Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yet another party

Now, As Glamour Magazine will be released tomorrow, Mario will be having a releasing party.
This invitation contains a spoiler of the magazine's theme, And i lovee the invitation :P
You better come :P

Partyyy [:

One of the most amazing people of stardoll Springate is unfortunetly leaving, And he's having a party, right now :O

Seriously, i got permission to stay up till 2 am(Might even stay longer since my suckers... i mean Lovely parents fell asleep) So i think this is NOT worth missing..

Anthony has often been called the Party Queen(Even though King would be more suitable)

Its gonna be weird seeing anthony leaving, and very sad.
Still i have to admit, i admire him for it there are 2 resons im still on stardoll, that is the fact stardoll is so addicting and my two best friends, mario and alex.

Friday, February 27, 2009


I recently went to my friend's, _Ztar11's suite. I then noticed this in her Guestbook...First of all, Do not even ATTEMPT to look at that wesbsite. Because when you do, the person can view all your stardoll information, and hack you. I remember a post on Stardoll Fashion Forward, about this, so you can read their's for more detail.

I'm not sure if that's even the Real Megan, or not. But she hasn't been replying to my messages, so I don't know...


Hiya guys sorry its late but here is the results of the contest!

It was really close but i've chosen laura626 as winner because he design was the onlyone not featuring something rare &/or expensive, apart from the bad that looks gorgous with it. Contact me soon .

Again this was tight but the winner is FeugoGAU
Her design was clever yet so beatiful. You also win a code contact me soon

the two others who were very close are in this picture;

Thank you to all who entered!

Code winners contact me a.s.a.p as the amount you get on your code will be going down on march 2nd! =((


New ELLE Collection

Finally something NEW!

There is a new ELLE collection at Starplaza; I think its realy cool I realy like it(specialy the ruffle dress), It has few things that look like the first collection though:O

Most of have already seen it ofcourse but I still want to know your opinion so feel free to comment XD

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Funny things you did

No news >;[
Any way another thing to talk about,
I think all of us did some funny things when we joined stardoll,
When I joined there was this thing, that when you invited your friends you got 5 stardollars per friend so I invited my self all the time untill I got 100 stardollars then I couldnt get more :S
I was so sad lmao.
Tell us about stupid/funny thing you did :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its a BOY/GIRL thing?

i'm not talking about the movie... I'm talking about when i was going through the plaza i noticed there are trousers in there that say 'Fudge BOY'
I kind of think those jean's wont fit a boy now will they?

Also if you read TheStardollInsiders you know that not long ago there was this new dress, that came out in two editions, one cheaper.. but it was a glitch, well, you might have noticed that the heart top came out in two editions, with one cheaper... AGAIN

Anyways, Noticed the montly sale? Lets cross our fingers and hope for more free stuff glitches.

You can find all free stuff new's on the blog Free Stuff Which is owned by Xmissy.dX who owned the well known club Free.Stuff which sadly got deleted by stardoll..

And im really truly sorry for lack of posts, I had to finish an interview for my friend's magazine, and then there's been uhm, stuff i prefer not to tell here..

i promise i will try my best to post more..
unfortunetly there aint much to post about..
C'mon stardoll, give us some glitches or funny things..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chatbox Issues

We are having so many problems with the Chatbox. Really, I don't see why anyone feels the need to pretend to be somebody else.

Anyway, I've just spent ages sorting through it, and I've blocked a lot of posers.

Also, I've noticed increased amounts of people cursing in our Chatbox. I'd like for you to remember that there are very young people who read this blog.

I'm warning you now, that anyone who curses or pretends to be someone else in the Chatbox will be blocked from it.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Best friends

I realy wanted to add a post...but there are no news =[

So I thoguht about a subject other than stardoll, or it has something to do with

You know stardoll is all about "Fame,fashion and FRIENDS"

I'm sure you all met some awesome people on stardoll and all of us got at least someone in out best friends list,I have at least 15 best friends and they are all super duper AWESOME

What about YOUR best friends?

Wanna share us how you first met them/wrote to them?

Well I'm very curiouse =D

March '09 HotBuys

Opinions? Are these HotBuys or NotBuys?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best Free Gift EVER!

OMG, Stardoll have really outdone themselves this time! To celebrate Barbie's 50th anniversary, they are giving away this fabulous dress!

When I saw it, I was speechless. Usually our free clothes aren't the best - think back to that hideous Igor outfit *shudder*

I think this must be the most bestest, most stylish, most wearable free gift Stardoll have ever given us. It actually looks as if it's something you'd pay for, which is saying something.

