Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year :]

Happy new year everyone! I thought i'd say this before next year comes for me,6 MORE HOURS!!!
Little spoiler of the town i live in ^^
People that dont live in iceland most likely dont know what town this is.
and icelanders that do know; SHHHH :P

As you might see we icelanders are CRAZEY on new years eve :D And since its 6 pm everyone is already going mad outside XD

Here is my Beautiful Reykjavík(I live there SOMETIMES haha)

Arent icelanders crazy? :P


and happy birthday to my lovely Lorie (Youlovelorie)

Guest article #3

This article was written by MollyMasquerade.

Stardoll are absolute RETARDS

I am now FURIOUS with Stardoll Staff. They are a useless pack of retards, who havn't got the first clue of what the members want. As you may know, I STILL can't get onto my account, because Stardoll will not let me. I have tried a million times, and even on other computers with faster broadband than mine, and nothing is working. I am constantly mailing them, and they reply to my e-mail with the same old shit that does not help. So just there a few minutes ago I decided to delete my account, then re-activate it again to see if it would work, which it didn't. Thankfully it only deleted my smallest club, and I still have my largest one left.. But I can't get into my account, still..
And in case your wondering, this is what comes up when the page has loaded after me logging in. It won't go back to the Stardoll website, unless I click the "X" in the corner. Callie, If you do read blogs, and if this is one of them, I just want to say If I ever meet you in real life I will slap you.

Oh, and Happy New year :)

Free DKNY dress

Happy New Year's Eve - from me and Stardoll!
Yep, in case any silly-billys forgot, the free DKNY dress is here! It's for non-superstars too :)

Also, in case you didn't notice, all the DKNY is half price to make way for the new DKNY collection!

This free DKNY dress makes me feel very optimistic about the new DKNY collection, as let's be honest, the last one wasn't anything special... at all. There were about 3 decent items, and the rest were just brown shapeless blobs. So, I'm really looking forward to seeing what DKNY will bring us for the New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 5 best dressed.

It was so difficult to narrow it down to the 5 best dressed. There were so many entries, and so many I really wanted to put here, but I promised myself I'd only do 5. So, here are my top 5 in no order:

xstarburstx808, also known as Holly, has down a wonderful job with her outfit, matching everything to the pink and black theme, from her MeDoll right down to her fabulous shoes. The bow on her dress looks as if it was made for this outfit, and the whole outfit is very well put-together. Good job!
sdnexttopmedoll has made a lovely, and very formal, black dress from various different skirts and dresses. The transition from dress to dress is almost seamless, and the belt ties everything together. She has accessorized well with a simple black purse and a bow in her hair. Well done!
I was very impressed by Saigra's outfit. The soft and gentle look really stood out from the other bold and vibrant outfits, and she has put this dress together very nicely. The tights look as if they were made for the dress, which ties the outfit togther very well. Her MeDoll looks very beautiful, and the make-up is soft to match the outfit. Great work!

rosie333. really made me stop and stare at this creation. In any other case, having all the different patterns would ruin the dress, but in this dress, it makes it stand out without being too over the top. I don't know what makes me so drawn to this dress she made, but the black and white theme look gorgeous and her MeDoll looks stunning to boot!

Fiery11. What can I say? She was the life and soul of the party, and her outfit is very unique, just like her personality. In this outfit, she goes for a different type of formal look than all the others. Instead of opting for a ballgown, she has chosen an almost masculine outfit, wearing a shirt, tie and jacket. To girl it up a bit, she wore a skirt and heels. This outfit is well accessorized and thought out. Nice work!

What do you think of these? Agree or disagree? Whose is your favourite? Comment and let us hear your opinion!

Party news!

Wow, such a big turnout for the party! I got very confused going back through all the comments as I arrived fashionably late to my own party. And no, I didn't forget it! :P
Well, I'm still going through all the best dressed entries, but here are the winners of EMILYmileyrocks's competition!

New Voile giveaway!

This is the new Voile giveaway(Tube baloon dress),for NEW Superstar membership ONLY

so it'll be kinda rare.
It looks much like the the Superstar dress :/

Monday, December 29, 2008

Stardoll memories!


I had this idea....

It may be pointless but I think it can also be fun!

How about you describe how was it when you first joined Stardoll?

When I first joined Stardoll I think I was very stupid, I didnt have that much good English and I didnt realy know what was going around me lmao! I'm lucky that I had some great friends who showd me what to do and how to get to the point I'm in now :D

Also what do you prefere?

Old Stardoll or the New Stardoll?

