Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Interview with husnecik96 and much more..

Hey guys!
Sorry I've been away WAY TOO LONG.I had exams and then everything just sorta...stopped. I mean, stardoll. I thought that after my exams I would be super addicted to stardoll but that really did not happen. I used to spend hours on Stardoll and never get bored. And now, after checking it for few minutes, I get really bored. I think it's because now things really have changed. Before, everyone used to rush to get the Limited Edit
ion and Antidote and what not. Now, it's just a mere store. Well, anyways, I've got to keep few promises. I still run my model club and I'm not a judge anymore, but Gossip-Stardoll still sponsors modeling clubs and magazines.

As we are a sponsor to the modeling club -NextTopModel- I am suppose to interview the winner of Cycle 3 : husnecik96

Q1 Have you participated in cycle 1 and 2 previously? And if not, how did you found out about the club? I unfortunately did not participate in Cycle 1 or 2 because I found the club just as the applications for Cycle 3 started. I found out about the club whilst browsing a friend's page.

Q2 How did it feel to be one of the 13 contestants? I was extremely happy and glad that I can show my creativity in a modelling competition.

Q3 Were the tasks challenging? I didn't find most of the tasks challenging as I thoroughly thought about what I could do. I had a lot of inspiration from my surroundings fo
r some of the tasks.

Q4 Is so, anyone in particular? I could say that the task which required a lot of thought was the one where you had to represent a flower with your doll and outfit because I had so many ideas and it was a tough choice to choose only a couple to incorporate into the task. I wasn't sure on how I could show a flower in my doll, so I decided to incorporate the colours and meanings of it.

Q5 Who do you think was a tough competition and why? Definately! There were some AMAZING contestants, I was surprised when I came into the top three and then won! I was soooo happy! Every single contestant was brilliant though :)
Q6 How did it feel to be a part of the top 2? I honestly didn't think I would get to that stage. When I did, I worked as hard as I could to win- I mean if I competed up to here, I might as well just finish what I've started!

Q7 Was the last task challenging? Yes, but that is the whole point of the final it needs to challenge you and push your boundaries. I had no ideas, so I spent a while searching online for some ideas that I can use in my suite and doll. I found my research time very useful and I was proud of what I produced for the task.

Q8 What according to you is a model and who is your inspiration?
I always say that a model is a work of it is someone who can demonstrate you style and is someone who is confident and determined. My inspiration is Twiggy because she is stunning, but she is confident and she has a fashion style of which I can personally relate to.

Q9 What's your style mantra?
Just be yourself. A model is not someone who is fake and has a fake personality.

Q10 Last, Please give our lovely readers and wanna-be models an advice on winning such modeling competitions. Try your best! Don't leave a task half done and think it's okay. Work on it
until you feel proud of what you have produced. Most importantly, have fun and make some new friends!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Could Stardoll be possibly fading away..?

I posted this on Stardollz Vogue too

WOW!LONG TIME NO POSTING!I was thinking about something to write about and then I thought about something..where has stardoll gone? I mean, From the 5 years I've been here, things have changed.....A LOT. I mean from the makeover, to our favorite brands disappearing,(Sephora, DKNY,HK,MKA,SBHD,and so many more. (Sorry I abbreviated them all) And I mean, I just really miss the old Stardoll. But don't get me wrong..I LOVE making new friends and all but I just feel in such a different environment then in 2006-2007. I miss the crappy-made graphics...and I miss that you never heard ''hack'' or ''scam'' as often as we do now a days. I miss people trying to figure out the "STARDOLL EMPLOYEE CODE" when there never was one in the first place. (or so they say :o) I miss when we could put stars in our name {*Banana*} What I'm trying to say is, really, I miss you Stardoll..come back! Now we've all gotten used to the new stardoll and really couldn't give a s--- now. But don't you remember how it used to be? SD used to be Paper doll heaven, correct?Then they created the lovely Stardoll...could they really be turning into something like Disneydoll? I think the real question is..Is it that Stardoll is babying the site way too much..or is it that we're just growing up?  Could Stardoll be possibly be Fading....away from us before our very eyes?
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