Friday, June 25, 2010

Tribute Stores

Hey hey :)
Today I've decided to talk about tribute stores in stardoll. So at the beggining of this summer stardoll had promised us many surprises and I'm sure that many of you were really surprised to see a shop like Chanel here.
But actually, i was a little dissapointed, because it's CHANEL and some clothes' quality wasn't good, it was plain awfull. 

Here are some pictures of Chanel store :

The second tribute store released in stardoll was DVF - Diane Von Furstenberg. The quality of clothes is still not the best, but some of the clothes are really nice. Personally I love the bows!

Here are some pictures  :

Thrird store released in stardoll was Just Cavalli - i think it's the best of them. The clothes are colourful but still very glamorous, so they can be worn by any woman :)

Pictures of Just Cavalli store :

And finally the fourth tribute store is Sonia Rykiel. There clothes are amazing and the quality is good, they;re absolutely worth buying. My favourite pieces were the stockings, sheer dresses and the dress with a face and hair that reminds the designer.

Some pictures of this store :

The prices of all clothes are similar and the shops are available only for a month, so be fast and buy the pieces you want!

What do you think about theese stores? Which is your favourite?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello everyone!

My name is Egle and in stardoll i'm known as vampire_ and i'm the newest gossiper here! :)
I'm really happy to write in this blog even after it wasn't active for a while. I hope that it'll soon become even better than it was before.
So what will I write about? I'm thinking about some fashion tips and of course - gossip!

See ya soon, Vampire_

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Winners of competition + new hairstyles!

Competition winners:

Check your suites for your outfits! Well done everyone :)

Also, new hairstyles have arrived in MeDoll Editor. I love them, what do you think?

(Image from Underneath Stardoll)

Just Cavalli is out in shops now. Personally, I don't really like most of the clothes, it's not really my style. What do you think?

More on the €1 offer

As I posted yesterday about the €1 superstar offer stardoll showed us when we logged in(see below), I then decided to contact them from my account, I received this message back:

As you can see, the offer appears when you log in each day for 3 days only. So if you see it when you log in, you might as well take it, because it is a REALLY good offer! I'm not sure if you can buy it more than once, but I'll see tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Splash + Stylein + Spoilers!

There are two new floors in Splash. This time there is a bikini for non-superstars too! And it's actually one of the nicest in my opinion.

Also, the new shop we've been waiting for, Stylein has arrived. It will only be open for two weeks, from 15th - 29th June.

Can't wait to see what the Gift-O-Meter prizes will be for the final week? Thanks to Stardoll's Top Designers for the sneak peek!

Also, don't forget, today is the last day you can enter the dress up competition - click here to enter. Entries will be judged and winners posted tomorrow.

So, what do you think of the new clothes? Will you be buying? What are your favourite pieces? And do you like the new Gift-O-Meter prizes?

How do I get this back?

So I logged into my account this morning, and this message popped up on my screen. It's an offer for Superstar membership for 1 WHOLE MONTH, for just €1! That's a discount of like.. €4? BRILLIANT offer!

Unfortunately, my computer then decided to spaz out and the screen suddenly went blank, so I refreshed the page, only to discover I was on my Stardoll home page. I tried searching for the offer again, but, no luck. I got the image from logging into my other account, but yanno, I want to be superstar on my main one, and then maybe I can return to the stardoll craze. Does anyone know how to get this offer back? Or is it just there once and once only and never.. ever.. again?

Monday, June 14, 2010


Dress up Twiggy and win an outfit :]

Click here to dress up Twiggy, then take a screenshot and post a tinypic link in comments.

Best 10 will get an outfit of your choice:

Not a huge prize, I know, but it's quite an easy competition! And if you don't want any of the outfits, you can still enter for fun and donate your prize to a friend :]

Closing date for entries is Wednesday the 16th of June. Entries will still be accepted on that day, I will judge on Thursday, and the winners should be up the same day.

When you're entering, please remember:

- Include your stardoll username so we know who you are.
- Only comment on this post, not on any other post, chatbox or GuestBook.
- Tell us in your entry what outfit you would like if you win.
- If you don't want the prize, tell us who you would like it given to in your entry.
- Only tinypic (or other image hosting sites) entries will count. No albums will be checked.

Good luck everyone!


Wow, I'm posting a lot today :P

I just noticed we're creeping nearer to the 1,000 followers mark and I was thinking we should do something for it. Maybe a competition or raffle? What do you guys think? Any other suggestions?

New Gift-O-Meter Prizes

Click here to check out the new Gift-O-Meter prizes.

Opinions on the new prizes? I especially like the yellow and black dress you get when you spend 200 stardollars, but I think last weeks prizes were better.

