Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What happened?

Anyone else notice this in MonthlyGiftClub?

(As always, click to enlarge)

The presentation is gone, they don't have an ad on the club homepage, and it shows the owner on the side which it never did before. Any ideas?

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Mary-Kate

My friend Manoon3. was making a graphic for my contest when she came around the Mary kate olsen doll wich had NEW face and NEW clothes!

Arent they amazing?! also the jacket and necklace i couldnt find in the doll page so i had to take from the suite wich wasnt allowing me cutting the grey thing unless cutting the jacket and necklace to lol! so ye, enjoy, and lame background, i know, im just testing abit lol

Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to make orange and pink work

I've decided to help you out with some style tips, as I get complimented on my outfits a lot!

The first thing I'll do is show you how to make orange and pink work together. It's a myth that pink and orange clash. If you use the right shades and the right clothes, these two colours can look great together. Here is an example of an orange and pink outfit that really stands out.

And it only costs $22 to make!

To create this look:

Put on these tights from Pretty in Pink ($3)

Next, put on these shoes from DKNY ($5)

Then, add this pink dress from DKNY ($8)

And lastly, finish it off with this puffball skirt from Stardoll ($6)

How to make a magazine/contest

Well, I would start but im not sure i will, but i totally LOVE making graphics in photofiltre and paint.net, im just gonna show you few examples that you can make;

Model; manoon3.
Dress; 3 voile gift dresses number 2

Model; xLou26

Model; Steelone
Dresses; Faith hill
Shoes and bracelet; Faith hill

i really wanna see what you other can do, So ive found a new contest, Make a graphic, the one i think is the most creative, Taken time and just nice might win, IF you use photoshop i will see, But, it doesnt matter SINCE i will be picking one winner in each;

You need to say wich one you used. :)
Winner will get 20 superstar gifts - furniture - of their choise :)

funny glitch

i found out like the funnest thing on stardoll EVER!!
i could write what i wanted, Take out what i wanted hahah! :P
Was amazingly cool

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen

i was going around stardoll and saw this new adv. Not only had it got different face, but a new dress!! I found a picture of it also;

I kinda love this dress! :D and the face; WOW!! but notice its the EXACT same as on the picture, Even the hair! :D

Friday, September 26, 2008

New hotbuys

So, as i said last month, ill be picking few hotbuys and put on some reader's medoll, And this month i didnt take the outfit everyone hated, i put the items most people wanted, unfortunetly its very hard changing size of clothes without them comin abit weird out. But i tried. I dont like the image myself, but ill see what you think:

I really love those items, I got no idea what you think, but id love to know. :)

The model; Manoon3.

Remember if you'd like to be model just ask, And ill try remember. :)

BUT i will ALLWAYS contact the model about this, but the model cannot tell anyone she's gonna be featured

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whats wrong with some people!!!?

I know these two AMAZING guys called Jaketheemo(Jake) and BeforeIdie(connor) who happen to be Gay/bi, And they are e-dating, they are very happy together and so cute together, but yeah i went through Connor's guestbook and came through a very nasty girl!!
Yep i did go to gaypride few years in a row and i LOVED it, watching icelanders accept people how they are, Seeing how much fun they are having, Its something you'll never forget! :) and that person is so rude, yes i do have gay/bi friends on stardoll, NOT NAMING NAMES, but they are all AMAZING. So guys, just accept people for who they are!!!

Like some gay celebs;
Elton John(Seen him in real life lmfao), Lindsay lohan,Samantha R(DJ Samantha),Clay Aiken.. so many more! :) So guys, Not everyone is the same!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cookie Jar

Hey! Sorry I haven't been posting much, but I haven't had a lot of time as I've been so busy!
Don't forget, HBs list out now and sale on in Starplaza. Let me know in my GB if you have found any secretly free items like last time!
Also, I'm obsessed with the song Cookie Jar right now! I even made a T-shirt for it :)

(Bad screenshot, but check my StarBazaar to see properly)

Gotta go, talk to you soon!

