Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Lovely" Friend Requests....

When will they stop!?

Hey again guys. :) Sorry, haven't been posting for a week or so, I've been too caught up in other things. Anyways...a lot of you guys should know the blog Underneath Stardoll right? One of stardoll's major blogs? Anyways, I was looking through the comments and this girl posted a screenshot of a "lovely" friend request a nasty girl sent her..
Seriously!? Threatening someone to add you?! Horrible! I went to go check out the girl's page, and i'm guessing she sent it to other people too...
Oh geez. This is really nasty and some people actually get frightened! How low. -.- 

Natt :)

PS: Got any scammers or hackers you know? Send me the screenshots of proof and the story and i'll post it up here!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Exhanging Passwords..

Lets trade passwords!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, i've been studying! But anyways....
That's not her password, she made it up. 

And well, I was pretty mad that time with other things, and seeing this message just made me madder so I thought i'd have a little fun with her and the fool tried it. -__- Well into the report and block list you go my friend! 

Natt :)

PS: I had to rush this post a bit because it's 1am and I'm super tired sorry.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hey guys! 

There have been some new changes to Stardoll!

I think these changes are a bit disappointing, but at least it didn't upset millions of members this time?
The new background is quite cool, but if you have a goth style suite with a beautiful sunny day background, it's a bit, you know...!

BUT, there is also a other new feature! You can now shop for items you like from peoples suites, in their suites! Here is the Stardoll blog post about it:

But don't worry about rares, you are not able to click the basket if it is not in StarPlaza anymore.

So those are the new features! Do you like them, hate them, not care?

Tell me in the comments section below! I always love to hear from you!

Till next time,

-Skye x

Sunday, November 24, 2013

No I don't need stardollars..

"I make stardollars for you"

Hello again guys! Today, I've got a new hacker. Well, she was very stubborn after a while, repeating the same things...-sigh-.

Oh you make stardollars!? Great i'll give it to you!
Pfft, no.

xoxo, Natt :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Some people are just plain desperate...

Hello again guys. Sorry for not posting for days! Well anyways, guess what lovely messages I got today!

Wow, what is up with some people these days? If I say I don't want to "date" then I don't want to "date". What a complete nutter.

Natt :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hackers? Or are they really?

Hello again guys! So a week ago or so, I was on stardoll, and these two girls messaged me at almost the exact same time....

Notice how it says almost the exact same thing?
Well, the girl (CuttingSpirit19) has been messaging messages like these for quite a while now, but it would always say this "I'm in a club competition and I need to give at least 50 people password makeovers please help me" well I would never reply, but I guess this time she's trying something new. So, do you think it's the same person!? Or is it two friends wanting to hack alot of people?!

Natt :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

"yes dah"

Hackers are everywhere...

Hello guys! Sorry for not posting for a month! I've been super busy with my exams, but i've managed to get my hands on a very pathetic hacker. Logged on today, was casually checking my inbox, and this girl messages me!
"yes dah"
Yeah because if you say you give me your password i'm totally going to hand over mine! Haha I love how she says "dah". I can't believe people are even bothering to say these things anymore.

Natt :)
PS: I'll post again tomorrow, I've got a bunch of screenshots of hackers and all, so I'll try not to be inactive on the blog!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Writer! And Scammer!

New Writer!! And Scammer alert!

Hey all! I'm the newest writer for Gossip-Stardoll. :) I will be posting about mostly scammers, hackers and well...creeps you should watch out for! If any of you guys know any scammers, hackers, just let me know ! Anyways...I've got a very fresh new scammer today.....her name is.... stardivashaima! How do I know she is a scammer? Well she tried to scam me. I added her because we met at a party and she was quite nice to me. An hour later, she was online and asked me if I wanted to trade wigs. She didn't even let me say anything and she jumped straight to the conclusion saying to me "put up ur sweetnytmare wig for 2sc and reserve it for me" I told her I never go first in trades, and I think that ticked her off. She said things like "scammers r so stupid" and "i am not a scammer scammers are dumb i promise". I started to suspect she was a scammer, cause' really, I haven't said a word about scammers and she thinks i think she's a scammer? I told her she had to go first, and then straight away she accused me of being a scammer! I went to go check out her beauty parlour, and all her wigs were either 2 stardollars, or 2 starcoins. I had no proof of her being a scammer so I couldn't actually report her. A few days after that incident which I have already dropped, I got this message from a friend: 

I went to go check out her page, again, and noticed that quite a few people had written her guestbook saying things like "SCAMMER!" and such. Next day, I checked her page again, and her guestbook was closed. 
So now that we do know that she's a scammer, watch out for her. You'll see her in alot of parties, waiting for you to fall into her trap so she can scam you out.  

Natt. :)
PS: Do any of you guys know who makes banners for free? :) please let me know! xo.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Free skirt, leggings, top and 5 sc items!

Looks like this:

For the skirt: Design AND buy and item, they only cost 5 scs each so it won't break the bank.

For the leggings: Just vote for any item and it should be in your suite.

For the top: Join the club!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013



Stardoll have now released a new chat room!

It looks like this:

I personally love it! And it costs 0 sds, so a good way to get the Social Butterfly achievement!

But I'm wondering why there is a bathtub in the tent?!

HottieSkye139 x

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