Friday, October 31, 2008

The Coverboys attack!


Seems like boys are lucky lately :)

We had 2 Coverboys this week!

GaraaOfDesert Is the best rated Medoll of October 31

Well good luck!

I have to say he is very creative,he realy looks like GaraaOfDesert (In Naruto if any one knows it)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Apperantly there is some new shop coming called Decades but i noticeds that around half an hour ago then i noticed spoilers of it on sff!
I dont know about the clothes, they seem nice...
I love the pink blouse :P Oh, and a credit to sff for the image x

Monday, October 27, 2008

Congrats fiona ;)

Congratulations fiona for winning paulina's comp! just a short blog now. Cant really bother posting alot when i aint stop sneezing or coughting, Sucks being sick ah?

so yeah;

Arna - Congratulations Fiona ;)
Sean - Waiting for Weirdo's comment :)
Sahar - Waiting for Sahar's Comment ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Seperated in birth?

Some of you know about that if you go to "Dressups - celebs - Oscar" you can dressup the oscar statue, But want to know what i allways see when i look at the statue?
I know i added hair BUT without hair Ben Affleck + The Oscar's statue are just 100% look-a-like! I know the statue's name is Oscar after some woman said it looked like her uncle Oscar, But maybe the name should be changed to "The Ben Statue" lol, :P tell me if you think they look a like ;D

Saturday, October 25, 2008

FREEE stuff ;P

Go to starplaza to RIO girls:
- on page 2 you'll find white RIO shorts $4
- on page 4 you'll find green/black legwarmers $3

Go to FUDGE girls:
on page 4 you'll find a blue/yellow belt $3

For the BOYS:
Go to FUDGE boys
you'll find 4 items on page 2:
- green slim fit pants $5
- blue sport vest $4
- striped T-shirt $4 
- red scarf $3 (NOT the belcher for $2!)

And noticed ALL the time there is a sale some items go free?! :o

Im so sorry missy if you thought i copied, But ill give a huge credit to the AMAZING club Free.stuff owned by the amazing Xmissy.dX


Thanks so much to MadMacMom for this information!
You can now design your own furniture! When you're signed in to Stardoll, go to

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New HotBuys list!


I realy like the new Hotbuys!

Most of them are in Starplaza in november but we can wait...XD
Hotbuys dress-In shop 24 October
Hotbuys gloves-In shop 29 October
Hotbuys shoes-In shop 5 November
Hotbuys bag-In shop 7 November
Hotbuys skirt-In shop 10 November
Hotbuys necklace-In shop 12 November
Hotbuys coat-In shop 14 November
Hotbuys pumps-In shop 17 November
Hotbuys top-In shop 19 November
Hotbuys eyelashes-In shop 19 november
So whats your opinion?
And what's your favourite item?
mine is the Hotbuys top I think its the most cute :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Clutches of stardoll rock!/Style's secret revealed

Im in love..... with the stardoll clutches! Why are they so fabulous? Look for yourself!
Woahhhhhh I love them.

And also, Notice how very like they are to style's pictures? In the way that they look SO real, Well its soooooo easy
Wanna know how? huh? Ill tell you, First you zoom in the medoll 100% then you put the items on the medoll and voila. I dont know if you knew this, i think some people do, but easy teasy, Now you can play with making your clothes look nice in your magazines.

Speaking of magazines, Anyone seen the one i made? It sucks, i know i know!
Its called Haute Glamour

Anyways, enough posts today, Posted 3 posts now in few minutes haha, im just so hyper cause of my birthday tomorrow and in the need to write, So be sure to message me on stardoll, Or better yet add me if you havent, Today and tomorrow ill be accepting everyone even tho the message is BLANK :) 


My friend Lettie just pointed out we got a FAN VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!!!!!!

Thanks to the Mysterious fan ;P

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The chat box is back but this time we need to get a few things straight.
If you write in the chat box, I know your IP address.
I can ban anyone imperosonating someone else.
Also, if you know of a more secure chat box we could use, please let me know!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Want some Hebrew lessons?


I was bored so i decided to teach you some Hebrew :)

I wanted to teach you Arabic but its realy hard language maybe next time XD

`Here are some words that you sould know :)


Good morning-Boker tov (Boker= Morning and Tov=Good)

Good night-Laila tov (Laila=Night)

Good bye-Lehetraot (Or it can also mean see ya)














These are just few words that I thought about

Want to know more? maybe next time lol!