...I like girls

and they like me

they look so good

in they Seven jeans.

Told you to be the one

and my only

I wanna be faithful

but I can't keep my hands out the cookie jar...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Paulina P; New head

So, i went to paulinas page, she had a new head!!!

One word; EWW!!!

That head is disgusting and so scary!!!

What do you guys think?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Martina vs. Megan

As most people on Stardoll know Martina(Matulka), the sweet, nice 15 year old girl..
But is she really all that sweet?

Yesterday, my friend Megan(Pretty_megan-9) told me that she had a Poser, Pritty-megan-6
If you visit her page, and take a look at her Guestbook, you will see this:

Note her bad spelling? pritty = pretty.
I cant seem to stop thinking that Matulka made this page, to annoy Megan.

Probably because shes Jealous?

When Megan won Covergirl recently, Matulka came second. This is Megan's 3rd time being Covergirl, and Matulka has been 4 times, But allot of members say she has cheated most of the time. Same with scenery and album winnings.

Matulka then went to Megan's Guestbook yesterday, to rattle up a little fight.

After Megan saying Matulka was Jealous of her, She stopped pestering her, She knew Megan was right :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Paulina P; WEIRD!

I went to paulina's page and saw something WEIRD, Her pose has been changed, Her head is GONE, And her cloths are like for normal users!!!


Her cloths, WEIRD?!? Check the butterfly top, Usually it has weird thing out(Paulinas hand) there its just.. Normal :S

New Blog- New Rival

I was recently told by a friend that Think_Pink_ has written her own blog. I was first thrilled, because writing a blog is very fun. When I visited her blog I noticed she had written so not so nice things about me and also the other workers on Gossip-Stardoll. I realize because she is new she will not be as good as us, but on her 2nd post she had a list of almost all the upcoming writers and I was shocked. Most of the writers are amazing elites on stardoll. I am quite worried and will remained quite worried. Visit Think_Pink_ blog, "Hot Shot Gossip" at hotshotgossip.blogspot.com

Friday, September 19, 2008

10 Must haves of the month

First of all, im gonna be doing this EVERY month :)

1) Pink and Black Ashley dress; Voile
2) Black and silver hat; Voile
3) Black Coco Chanel Dress; Voile
4) Alexis flower dress; Stardoll Girls
5) alexis rose bag; stardoll girls
6/7) Flower print and bird print; Stardoll Girls
8) alexis blue clutch; Stardoll Girls
9) Blue Trench Coat; Stardoll Girls
10) Grecian dress; Voile

I dont have all those items, but i love them all! :)

And also tell me what you think of this idea x


Stardollsensations is a blog about stardoll. 
The writers are some of my dearest friends, the blog is really good and i dare everyone to look at it. :) StardollSensations
They write about alot.

Also new doll, Its alexis. :) I really like the doll. :) And sorry for little blogging lately, Some stuff been going on ;(

And the Super Lazy Sean has been told if he doesnt study hes only allowed in the comp on fridays, So im betting he wont do much? =(
Unfortunetly fiona hasnt been online alot and cecily is like gone?

Well i hope they come back :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stop Asking!!

Okay, Ive had WAY to much people asking me where i got all my hotbuys, DKNY,MKA,RARES and Lottery dress.


I got my HB during the Loophole going, I bought them from a friend
I got my DKNY from my friend who recently left and gave me her account + Luck in the bazaar
I got my MKA from a friend who left + Luck in the bazaar
I got my RARES from friends, The girl who left, Trading and Luck in the bazaar
I got my lottery by trading

Okay, now you can stop asking, Ive gotten tired, i also got it all for two cause i bought from FRIENDS.

So those of you who keep asking; stop. And those who keep begging to buy it, STOPP!

