Sunday, August 31, 2008

Matt.NYC one of the boyfriends (NOTE: I am saying boyfriendS) of ForeverCouture Wants Publicity

I was so suprised when this dumb idiot said this.... Well first off, I found out Loren was cheating on Matt.NYc and NYC.boy and I always thought Loren was a cheater and a scammer, so I thought that because she hates me so much, If I pretended to date MATT.NYC then it would get her so jealous. And he agreed, so that was going to be the plan.
Then later he rights back, You know what I do not want to do this, I am going to go and date Loren again. My Jaw Dropped! Are you kidding me? SHE IS CHEATING ON YOU! And all he has to say is, I am going back with her?? Only an Idiot would do that. This proves that MATT.NYC is only looking for publicity to become popular. What a jerk.

We talk alot! ;)

So yeah, most of you know me and sean are very close friends, but the meaning of true friendship is to talk alot, and wanna see something that even i got shocked at?

Alot huh? And look at the time! xD yeah me and him were most talking about the "hating" group me and my friend _ztar11 were joking of making, :P but wow, alot aint it? i mean even i was shocked!!

how does she do it?

So many of you know style_magazine uses cloths and hairs off dolls from i-dressup for her magazine, but many of you wonder how she cuts them so good, Well i tried doing it in Paint, and i gotta admit it came pretty well out!

Yes hers do come better out, Why? i think she uses Photoshop. That is just simple used in Paint!
Ive been thinking of doing a magazine for very long, but that hope all went when i thought how bad my skills are + i got accepted in Eternity Model agency. Doing those pics is super easy, just copy the clothing and pose, color the background then cut all out, then paste the clothing on the doll, and just fix the skin color so it matches, then just try fixing the white stuff that comes!, i did use paint shop pro to save the picture btw, but that doesnt change at all really. So also the tools in Paint Shop Pro are good, So if your gonna make a magazine, No need downloading Photoshop or buying it, just get paint, trial of Photofiltre, maybe trial of Photoshop, And trial of Paint shop Pro, its very easy!
Also i didnt ask that girl to do that, but i thought she would match it pretty well, And if you notice the model there is Lindsay/xxdrivebylove

So if you read this and choose to do a mag, Just let us know the link in comments and good luck!

Bad graphics?

So i was surfing around stardoll, and then i saw an Ad, And it showed the doll of Cole sprouse, I've allways thought cole is really hot, but that graphic, No way EW, one word to describe it, the teeths in the graphic are so bad its horrible, and the doll is just AWFUL. I made an example to show you all.

Thats the worst doll stardoll has made!

Tell me in comments what you think

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I do not know why but for my pictures you can not seem to enlarge them. I Am so sorry and I will try to figure it out.


ForeverCouture, Miss Cheater

ForeverCouture was found cheating... ONCE AGAIN! She is so horrible and such a scammer! She was caught cheating on her two boyfriends, MATT.NYC and NYC.BOY. (wow she must love guys from NYC. haha) Personally, I do not like Loren nor do I ever trust her (Do not trust her!) I made a little thing that Cracked me up. Look below:

But seriously all she does is scams people and cheats! What a horrible person!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cool website!

I thought I'd show you this website I've been on for a while. It's called Moshi Monsters and here's a bit about it.

It's targeted at ages 12 and under, but I like these kind of sites, so have a look, you might like it! :)

You have a pet monster that you can dress up.
They have a house that you can decorate with furniture.
You have to feed your monster.
You do puzzles and games to earn money called Rox.
It's completely free!

If you want to come on by and see what it's like, you can visit my monster by clicking the title 'Cool website'. You can join from there if you like what you see! If you do join, don't forget to add me and tell me you found me here!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Rumours; untrue!!

So.. Me,Sean(-cooldude) and beth(bethbeth15) where talking, and she went on about some rumour, i checked my guestbook, and SEE what isaw!!

No, Sean did NOT say that, This is completely untrue, Me and Sean are VERY close friends, We are not going out! I do Love sean, BUT Only as a friend!!

Okay beth, when i got that message me and sean were talking on msn, He was just as surprized as me, We are both starting to wonder if your afraid the rumour is true and are making me and sean hate each other, Cause me and sean are FRIENDS end of :/

okay, first you go telling rumours about me and sean, then you blame the rumours on viva_ladiva then you admit you love sean, okaaaayyy... :-/ Well thanks beth, Your just making me and sean closer friends (y) Infact, your just making us feel sorry for you, Thats just totally PATHETIC


She may be Stardoll's top Starpointer or whatever,
but she's lost all my respect for her
with this broadcast she has been sending up all day.

As you have probably figured out by now, there are two new Real Brands coming to Stardoll. One is 'Taking 5' and the other is 'Heidi Klum by Jordache'. When you go to Starplaza and search, you see this:

If you hover over the blank one, it says Heidi Klum by Jordache. Taking 5 will probably come first, as it has the picture for the shop. If you seach it though, it's empty.
Hopefully these shops will open soon and bring a change to Stardoll's style. Maybe Stardoll will have realised that just because we're going back to school doesn't mean we have to dress uglier.

Also, I just wanted to wish my co-author -Cooldude good luck going back to school. He's in an important year now, he's doing his Junior Cert (an exam here in Ireland), so he may not be able to post very much! Good luck Seán, study hard :P

Nouran1211: Sad person

Me and nouran sorted out, we are friends again x

New stuff?

I went to the Plaza and CHECK what i saw!!

EMPTY :-/ must be something new coming huh?

Lets wait and see what happens :) Hopefully its something new, MAYBE GUCCI,DIOR,BURBERRY,D&G, Armani or something like that, Lets get our fingers crossed :)

More gone missing, Dorée changed places, AND MORE SPACES :O there is one extra box ;o

Strange huh?!?

Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is really confusing! Just look at this picture below:

This is on my new account MALEELITE (read my last post) and look! It says I have -4 dollars. that is really confusing! 

I guess its another stardoll glitch...


Hey its Star_Designs. I just wanted to let you all know, that my friend Jacob has given me his account because he really did not want it. So If you already noticed, I may not be on my Star_Designs account as much anymore (Cause I am not superstar on that account). You can visit me on MALEELITE's account now. Do not worry- I will be able to still write as much as I do now. Thanks and please add me! Ps, I will be having sales very much so please visit me! Thanks!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wanna see something? :)

I remembered i came 2nd for Covergirl the 4th of december 2006, I checked if it was true and YUP there my medoll was. So long for those who say i LIED :) The girl who won CHEATED, She self-voted ;/ REALLY many people said i deserved winning, But Ohwell :P and that girl got deleted, So technicly i won covergirl there, But never really won a badge :)

Want proove?


ALSO want to know how the OLD hotbuys looked like? :) Then check the fashion section, You can see VERY old. But i remembered when the ben amun came, It was accully in the October HB section but only came out in NOVEMBER :P So i'd really check out

BeverlyhillsHei: Elite or WANNBE?

The answear is; neither ;)

She's NOT  the Daily tabloid bitch xox

Monday, August 25, 2008

Guestbook Party: Best dressed

The best dressed from the 10000 Hits Party. :)

Daceeyy: Lovely outfits. So nice how she puts it together. Must say BRILLIANT
-Cooldude: Only guy, So he kinda had to be featured :P Btw HE STOLE MY COOKIE
...Singstar...: Shes got so nice fashion style its not normal. I mean look how she puts that together. ITS AMAZING :D
Bethbeth15: Very good style, Verysimple and i love that :)
Salmanegm07: Love how she puts that together. Its just amazing, MUST-SEE
LaFee_1002: Very like my outfit, But still love how she puts it there :D

Hollistcrombie: One word, SIMPLE. Thats something i do enjoy seeing once in a while :)
Fionamcgonigle: Love how she puts her outfit together. Made me See that shes a true FASHION GOD
Xmissy.dX: was her original clothing, But since she showed up. I just must say i love the dress

Hope you all enjoyd the Party x

New authors!

There will be 7 finalists, chosen by the authors. You will not know which author chose you, it is annonymous.

The four finalists aren't in any order.

They are:


1 more still to be decided.

Party in 20 mins

Party in my(arna-rut) guestbook. Theme: Formal(Tiara's,Gowns ALL)
Hosts: Me and Nika(Pics coming in a min)

Best dressed will be up in the blog at 9 ;)

September HotBuys

Well, the September HotBuys list is in, and it's time for me to review it. These are just my opinions. Feel free to let us know you're opinions in a comment.

1. Virgo Ncklace, in shop August 24th: Good if you're a Virgo on a tight budget. 7/10

2. HotBuys Jacket, in shop September 5th: Not my thing... at all. I hate the sleeves, and the only kind of good part is the ruffle detail in the front. 2/10

3. HotBuys Top, in shop August 22nd: It would be nicer if it was in two colours that didn't clash. The shape of it is nice though. 4/10

4. HotBuys Bag, in shop August 29th: This is actually pretty nice, it has a cool vintage feel to it. 9/10

5. HotBuys Shoes, in shop September 19th: I'm not really into ankle boots, but for ankle boots, they aren't too bad. 5/10

6. HotBuys Dress, in shop September 19th: I hate it. I really do. The pattern is ugly in my opinion and the dress is too long and just a little bit frumpy. It's only saviour is the belt in the middle. Without it, the score would have been in the minus figures. 0/10

7. HotBuys Headband, in shop September 8th: One of the only nice things on the list, the coloured leaves give it a breezy Autumn feel. Only downer is that it might be hard to use in an outfit. 9/10

8. HotBuys Dress, in shop August 27th: This is by far the nicest thing on the list. The bow saves it from being dull, and the little black dress will never be out-dated. Star buy! 10/10

9. HotBuys Necklace, in shop August 12th: I quite like it, the colours look well together. 8/10.

10. Haircolour, in shop September 3rd: All the haircolours are coming back, and there doesn't seem to be any new ones coming in. Well this colour is quite wearable and is nicer on than in shops. 7/10

Total score for the September HBs list 2008: 61/100.

These are just my opinions, not the opinions of any other authors on the blog. Check comments for other people's opinions!


As i posted yesterday, today will be a party celebrating we got over 10000 hits! :D So today(25th of august) me and my friend will be hosting the party :)


When: today(August 25th), 8-9 pm GMT ( find right time)
Where: My guestbook :) (Arna-rut)
Theme: Celebration.(Hollywood like :D) That means gowns,Tiaras the WHOLE package :)
Hosts: Me(arna-rut) and Nika(vnvi)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The prize dresses

So anyone want to know what celeb owns the dresses? I've found couple myself, And if you know more either put in comments or add me on stardoll; arna-rut

Bai Ling doll

Lindsay Lohan 2 doll

Lily Cole doll

Kylie Minogue 2 doll

Both in the Katherine Heigl doll :) Thanks to "menna" for the shout :D

This one found by "menna" on the Luisana Lopilato Doll :)

Jennifer Lopez doll number 3, thanks to LaFee_1002 for the head ups x

All in the Beach Bride doll. Thanks to LaFee_1002 :)

Miley Cyrus 1 doll, oljeee told me about that one :)

These are both on the Britney Spears 1 doll :) Found by oljeee x

That one is on the Christina Milian 2 Doll. Found by oljeee x

Thats on the Lily Cole doll. :) Found by LaFee_1002

Thats on the Ashanti Doll thanks mis.c

To see the PICTURE with all the dresses, click
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