how to get your account back, and now look! Hifof is back! I am such a fucking IDIOT! Somehow the word must have gotten out, and she found out..

Ahhh xD I'm gonna be blamed for all this, Should'a shut my mouth! o.O

Explaining comments in PSG

okay, i just want to explain the little "fight" between me and ruxy(Boowow_1998).

Me and her used to be very good friends, and then i got a message from Ailish(Meanieboy) telling me she's very mean, i was like "What? ruxy?" and i checked her guestbook.
There she had been banning people from her club if she didnt like they're medoll's, and if people tried getting in but didnt have a good medoll(I often loved the medoll's that people had and we're declined from there).
I ofcourse tell her how pathetic it is, and few minutes later she blocked me, then i notice another icelander write in her guestbook. Ruxy quickly lable's her as my friend, wich i'm very offended with since she's making it sound like iceland is so small and all icelanders are friends.
Well FYI iceland is bigger then england.
Right, then i hear from my friend Holly(Babie_pink_star) that ruxy didn't let her into her club, cause she didnt like her fashion sence(BTW, holly's fashion is WAYYYYYYY better then ruxy's)

Right, yesterday she got to guestwrite for PSG again, And AGAIN with an article that many people have written about.
Then she admits that she wrote about the hotbuys cause Kasia wrote about those when she got to be an official contributer for PSG.
But the difference, is that Kasia wrote a very good article, while ruxy writes very negative comments, and like the belt and bag are seriously TO DIE FOR.

Okay, many people hate on her, and what does she do? she makes a blog saying she's like, upset or hurt by these comments?
Last time i checked i'm pretty hated myself, do i complain about it? no i dont, i laugh at it, and keep on living my life.

As you might have noticed, i wasnt the only one thinking her article was bad, two of my closest friends, Mario(Dodence_bt) and sean also didn't like it.

And what i'd also like to point out, people dont really like being called "bitches" by an 11 year old.
She's just trying to style Anthony(Springate) by saying "puh-lease" and saying "bitches" alot, but what she doesnt get, is that she´s not going to be Anthony Nr. 2.

also in the post where she's complaining you can see her say the sentanence "A slap across the face" wich i remember was already posted(Along with a review of the hotbuys) on the blog "Cool Cats.." and, if you look at the tag's, you'll probably notice, she keeps tagging herself, Is it so people see she has been "featured" or something? Or maybe if she gets to be a writer is she going to tag herself all the time and try to beat like, ashley's record of being tagged 21 times?

Seriously ruxy, STOP looking for attention so bad. You're getting the negative one, and trust me, its an attention people dont want..

Btw, me and ruxy are friends again(yay ;D) ;)

Also you might have noticed Designah is back.
Its not her, Designah/Courtney was my best friend and she gave me her password(goes for all accounts) and i remembered she got deleted, so i tried the tip sean gave out in his latest post and it worked.

So id really like it if you dont blame me for courtney's mistakes..
And i'd like to say; Courtney feels very bad for what she did

also if you think i was designah, ask Mario, Alex or someone, they two know it wasnt me, ;)

February Hotbuys!

And the February hotbuys list is here!

Hotbuys belt

Hotbuys boots

Hotbuys necklace

Hotbuys cardigan

Hotbuys top

Hotbuys trousers

Hotbuys skirt

Hotbuys bag

Hotbuys cardigan

Hotbuys collar

I mostly like the belot, what about YOU? :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


FINALLY! Some gossip! Olsenkate is back! Great.. Everyone was so happy when she got deleted, but now, she has found out how to get her account back. Since Olsenkate got deleted, she somehow found out the 'Cheat' in getting back your account, after Stardoll deleted it. It's not even really a cheat.. It's just the deleting of your account.. In reverse. That's how I helped Sdnexttopmedoll get her account back. Anyway, This is what Olsenkate has to say:
First of all, Do not even attempt adding her. I've seen people in her guestbook asking for the 1000SD thing, and she wants a code, HB, rare, etc.. for the Cheat. So that shows there isn't one. If you don't actually know who Olsenkate is, she is basically a big scammer, who also enjoys making StarBazaar clubs, in order to obtain more members than Fiona's club, Star.Bazaar.

Her other known accounts are Hollister_mall, HCO_fan, socrvplayr7, SoniaCool2 and New_Olsenkate.

So I guess the scammers are finding out how to re-activate their accounts.. That's such*a*poser, Olsenkate.. Who's next? Teale?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Win an SMS code!

With the release of the new Styling Studio, I've decided to start another competition.

This is another dress-up competition. There are two dolls you must dress up - a special competition doll and yourself.

1: You must dress yourself in your album. You can make a dress-up game or just dress from your suite, and you can use an old dress-up if you wish.

2: Got to my (fionamcgonigle) page and find at the bottom the dress up game called "Gossip-Stardoll competition". Dress up this doll too, and save it in your album.

It doesn't matter which one is dressed up first, as long as you have both in your album.

I will judge all entries on the 24th of January (Saturday), so if you do not have the dolls in your album then, you will be disqualified.

The prize is an SMS code worth one month's superstar and 84 stardollars.