I will be posting more today, so keep your eyes open :D - Nothing gonna be out of that, forgot my fave shows are on tonight, Will post something tomorrow, thats a promise x

Btw i got a new header, tell me what you think? =]

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vivenne Tam; NEWS

OMG i was on the start page and saw something with Vivenne's face on, I clicked and guess what i saw!! i saw a new contest and something extra, i took a spare time to print screen it all :)

We choose the next COLLECTION!!!

Here is ALL that you can choose, Click to enlarge :]

WOW! you can win some dress that noone gets AFTER YOU

Also if you´ve noticed how obsessed with tokio hotel i am, Im even more obsessed with Alex evans haha =D i saw on myspace also that his friends saw that on stardoll that stardoll used his face on an Adv, he rang them and they said they didnt, week later there was a doll called Alex Evans with the SAME FACE out.. Wich means stardoll LIED TO HIM?!?

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, but I've been very busy since going back to school! I do come on to moderate comments, but I usually don't have time for much else :)

I know a lot of you have been scammed by the person you must be sick of hearing of by now - Olsenkate

I really don't want her to scam more innocent people, so I have found the very best business on Stardoll that gets rid of scammers/hackers/people who use bad language. For this business to help us, we need plenty of proof that Olsenkate is a scammer. Please let me know if you have pictures that prove she is a scammer/hacker whatever! If you don't want her on Stardoll anymore, let me know in a comment here or on Stardoll :)

Also, be careful of SoniaCool2 because it is Olsenkate's other account. Notice that the only clubs they are in is MonthlyGiftClub and each other's clubs. Strange, eh?

Interview; Missmej

This is the first interview im taking, you can be expecting more. :] I took interview with Missmej who won the IT bag contest!!

1) how did you find out about stardoll and when?
I first heard about Stardoll for 2 years agot from a friend which had been doing this for a while. So, I joined. I'm so happy I joined cause I have had so much fun here at Stardoll.

2) What did you do when you noticed you won the "IT" bag contest?
I started screaming. I can't belive it, but I really did. It came as a shock for me. Luckly I was home alone so nobody heard the scream.

3) what do you think of real brands in the plaza?
I love it, I can't afford alot of Gucci and Chanel in real life, but here at Stardoll I can. I really enjoy it cause you feel so elegant and luxurious.

4) Are you into fashion?
I love fashion! Fashion describes who I am and I can express myself so well. In real life I'm always trendy and I try to be it here on Stardoll to.

5) What do you think is the best thing about stardoll?
You can be yourself through a doll. You can also make alot of friends and express yourself through fashion as I do everyday.

6) Anything you wanna say?
I just want to say thank you all for all the nice comments I have gotten and I hope you like the purse, I do atleast.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I have a Poser!

I thought it was funny on how I have a Poser. -Cooldude. I have never had one before, So this is a first. I cant believe how stupid people are, to make accounts of some person trying to piss them off.

It doesn't work. Well, not to me anyway.
I laughed when I saw his/her page..whatever..Lol

He did a good job copying my presentation, although stupidly, he forgot the Dots for the end of his name. Apparently, I'm the poser. Lol!

He just joined? I have more Starpoints? Check when we both joined. Now who's stupid :)

I give him credit for his attempt for copying my old style medoll. I changed mine to look like the Alex Evans doll..Hehe

I have a maybe 1 or 2 people who I suspect for making this page..Look out for the next topic on my "Poser" :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


you know about what olsenkate did? She blocked me,Sean and ...singstar...(Fiona's sister) from her club. She just unblocked us... I wonder really, what is olsenkate's problem?!? Being so rude to fiona, thinking shes so Leet. I laugh at her!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Okay, my "friend" told me about her blog, and i noticed few hours after my blog was made, that SAME blog appeared on HER BLOG!!!! And i went down and guess what, SHE ALSO COPIED STARDOLLSENSATIONS!!!! I HATE COPIERS GOSH, :/ I'm not naming names unless i see a copy on her blog again, sorry hun, im maybe a "bitch" but i dont like people doing that, i am called friendly, BUT i get bitchy when people copy, but im not giving out name x
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