Anyways, I'll stop babbling on and let you get the dress! Just click here, watch a bit of the video, and go to the mirror in your suite, where this gorgeous dress will be waiting for you :)

As modelled by moi :P


Okay, it's officially here! The advertisements!

Please post your picture in the comment, as well as giving us where you want the advertisement to link to (club, blog, etc.)

This will work on a first come, first served basis, so hurry!

Writers will get their ads at the top - just a thanks for being so awesome :)

If there are too many ads up already, we will save your comment until there is space for your ad.

Ads will not last show forever.
You can post the same ad again if it isn't showing anymore.
Your comment will be deleted when your ad is put up, so if you want to use the picture again, please keep a copy of it.

Guest article #7

The following article was written by Lettie97

StarBazaar Mistakes

Have you ever sold something that you wish you hadn’t?

Have you ever sold something that you didn’t realise was rare for a cheap price? I bet most of us have made that mistake once.
I mean, most people these days are selling DKNY for giftcodes and for over 100 stardollars. I once sold a first season rare for 59 stardollars – how silly was that?

I bet we’ve all sold a hotbuy we didn’t realise was a hotbuy for a low price once, haven’t we? C’mon, you’ve got to admit it. We all make mistakes sometimes! Maybe once you accidently sold something and didn’t realise? Just remember, you’re not the only one.

What things have you sold that you regret? And for what prices? Pop in a comment now – I’d love to hear from you!

I hope you enjoyed my guest post.

Competition - 2 codes!

The following competition is brought to you by EMILYmileyrocks, who also happens to be taking bids for her DKNY Skyscraper :)

** The new deadline is Saturday 21st of February, not the 18th as stated above. Having trouble reading the pictures? Click to enlarge.
Also, please state which part you are doing.

Guest article #6

Rosie's back people!

You may remember my previous guest article about my hopes for the new year on stardoll but in particular the first Limited Edition collection.
Like last time, I've included a graphic of my favourites.

I came back from school on the day the LE was released. I knew it was coming sooner or later, so I had saved about $185. I was upset to find the Sweet Heart Tube Top was sold out, but I grabbed what I could, the blue fold belt, heart print tights and denim frill dress which when put together made a great outfit.
I love the Valentine theme and LE being released at a seasonal time, so maybe we'll see a Summer collection.

I was glad that the collection was available for more and contained more but I was disappointed with the prices for some items. Some items were tacky but priced outrageously, take the bathing suit for example. That was hideous and $100. The last collection was expensive but had the quality and uniqueness whereas this collection has double the editions made and half the freshness.
A few items had the detail and glam and fared well but I think stardoll should have done better, there is a graphical error with the heart cut out dress which makes the dress looked like a mismatched mistake.

This is entirely my own opinion but if Limited Edition comes to the StarBazaars, I bet a lot of the second collection will be going.

I like the combination of the belt and denim dress with tights. It is a sweet, outgoing look.
The Tube top and clutch are a great duo for a more chic ensemble.

Rate and comment!x

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What the HECK?!

When i logged onto stardoll, i checked the magazine as usual(Just checking if any of my amazing friends might have won something) well, the magazine looked okay, then the covergirl popped to the other side and all of a sudden ZAC EFRON appeared.
What the heck?!
As you can notice, Zac Efron is there... The covergirl on the wrong place, Zac dressed up..
is this one of stardoll's Glitches or is it ment to be that way? :S

Monday, February 16, 2009


You'll never guess, so I'll just tell you. Stardoll has added a search bar to our StarBazaar!!
No more searching through piles of beach balls and heaps of teribble designs, now we can choose what to search for! You search based on type, colour and brand.
Two words: Wow && Finally!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Raffle winners

Okay, we had 90 entries and the results are in!

We'll start with the superstar results. The winners in this category were randomly picked by ...SingStar....

1st: beauty31310, who wins $100. Please sell one thing for $60 and one thing for $40, and GB me when they're for sale so that I can give you your money!

2nd: Paulis_Spedroo, who wins $25. Please sell something for $25 and I'll buy it. GB me when it's up!

Now for the non-superstar prizes! For this category, the winners were randomly picked by bluebelloo.

1st: DaWaFfL3LaDy, who wins a superstar code worth $84 and one months superstar! Mail me when you read this so I can give you your code :)

2nd: BebeAnny, who wins three teddies! I've sent them - check your suite!