Comment below with your Stardoll username if you wish to enter. All comments that aren't entries won't be accepted.

Remember to actually put the dolls in your album, because just saving them won't put them on the pages of your album!

So cool!

Well...maybe most of you already saw this new thing on stardoll but its so cool so I thoguht that I have to write about it! :D

Go to that link and you can creat your OWN styling studio and other people will dress up your medoll!

After you click on that ↑

you'll get that ↓

Thats my own medoll you'll get your own medoll ofcourse and you can choose the clothes you want people to dress you up with!

And I realy need a banner XD

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Doll Spoiler

Since me and mario found out how to get TONS of spoilers,
And he has already spoiled few dolls, and the free dress thing on The Star Dose i thought i should be before him to spoil the next doll ;)
Im not sure who she is... Any ideas?


Yeayea, im allowed to be excited, since i'm like, 5% american ;)
well, If you dont count the fact that i was kinda born in the "American side" of iceland.. So dumb iceland is concidered 100% in europe since we're 50% in america :/

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good luck Guðmunda!

Like an half an hour ago i received a message from Guðmunda's(Gudmunda92) sister.
Some of you might know this, but Guðmunda is pregnant and her due date was the 17th.. next month.
According to her sister there was some problem so this was for the best.
I seriously hope everything will be okay for Guðmunda and her baby


Guðmunda has had the baby now, Its a healthy baby girl :)

Happy birthday sean ;P

happy birthday... Even tho it isnt till ehm, tomorrow? Sorry sean, i got a small brain :P
Anyways, here is some shit i made for sean;
FYI im very tired there, My eyeliner nearly gone, You can see my natural haircolor and im still learning on my dumb eyebrown pencil D:

you might have noticed in the comment on fiona's post im having a break down, Ill explain abit more; Im depressed and ive been SERIOUSLY VERY depressed lately

Happy Birthday to ME!

In Stardoll celebration of my 15th birthday...

If you wanna invite friends, here's the link :

I know the invite kinda sucks, but I was in a hurry :)
and I like to keep things kinda..Minimalistic, Lol!

*My b-day is actually the 18th, just having a party tonight.. Hope to see everyone there! :D

BTW, Wear what you want. I couldn't be bothered checking a load of outfits, sorry! Lol

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guest article #5

Lottery dresses.

That's what just about any superstar will tell you they're looking for. I know that I am. A few thousand very lucky people got one of these 20 stunning gowns. They are in a wide variety of lengths, colors, and styles. My question is: Did Stardoll know how popular these dresses would be? Did they know that there would be mounds of competition to get them? It was a very good idea, but there are bad parts of it, too. People have gotten scammed, people have fought over theses dresses, and most of all: Greed has came out. Why I say that? A very select group of people have more than one lottery dresses. Mostly the people who have enough money to pay ridiculous amounts of stardollars for the dress. I'm definitely not part of that group. I often run out of stardollars during the middle of the week, before I get my weekly 50 stardollars. I would be extremely happy with just one of the beautiful dresses. But some people aren't. They keep them all to themselves, looking for more and more until they have the whole collection.

Then there's the scamming. My least favorite thing about Stardoll, by far. I was scammed about a year ago by a well-known scammer named Mala__. I was trading my DKNY Skating Coat to her for her Teal Rami Kashou dress. She bought my coat, then logged off. I would say that she was smart about it, shutting off all album, scenery, and guestbook comments. I was distraught after that. Then, I was hacked a little while later. I still don't know who did it. They sold many of my rares, including a Hotbuy Fast Food T-shirt and much, much more. That was before we got to see who bought are items. Please. If you read this, think about it.

This article was written by catlover103.

And the finalists are...

I've visited all 105 entries, and the results are in.

Before I announce the 3 finalists, I'd like to mention the outfits that really stood out when I was searching.

The effort put in by holidaybabyb, Annakin, MarsaL15, sdnexttopmedoll, angela177 and VioletteRC was simply outstanding, and they must have put a lot of thought into their outfits.

The clean lines and simplicity of these outfits made me have a second look at them. I loved the gorgeous outfits of tinkerbells, Slarah, SpockRocker, lovelycat44, NeonCrawler and love17.

emorox4eva, toryaslim1019, not-perfect111, _Iceybabe, babie_pink_star, jo_arias and ashy_loves_you had really inspired looks and almost made it to the final.

But, there could only be three finalists, who you, the readers, will vote on to decide the winner of the grand prize. Those two finalists are...

*drum roll please*

Vote now for your favourite in the poll at the side of the blog! You will have a week to vote.

Competition deadline!

Just to remind everyone who entered the "Who Wore It Best?" competition, today is the deadline. I am going to every suite now to judge all the entries. Remember, the prize is an SMS code!

No more entries will be accepted.


I have now visited every entry.. (Check your last visitors if you don't believe me!)

I now have the extremely dificult job of choosing the finalists for you to vote on!