If you want to know how your name looks in hebrew letters just ask in my GB ( Remember my account is sahar-star )

Monday, October 13, 2008

The end

Yep, its the TOTAL end of Coco chanel on stardoll, well not really, there is one item left wich is a hotbuys bracelet from the year 2006. But as i noticed, the CC top and belt have no CC anymore. :(
Im so mad about this, i bought Coco chanel for alot but not some ugly FAKES

Sunday, October 5, 2008

From real to fake

Most of you know that some stuff like hello kitty,fendi,chanel wen to fake, but the worst as i thought was the fendi, and see, they even changed the freakin hotbuys advertisement for a bag!

I want the old fendi back, ;( what do you other think? :)

New header

Sorry for this, you guys might think its like "ah look at me" or just "look how good i am" but its not, im just wondering wich header i should use


Tell me in comment XD

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A quick note :)

We have a fan club! Gossip-FANS just been started by one of our biggest fans, so don't forget to go the link down the side of the blog to join and support her!


Hey everyone!

Well, Arna, Seán and I have been doing some work on the website recently.

You may have noticed some of the changes we've been making, but for the less observant ones, I'll tell you about them! They're all down the right side of the blog in the sidebar, so I'll explain everything in the sidebar.

  • This is a list of all the authors for Gossip-Stardoll. If you click on the name, it brings you to their Stardoll suite.

  • We've got the new poll where you can choose who should be a new author for Gossip-Stardoll. Remember, don't choose someone based on your relationship with them - choose based on who you want to bring you news!

  • Our brand new chat box! You can write a message for visiting this blog to see! You can include your name and website if you want, or you can write an annonymous message! Lets hear your thoughts :)

  • Links to other Stardoll blogs and websites. These are carefully chosen websites for you to check out if you've already read everything here! :D

  • Our hits counter. This is pretty self-explanitory...

  • Followers. These are the people who have Blogger accounts that have signed up to follow our blog. Visit them!

  • Blog archive. You can choose a month to search and find older articles.

  • A picture of our blog's account in her current outfit and a link to her suite.

The way you comment is a little different now too. Instead of being moved to a new page, a little box pops up!

We have a temporary header made by Arna-Rut. We will have a new header made by her when we have the new author/s for obvious reasons, and it will be better quality.

What do you think of this? Is there anything you want to see here that isn't here already? We want your ideas!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Many people know that the clothes on coco chanel were allmost all COPIED from DKNY! Well i found something new

From Amy Adams to Paris Hilton, Notice the bag is JUST the same, just diffeent color?! And notice the dress, ITS THE FREAKING SAME!! Just edited ABIT!!! And notice the hair, it looks allmost the same, Has stardoll stopped bothering making NEW clothes?!

*EDIT - 4th of october 10:50 icelandic time(LOL)*
If you go to the Paris doll you notice she has a necklace AND a tiara, well if you go to the Amy Adam's doll, You'll see the exact SAME necklace and tiara!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New authors

Okay, well this has been dragged out long enough LOL

Seán, Arna and I have chosen the 4 that we think will be the best and most dedicated authors for Gossip-Stardoll.

They will be put in a poll as soon as it works, and you will be able to choose more than one person.
The four chosen ones are:
Happy voting!

New starpoint rewards

So many new starpoint gifts, some fab some not, well one isn't nice. so yea woo
I love 3 of those hairs, the one that says "no" isnt nice as i think. Those pictures are taken by the beautiful friend of mine Babuci1992

oooniceeeee :P i wanted to see if there was anything new so i checked haha, and see those, WOW - And before you ask that is my writing :D

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Hairstyle?

Today as I went to my friend, Gabisia9's Page, I noticed she had a hairstyle I had never seen before...

I do admit, Its pretty cool. Lol. I haven't seen it on Keira-V though, Since she has more Starpoints..

And if you go to change your medoll, and click on long, you will see this:

*Notice that its not in the Starpoint hair section? What the hell is going on?

I will post if I find more hairstyles :)

**Edit from Fiona**

gabisia9's hairstyle is for 5500 Starpoints!

Also, check out this hairstyle:

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