Congrautlations! If you didn't win this time, don't worry. We've got plenty of competitions coming soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Who am I talking about? Sweetgirlicious. Also known for winning Covergirl numerous times. Anyway, Laura is a hacker, scammer, liar, and cheater. First of all, I remember seeing a post about Rachson being a hacker, down below somewhere.. Well in actual fact, that's Laura(sweetgirlicious). The REAL owner of Rachson is Vjera, who now uses qazwsxedcq, as Laura hacked all her accounts. She has hacked pretty-megan_9, blackcaat, Queenofthenight, Rachson, and many more. She will do anything, to obtain the password of your account. She became Megan's BEST FRIEND, on Stardoll. So Megan thought she could trust her, and they shared passwords. Eventually, Laura stole everything off Megan, and did the same to Vjera. I just want to say STAY AWAY from Laura. Or she might hack you :O

Friday, February 13, 2009

Old Stardoll and new Stardoll

Stardoll has changed ALOT

Like back then in 2007 when I joined there were no make up, hair colors,starbazaar, starplaza was different clothes were much cheaper, broadcasts were for 3, when starbazaar first came out the most you could sell for was 20 stardollars, make up was for every one(superstars and non superstars) non superstars could only have 1 room and superstars 2 then they added another room so there were 3, and where you see the mail and stuff you could only see messages, GB comments and friends request, when you became superstar it didnt become yellow they only added star next to your medoll, when you visited your suite stardoll sais "Hi",brodcasts were clear, I realy enjoyd sending bradcasts I dont any more,it was alot when you sent 20 broadcasts now you have to send at least 30 to be in the top broadcasters, back then when you had 100 stardollars it was alot now having 1000 isnt that much.

I do like some of the changes but I want some stuff back :/

there were other changes, if you know some add in comments, and please say your opinon.

I'm VERY sorry I didnt post for a LONG its just I dont come online that much any more but I'll try my best to post more,and dont forget to buy the free lipstick in starpalaza,

Thanx for reading.


The new broadcast system isn't too bad, but there are some pretty major setbacks. For one, we can't use caps lock to make our broadcasts get noticed. :(

Even worse, they have made the broadcast bar smaller, and they changed the colour, so now it blends in too much. The limited words is also a problem.

So, that's got me thinking, how can members advertise more easily?

And then it hit me, why not advertise right here, at Gossip-Stardoll?
We wouldn't restrict what you want to say, and better yet, we could even do ads with images! The advertisements could stay there for longer than a measly 10 seconds. And best of all, it would be free!

I really want to know what you think about this idea. I've made an extra sidebar, so you can see where the advertisements would go if we decided to do this.

I'd love to hear your opinions, so please comment!

Yay or nay?


Hey :) I'm so sorry I haven't been active! First of all, My computer is broken. The Internet will work RARELY - like now - and I just don't have that much time.. Secondly, My mocks are coming up(Which are exams, for those of you who don't know), so I won't be active for about 2 weeks, As I need to study.. A LOT! Lol

Anyway, Friday 13th? Anyone get any bad luck today?! :]

Check this out!

Wow, Stardoll are really going all out to fix up the site and I, for one, am very impressed!

Just look at this awesome new feature they've added! You can add your visitors from your "Last Visitors" list, which is extremely handy, and you can also see how many of your visitors are your friends or not!

It also lets you do the same when you're visiting other people's pages, which is really useful for when you're at a guestbook party and you want to add your new friends without leaving the party!


Valentine's Raffle!

I promised a raffle, and a raffle we'll have! This one is a little trickier as it has a question that you must get right in order to have a valid entry.

Okay, there are two categories: Superstar and Non-Superstar.

Superstar Prizes
1st: $100.
2nd: $25.

Non-Superstar Prizes
1st: SMS code worth $84 and a month of superstar.
2nd: 3 Valentine's teddies.

To enter, copy the black writing only (the red writing is to help you fill it out) and post it in a comment to this post with your answers. (No other comments on this post, please).

Superstar/Not Superstar (Remove the one that does not apply)
Stardoll Username: (Your username here)
What does LE stand for? (Your answer here)

All entries that have not filled out the form correctly or lied in their entry will be invalid.
Incorrect answers to the question will also make your entry invalid, but TBH, I doubt anyone will get that wrong! :D

The winner will be chosen at 8pm GMT on the day after Valentine's Day (15th of February).

