Thursday, January 5, 2012

Interview with EnchantedGirl7

Hey guys!
Sp I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting it's because of the holidays :)
I was travelling and I didn't have any internet access :(
So anyways, just to remind you guys again, I'm currently a judge for the modeling competition on Stardoll - Stardoll's Next Top Model. (club: -NextTopModel- )
It's going really good and the club has officially started it's 3rd cycle. :)

Since I was the judge for the 2nd cycle (and I will continue to be ) I examined everyone and noticed that everyone was just so talented! Stardoll has some very creative people :) The 13 girls chosen were completely amazing and it was a blast judging the cycle, giving scores for each task and finally eliminating. (I know, MEAN! XD) But at the end, 3 girls were chosen for the semi-finals:

Unfortunately, Sweet_gal11 was eliminated and the other 2 girls were left to fight for the title of the next top model. Both of the amazing girls, truly did their best and at the end the winner was chosen: EnchantedGirl7.

Since interviewing the winner is a part of the prizes, I'm here with an excellent interview of EnchantedGirl7, winner of cycle 2 !
The winner: EnchantedGirl7

Q1 Have you participated in cycle 1?
No, I only just joined the club before cycle 2 applications so it was all new to me.

Q2 When you were a part of the top 13, how did it feel?
It felt really good, I was really happy! I was pretty surprised that out of so many girls my application was picked and I was very grateful, but it was also quite serious. It made me realise I was here for a reason and I needed to put in all of my effort.

Q3 Do you think that the tasks were tough?
It totally depends. Some tasks I found quite simple because they were to do with my interests but others I had no idea what to do and wasnt very pleased with my final result. Overall, yes the tasks are hard! You need to be really creative and think out of the box.

Q4 Who, according to you, was a tough competition? and why?
To be honest, I cant really tell. Everyone was amazing! I thought I had no chance against sweet_gal11 because she was medoll of the month and seemed very experienced (she came third in the cycle.) Also bearbear1234, who I was up against in the final, had some outstanding ideas and was really sweet. I definitely thought she would win.

Q5 what was it like when you found out that you were in the top 2?
It was amazing! I had no idea I would get so far and was pretty proud of myself as I had never done anything like that before. It was really confidence boosting and was very exciting because if I won there was a chance I could kick start my modelling career.

Q6 Was the last task tough?
Yeah it was. I`ve always loved Lady Gaga and as I was reading the task, tons of possibilites were fizzling in my mind. The final task as not one of my best though, as I`ve never been very good at sort of portraying feeling in a scenery, but luckily my outfit and makeup helped me a lot.

Q7 The winning moment: How did it feel? What was your reaction?
As I scrolled down to see who the winner was, I felt it was unlikely that I would win. I really didnt think I stood a chance. It was a huge shock! I just started grinning and couldnt stop :D It was an amazing feeling. If I didnt win, I think I`d still be feeling really proud of myself as I`ve never really been the competitive sort. Im more sort of dreamy and dopey!

Q8 In your own words, tell us what a model is
I think a model is someone who is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too. Her beauty inside must shine through. Beauty is not being tall and slim with big blue eyes and glossy hair. I mean if barbie was real with proportions like the doll, she wouldnt be able to live. Sadly, in the fashion industry they are only considering the outside beauty but just be confident and have fun. That is what makes a person beautiful. Though, I didnt really answer your question properly. A model needs to stand out from the crowd and embrace there flaws. Take Lindsey Wixson for example, with her plump beestung lips and gap in her teeth, she stands out from the crowd and is now one of the biggest names in fashion!

Q9 Last, Please give all the readers and wannabe models a piece of advice.
Hmm, what can I say? Just take a risk, be creative as possible and have fun while your doing it. Researching the topic always helps and looking for inspiration is something that helped me a lot too. You have to be different and stand out.

Thanks to riley-smiley for letting me be a judge for Cycle 3 as well! :) It's a great job! :D
Also, I would like to thank EnchantedGirl7 who gave such honest and lovely answers! :)
Please check her suite out! :) She's a budding model :D

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