While you're waiting, I thought I'd show you this dress that salmanegm07 made for Mary-Kate Olsen

I'll announce the finalists soon!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She's back

Well, Most of those who read "Stardoll's most hated website" know that the burnbook bitch is back. And she sent Dan a list of people who are coming, Myself, am on the list.
I actually look forward seeing what she writes about me.
Since i haven't lied about myself, I don't ignore mail unless it asks for me to give the person something, join a club and so on.
But what shocked me the most is some people on the list.
Well, Personally im VERY glad two person's are on there.
Angeliiicaaa__; Im very shocked she's on the list. She's always been friendly and helpful
Hunnigall; Even tho we did fight like that, I can't deny that she is infact a very nice person.
TheFemaleDog2; She deserves it ;)
Welsh_Witch; Why is she on there? Seriously, shes VERY friendly
xxdrivebylove; im actually still in shock she is in there, She's friendly to EVERYONE
Youlovelorie; She's helpful, nice and friendly to EVERYONE. So im still not getting what BBB is going to write about her
Dodence_Bt; I guess she'll write "Hangs out with bitches like arna-slut and vnvi" Ah well, That is true. But so what? We're best friends.. Also for me and mario this is just something to laugh at :P

What do you think about her comeback?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Olsen twins jacket-back on shop!

I never thought these kind of rares will come back :O
The leather Olsen twins jacket is back on shop for only 7*$ ?!?!
I'm glad I didnt have it 0.0

Thanx to PRiiNCeSSx.X.x she got my attention on this when she said it on chat :)

I'm waiting for your opinion so..write it XD

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mario's Designs

Hey guys, Awesome new's for those who liked the designs mario(Dodence_bt) made :] Even though mario did leave stardoll. He made a blog with his designs :)
My personal favorite, Barack Obama dress on Katy Perry
(Click the banner for his site)

And remember to follow if you seriously like his designs :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Alice(Hunnigall) and Gosia(Naive-Magazine) are freaking idiots

I dont care who of you are they're friends, but im seriously dissapointed in them.

As most people know, Me and mario(Dodence_bt) are VERY good friends.

Well, alice starts hitting on him all out of nowhere, Makes a "romantic" picture, gives him her heart(LOOL) and practicly SHOUTS she wants him all by herself.

Well, then today, i hear she's had her eye on mario since BEFORE they knew each other
And doesnt that give out she wanted his talent? to use him?
Well i think so, since it only was enough for her to see a picture of him that gives her a better reson to flirt with him.

As some people know, i do WHORE myself out defending my friends, i dont care if someone hates me after this. But im giving my option out..

And NOONE gets to use my friends, and when i realized she was apperantly using him, i was so mad, i warned mario and all. Now gosia comes in.

Gosia starts calling me jelous and all sorts of stuff, And i told her you dont even need EYES to see that she was gonna use him.

Gosia goes on about mario hitting on her, DUDES, Mario is VERY friendly. :/
Then gosia goes on about mario saying he loves her, And wowww, me and him say that to each other nearly EVERYDAY, does that make is a "couple"? No, it makes us best friends.

Last night i seriously thought me and alice were good friends, but good friends dont hit on each other's best friends, UN-COOL!!!
Me and alex both feel like alice was stealing him from us :/

Team A&M&A(Alex, Mario & arna) or Team A&G(Alice & gosia)?

P.S. What most of you guys dont get is that me, alex and mario are best friends, NOTHING gets between us ;]

Arna, I had to remove this last piece of your post as it wasn't appropriate for our very young readers! -Fiona

Thursday, January 8, 2009


It's competition time!

I know a lot of you have a lot of creativity and now is your chance to show it off!

We are having a "Who Wore It Best" competition, here at Gossip-Stardoll.
There will be one item of clothing that you must wear. You must make an outfit, using that item in it. It has to be visible, but not all of it has to be seen. The top 5 outfits will be chosen and they will be posted here for everyone to vote on. You will be disqualified if the item is not visible or if you are not wearing the outfit at judging time.
A little competition information:
Closing Date: 15th of January 2008
Who Can Enter: Everyone!
Grand Prize: One SMS code worth one month superstar and 84 stardollars!
Item of Clothing: Tube Top from Fallen Angel ($4)
Rule: You must be wearing your outfit on the 15th of January (Judging Day)
If you have any questions, please ask me!
To give you an idea of what we're looking for, I made a few very quick examples of outfits. As you can see, the top can be barely visibile if you want, or you can have it as the main part of the outfit. In case you're not sure about which top it is you must use, I included it in the picture.

If you wish to enter please copy and fill in this and post it as a comment.

Stardoll username:

I will be wearing my outfit for the competition on the 15th of January.

Good luck everyone!

Last Moonacre "Gift"

The last Moonacre gift, which was the in the door, is not actually a "Gift", as it is not free. Instead, It is this:If you are not able to get these clothes, you can simply go to the StarPlaza and search for them. E.g. Search "Red dress" to find that red dress the doll is wearing. Thanks to Annakin for reminding me about this in the ChatBox.

By the way, I don't know why the dude is naked. Lol!

New Voile giveaway!

I almost forgot about the giveaways but here it is another voile giveaway dress-Tube dress,I think its only for superstars and ex-superstars because I didnt get it in my other non-superstar account D;

Opinion-it ugly.
Whats YOUR opinion? XD
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