P.S. Your comment won't show up right away, because it has to be moderated by me first, so please be patient and don't write it twice. Thank you!


Remember I told you about this lipstick earlier today?

Well, guess what? It's out at Starplaza right now! But wait, it gets better.. As a Valentine's gift to us, Stardoll has decided to make it free! Yup, that's right, 0 stardollars!

And to avoid confusion, yes, this is actual make-up, not for your suite. So this is great for non-superstars who couldn't have make-up before! Expect to see a lot of red-lipped lovelies on Stardoll..

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

And did anyone else notice that today is Friday the 13th? (Spooky! :P)

LE chain and pendant

Okay, a lot of people have been asking me where I got my LE chain and pendant. Everyone who bought something in the last collection of LE got them.

If you didn't buy anything (like me) you can still ghet them. Search through the interior StarBazaar.

It will take a while, and you won't find them cheap, but these are going to be quite rare, from what I can see.

In fact, people are already deciding to charge $500 for theirs! So, put in a bit of elbow grease now and search throught StarBazaar, before people decide to take them back and sell them for more!

Here's what you're looking for:

The chain isn't too hard to find, but the pendant will prove to be a bit trickier.

I think the chain and pendant is a great idea. There is going to be a new charm with every collecton of LE (yay!). Another great idea from Stardoll!

Sorry :(

Hey everyone!

I've had a few complaints that we aren't posting much recently. I'm sorry about that, but there are a few reasons why.

1: There hasn't been a lot of gossip on Stardoll lately, therefore, not much to write about.

2: We are all very busy, and don't get a lot of time online. Seán is about to do his mocks (good luck, BTW!) and Arna is also very busy with school. I'm doing my work expereince, which is very time consuming and Sahar doesn't get on Stardoll much either.

Valentine's overload

Wow, Stardoll are really going overboard on the Valentine's theme.. and I like it!

Look at this gorgeous new Voile dress - the nicest in a long time in my opinion! And I the lipstick that's coming soon (so cute!)

Winner of the code!

As you may have noticed, the winner of the code was -make-music-.

Good job! Check her out as a superstar here!

We're going to have a best dressed competition again soon, so watch this space!

Also, check back later today, as I'm going to hold a raffle!

There will be different prizes for superstars and non-superstars.

Tip's and Trick's; Teaser

As usual when people mail me about new projects, and I find them interesting I post about them.
So, here's something new from Tylerisbomb

Seems interesting doesnt it?
I wonder what Tyler is planning to bring us :]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The LE is here!

I was lucky enough to be online when it was released so I could buy it all, and tell you readers!

Beware, buying everything will cost you a thousands of stardollars - literally. Remember, there are two floors in the shop this time around!

They are sticking to the heart theme for the collection.

Haven't decided what you want yet? Don't worry!
You can try on the new LE clothes here:

Officially sold out (2:51pm, Feb. 12th, GMT):
SweetHeart Tube Top, $125 - 300 were sold.
Love All Over Tights, $25 - 400 were sold.
Heart Out Dress, $175 - 275 were sold.
Shimmer Heart Halter Dress, $125 - 350 were sold.
Denim Frill Dress, $125 - 350 were sold.
SweetHeart Flats, $80 - 425 were sold.
Denim Logo Tee, $100 - 375 were sold.
Classic Denim High Tops, $50 - 600 were sold.

The necklace and pendant were only for people who bought something from the last LE collection!

LE Necklace

Hey I just received a message from stardoll, with the picture that StardollSensations posted earlier on their blog.
I was kind of expecting that Stardoll would make you have to buy it, but they give it to you free(Along with the pendant) Awesome right?

Also, im sorry for the lack of posts, My excuse is gonna be that my school's going mad.
I unfortunetly have to help out planning the School's dance, even tho i am NOT going.
Then i got exams and usually when im on here im just either listening to MCR or replying mails.

But i promise i will try to post more.

Also here's a little something that you can dance like mad over;

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stardoll updates!

Good news and bad news. Okay, not bad news, but it's annoying!

Good news: Awesome new storage boxes! They have four different sections, one for big furniture, one for small furniture, one for clothes and one for shoes and accessories! It's also really fast compared to our old one. Check it out if you haven't already seen it.

Other news: Stardoll are changing their buttons. It's really annoying, because in Friend Requests, they put a 'Accept' and 'Decline' on the opposite sides to where they were before, and I keep accepting and denying the wrong people! Grrr... >:(
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