Awards and other news

Guess what? We've been nominated as best blog in the awards at:

It's our first nomination :)
I was also nominated along with -Cooldude and arna-rut for different awards.
The awards ceremony is on the 9th of January and there'll be a party to celebrate.
If you want to see who's been nominated or to vote, go to
In other news, we have a very special guest article lined up for New Years Day, but I won't say what it's about as it might be copied :P
Also, the reason we have no hit counter ATM is that I'm going to post one on New Years Day so we it will start on the first day of the year.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


When i logged on msn few minutes ago, i got a strange message from my friend ashli_babe, She told me that we were now writing for the same blog. I thought it was VERY strange since i only write for gossip-stardoll(Enough for me thank you :P) but what i thought was "But we arent taking new writers :S" And ofcouse i ask her and she tells me the link of the website Secrets&CheatsofStarDoll wich apperantly me and sahar "write" at :/
when i went through her new author list, i saw my name... But, i've allways said no when people ask me to write for them.... And im pretty sure G-s is enough for Sahar aswell..
Thats the article i wrote on HERE yesterday... Why would i post it on two places? and with a header with my name AND saying gossip-stardoll? Now look who posted that. Was it me? No it wasnt.

The first post i saw however, Was made by sahar, thats a post she posted on here pretty long ago, Again why would she post with a header saying "Gossip-stardoll"? now look at who posted it... That was the same person that posted my article... So im just telling you, That is not true. I do not post for this blog.

At the moment im FURIOUS!
How can someone actually copy our posts?!

If the person who's copying reads this, PLEASE BE ORIGINAL HONEY

Your invite

Here's your invite to our 50,000 hits/New Years party!!

To invite your friends, send them this link:

If you can't make it but really want to be considered for best dressed, let me know and I'll check out your outfit :)


Ooh-la-la, check out my funky new beret.

Okay, so it's not that funky, but, hey, it's free! And it's the only glitch I've heard about at this month's sale!
Thanks to slevins for letting me know!

What's that? A hat?

Crazy funky junky hat!

Overslept? Hair's unsightly?

Trying to look like Keira Knightley?

We been there, we done that,

We see right through your funky hat!

Sorry, Disney Channel moment there :P

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Guest article #2

This article was written by rosie333.!

Another year has come and gone, Stardoll having changed so much within the space of 12 short months.
It is debatable if it has changed for better or worse.

The Fashion year has been even more startling which is why I shall be writing about my hopes for 2009.
For starters, we know the global economy is going down the toilet and people are less and less willing to buy so for me, designers need to be aware of this.
Fashion needs to be affordable, on stardoll as well.
People don't have the money for endless stardollars to spend crazy amounts on virtual clothing. Stardoll aren't the only ones feeling the pinch.

Stardoll have provided us a lot more to spend our stardollars on this year but nothing has lived up to the thrill and excitement that the first collection DKNY left us with.

The LE collection was a significant highlight for me, it is very my style. Studs, sequins, bold colours and zippers are pefect for the party season and a symbol for me of panache and radiance.
I could only manage to get hold of the 294th edition of the black cut out leggings.
The pricing was excessive and over the top. But it kept me thinking.

What do I want to see from stardoll? I want to see the sequins and studs of upcoming fashionistas, I want to have great bold clothes and YES I want affordable clothes.
I personally would like to see a Real Brand for furniture and maybe a Louis Vuitton handbag store...
There will always be something that Stardoll could do better but lets face it, if there wasn't it wouldn't be the scamming, glitch filled Stardoll we love so much. :)


Upcoming fashionista

I was going around suites when i came to xhonestex suite, Her clothes are very nice, i was wondering how did she get that dress, Then i noticed she made a dress out of FLOWERS!!! I seriously am in love with that dress she made! And i seriously think she had to be featured.
xhonestex also has a blog called "" i think her blog is very nice, And i was honored to be featured in a brand new thing on there called "Big, Bold and Beautiful" i think her suite is worth stopping by, and you wont be dissapointed by checking her blog! :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Blog transformation

Hey guys!

I'm transforming the blog at the moment.

New Year, new look!

Because of this, the blog is going to look very messy over the next few days.

I apologise for this, but this won't stop the posts coming, and I'll try to keep the chat box there at all times!

P.S. Party will be soon!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monthly sale!

50% off monthly sale in Starplaza dont miss it! :D

And dont forgit to check out the chrmas calendar to get your christmas stardollars! (If you used the 15 stardollars link before you wont get them...)

I'm not on my PC pics..sorry >.<

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Free Flowers!