I'm guessing the Stardoll Pals were released to make us spend 200 stardollars this week :]

Stardoll Pals

Blogs have been speculating about Stardoll Pals ever since the tab arrived in our suite shops. Now, they're finally here! Click here to buy one (or just see what they're like)

Some are for superstar only, others are for everyone. They cost 70 stardollars each and you can buy clothes for them in your Suite Shop. Or you could just resize your Pal so that your own clothes will fit it. The outfits fit your MeDoll too, but only if you resize your MeDoll. The outfits won't go into your wardrobe with the rest of your clothes though.

The Pals themselves can't be sent as gifts, but the outfits can. They're superstar only gifts as usual, but since the outfits can go on your MeDoll, an outfit would be a lovely gift, especially for your non-superstar friends! :]

I'm not too sure about these Stardoll Pals to be honest. I think it would be far better if you could design them yourself, the way you can design your own MeDoll - most of the Pals seem to be pretty ugly in my opinion! And at 70 stardollars, they're not cheap.


LE Mini Competition Winner!

And the winner is...

... smiliuxxx!

Congratulations! You had 22% of the votes - well done :]

Sorry I spelt your username wrong in the poll!

Please sell something in your StarBazaar for 55 stardollars (so that you get 50 when I buy it) and let me know in my GuestBook when it's for sale.

Well done to everyone else who entered, you all had great outfits but there could only be one winner - look out for more competitions like this though! :]

To visit the winner's suite, click here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sparkling Apple

This is a new project that really deserves a mention :] It has already been posted about on other blogs, so maybe you've already heard about it.

Sparkling Apple is a magazine that features Stardolls voted by you for doing something nice/good. Maybe a friend who helped you out when you were hacked or scammed, or just someone who was really nice to you when you joined Stardoll - anything at all.

Every nomination will be featured in the magazine, but not all will get as much written about them.

Sounds good? Check it out here. And to nominate someone that you think deserves to be featured, click here.

What are your opinions on this project?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Free 1Goal T-Shirt

Not the nicest free T-shirt ever, but for those of you who want it:

When you are logged into Stardoll, click here. You will be brought to a form (you can just fill it out with fake information). Then go back to your suite and it will be there as a gift from Stardoll.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who wore the new LE best?

Vote now! Top voted will get 50 stardollars. Voting closes on Sunday 13th June. Click the pictures to enlarge (opens in a separate window)

Monday, June 7, 2010

LE Mini Competition!

Who will wear the new LE best?

Let us know if you are wearing the new LE (or you can post a tinypic link if you don't want to save your outfit)

The outfits will be put in a poll. The highest voted outfit will get 50 stardollars.

Good luck :]

*You don't have to wear all LE, you can wear as many or as few items as you like. As long as you're wearing at least one new LE item, even if it's just an accessory, your entry will be accepted.

LE has arrived!

LE has just arrived in shops, get it quick before it's gone :]

Not everything has arrived though, there are half outfits and empty mannequins, so keep refreshing in case it appears! :P

Also, lots of old LE and Antidote is now available to sell in StarBazaar - check yours to see what you can sell.

UPDATE: All the LE is available to buy now. As I'm writing this, only a few things have sold out, so hurry along to see what's left! I don't think I need to post pictures, you can all see it at Starplaza :P

New LE + Gift-O-Meter Prizes

I'm finally back! :]

My account was deleted for four whole months but after a LOT of work, I got it back this week.

Anyways, I probably won't be updating here too often, but I have two pieces of news today.

The LE store is under renovation, so the new LE will most likely be coming out today. I won't bother posting spoilers, I'm sure you've all seen them already on other blogs :] I can't be sure about the time, but sources tell me the LE is most likely to be released around 3pm-5pm GMT. (Not from GMT?)

Also, the Gift-O-Meter prizes have arrived for this week. They don't show up on the Summer Blowout page as I'm writing this, but if you spend, you will still get the new prizes. This works out pretty well because everyone will be spending lots of money on LE!

I don't know what all the prizes are yet, but these are the first two:

The rest will show up on the official Summer Blowout page soon anyway :]

Update: The new prizes show up on the Summer Blowout page now!

Bye for now, and hopefully I'll be writing again soon :]

Oh, and by the way, I don't know who started the rumour, but I am definitely not Teale's sister! LOL

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm not dead

Woah! Long time since I last posted..(I kept my post header! Total dedication) Anyway! I'm posting here to tell you all about my new blog:

It's a blog about fashion, and everything to do with fashion. I update it daily(sometimes..) on the latest covers, editorials, campaigns, etc. So if you want more knowledge about the fashion industry, follow and you will be updated. Note that I just began at the start of May, so it is still amateur-ish, and the layout isn't great either. I just quite liked blogging here, and wanted to continue, but not about Stardoll. If you're wondering if I'm going to return to stardoll or all that other stuff, go to my presentation on my stardoll page where I've explained it all.

Thanks, if you decide to follow, and your feedback is always appreciated.

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