Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey guys! Stardoll is celebrating 111 million users so obviously, they had to give away . I actually like the dress :) It's free and actually, EVERYTHING in the picture is free. So you should totally get everything. There are also few offers that Stardoll's giving because of the 111 million users, you should totally check them out :)

And thank you for telling me the blog is good because I honestly feel like no one reads it because I just never get comments ;( But I'm glad you all enjoy it and I'm trying my best to upload whenever I get the time. I'm going to be traveling so I think I'll have few problems uploading but it'll pass by :)


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hey guys! I'm extremely sorry I haven't been so active. But I stayed away from stardoll for a pretty long time! Anyways, I love the star coins . It enables the Non-SS to buy clothes and you can earn them in many ways. Apart from all that, SS can now convert the starcoins to stardollars which is better because I have so many starcoins and I have like, 1 SD xD
But that function is only available in 4 days!
HB's are amazing. Most of them are swimsuits :/
Killah is 25% off! So hurry SS before they're all out again :D
Antidote is amazing!! But I don't have the money to buy ;( And it's all out except few decorative items. Young Hollywood is also something like LE and Antidote. The collection's good ;)
I have a back-up account: sprayedunicorn ADD ME!!

That's a small update of everything awesome about Stardoll!!!

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