Another free Moonacre gift!

Copy & Paste the link into the tool bar, to receive a very big bunch of flowers!

Oh, and Merry Christmas to everyone who reads the blog :)
Unfortunately I cannot log into my account(I have tried on several computers), So I can't reply to mail... I was going to delete my account, then re-activate it, to see if it will work, But I don't wanna risk deleting my clubs. So if you have mailed or requested me, Thats why.

What are you getting for Christmas?! :)

Merry christmas!

i dont know if it's christmas fro you today, tonight or tomorrow, never or anything.

Well for me it is Today, Well actually at 6 PM :)

So, im just gonna say MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!

Merry Christmas - English

Gleðileg Jól - Icelandic

Glædelig jul - Danish

 Hyvää joulua - Finnish

 Joyeux noël - French

 Frohe Weihnachten - German

Buon natale - Italian

God jul - Norweigan/Swedish

 Feliz navidad - Spanish

Guest article #1

The following article was written by yumyum2k7.

Here's her article:

Hey, my name is Meg but you may know me better as 'yumyum2k7' the founder of the club dedicating to saving Miss Britney Jean Spears. Not long after we were set up and reached the 100-member milestone, the infamous blogger Perez Hilton added 'Save Britney' slogan-tees to his Perezcious collection. Hey, what can I say?

But seriously, my first love is fashion and I'm going to share my sometimes-controversial views with you on the upcoming Hotbuys.

So girls, we all know Hotbuys, those lusted after rares, the epitome of timeless glamour and always coveted.

Just months before, hotbuys were almost condemned by almost every Stardoll Magazine and Blog and just about everyone was whispering 'Trust Stardoll...'

But as every self-proclaimed fashionista logged on, ready to check out the latest Hotbuys, tapping their manicured nails feriociously on the keyboard, with a touch of dissapointment already, the page slowly loads....Everyone, united in this somewhat joyous occasion, put their hands together and whisper 'Stardoll's Back!'

Just like Britney, the original Comeback Kid, Stardoll have finally taken there time to issue us with some fabulous fashion which are deserving of the title 'Hot Buy'.

This fabulous new collection has been taken straight from the jewel-inspired colour palette. Some bloggers may stress this theme has '..all been done before' But seriously, if it it looks so good, who cares?

From feminine tailoring, a purple colour-scheme and PVC leggings this collection is perfect for a capsule wardrobe for new users or new inspiration for long-term users.

My Top 3:

PVC Leggings- Most people wouldn't believe me if I went on to say they are not a new trends as such but it seems like most High Street retailers and their followers are just picking up on the trend, left over from the fetish trend from last season.
But, they are by no means, last season. PVC leggings have carried through and look set to do so in 2009.
I would definetly purchase these on their release, even if you don't have the courage to do so in 'real-life' you always can on Stardoll.
They are so good because you can wear them with just about anything. Nothing too fussy though.
And only wear one piece of PVC at any one time. Try a long dress with a high waisted belt. Or even a soft knit.

Blazer- From the last decade until present it's all been about femininine tailoring, and if this is anything to go by it's true. Beautiful.
Team this one off piece with something elegant yet loose fitting. To contrast with the harshness of the jacket. Try a high waisted belt to create a fitted look.
Experiment to create your own individual look, I would definetly invest in this blazer.

Earrings- What a style statement. Just beautiful, wear something minimal in neutral colours such as pure white or beige and let these beauties speak for themselves.
They are a style statement in themselves so they don't need any other key piece.
Don't over-accessorise with these, leave them on there own without need for a bracelet or necklace. They would look just beautiful in the comfort of your Suite or for an occasion such as the Star Awards.


Our very first guest article!

This is a very exciting time for Gossip-Stardoll, as we are about to make G-S history by posting our very first guest article.

The article was written by a big fan of the blog, and I was very impressed when I read it.

I hope you all enjoy it :)

And just a little not to anyone who wants to write a guest article - we don't want any more permanent writers at the moment, so don't expect to be one even if your article is fabulous!

I'll post the article in a few minutes, so keep a look out!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey! I'm reporting live from the StardollsCouture Christmas party!

The party is hosted by well known blog-owner ...SingStar... (who most of you will know is also my sister) She looked fabulous in her red, white and black for Christmas!

Here's her outfit:

This was my outfit for the party:

In the guests outfits I've seen, there's been a lot of style, but not enough Christmas-y colours for my liking!

Best dressed in my opinion:

Thanks for a great party. It was a lot of fun - even if I was stuck on top of the fridge for half the night!

Bye for now,


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