Sunday, July 27, 2008

Club opening party

We all had a great time at the party to celebrate the opening of the club for the blog! The club is Gossip-Blog by the way. We also have a playlist for the blog now, and you can send your song suggestions in the club.

The party was a Hollywood premiere theme. Some people didn't really get the theme and showed up in wacky outfits but I won't name and shame them :)

But I will show you some of the best outfits!

The party was really fun, there was a lot of randomness. I had punch spilled on my dress, a snickerdoodle stuck to my forehead, there was puke, a dead spider, a dinosaur and a lot more! I guess it's one of those 'you had to be there' things :D

I was astounded by the lovely outfit that 9-year-old Janeyplums put together. The lovely red and white outfit was something that someone twice her age could have put together.

manoon3. (top) and Fashion.Fantasy (bottom)were the two who came in the same dress, but accessorised very differently to make the dress work for each of them.

I loved Mizz.Dior's outfit, because it was nice and simple, yet stylish. Perfect for a Hollywood premiere! She accessorised well with her gold locket, gloves, and black clutch.

foxysquirrel looked fabulous in her floor length red gown, pearls, gloves, scarf and purse. She really went all out and it paid off, she really stood out from the crowd.

montrevion layered really well with her DKNY to create this black and pink look. She also went to the trouble to co-ordinate her me-doll with her outfit, using a black bow and home-made pink earrings.

arna-rut layered well to create a lovely black and white look that is perfect for a Hollywood premiere. She paired her black gloves with a black DKNY bag and a pair of those gorgeous Candies shoes!

Last, but certainly not least, kittyRock45 was my favourite outfit of the night. She layered her to Mary-Kate dresses to look like one dress and put on her lovely Gucci belt that looks like it's part of the dress. She did up her me-doll to match her outfit, with her hair piled high on her head, big earrings and lovely make-up.

Monday, July 21, 2008

July/August 2008 HotBuys list

Click the image to enlarge it.

The July/August 2008 HotBuys list is out. (Click the title to see the current HotBuys list)

Two of the dresses are out so far (the green and white one, and the blue one) and they are overpriced. They cost $15 and $16! The sunglasses are also out, they cost $12. People are going to stop buying HotBuys if Stardoll keep overcharging for them! I cna understand returning ones being expensive, but not the new ones.

On the bright side though, we can see there will be a new Vivienne Tam collection coming out on the 19th of August! The red/orange dress is Vivienne Tam, which you can see when you look at the label. I love Vivienne Tam!

And, another good thing is that there are no old HotBuys coming back! Woohoo!

What do you think of the July/August 2008 HotBuys list?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

How to take a screenshot.

Lots of you have been asking how to take pictures of the computer screen, like I have on this blog. Well, it's actually very easy.

1. First, find Paint on your computer. Every standard computer has the paint application, but if yours doesn't for some reason, you can download applications like Paint.NET (what I use) for free.
When you open 'paint' it should open a canvas (a canvas is just a white page) for you. If it doesn't, click 'File' then 'New'.

2. Go to the page you want to take a picture of, eg. your me-doll, suite, etc. Make sure the mouse pointer is out of the way. Find a button on your keyboard that says 'Print Screen' or 'Print Scr'. Push that button :)

3. Go to Paint and 'Edit', then 'Paste'. This should make the picture appear on your canvas. If it doesn't, repeat step 2.

4. Crop the image so you can only see the picture you want.

5. Click 'Save' and use your picture any way you want!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ashley Olsen RC scarf in Starplaza

In case you didn't know, the Ashley Olsen RC scarf is in Starplaza for $3.
The bad part is, you can't pick it up right now.
Last time, when Stardoll released the black Ashley dress, bag and shoes for $0, they were like this too, but they were able to be bought the next morning. I certainly hope it's the same for this!
It's a little unfair on the winners of the Mary-Kate and Ashley competition, who were given exclusive clothes (not so exclusive after the loophole!), but I'm just happy to (nearly) get the scarf!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who wore it best?

The grey Kenzah dress is a very versatile dress and lots of people have been seen wearing it.

It is easy

to accessorize and looks good with almost anything.

Who do you think wore it best?

The Stardoll model (left) , fakeshake3 (centre) or hrvatica_97 (right). Comment - who do you think wore it best? What do you like/dislike about their outfits?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grand opening party

I don't know about you, but I had lots of fun at the guestbook party celebrating the opening of the blog!

The judges of the outfits at the grand opening party were:

Best outfits (and winners of 5 gifts each*) were :

These two showed up in the same dress, but made it unique by accessoring and won a gift each*:

These two did a great job with layering their outfits and got a gift each*:

These two showed up in their floor length dresses and looked fabulous. They get a gift each*:

These two worked the black and white trend and also get a gift each*:

These three were loved by all the judges and get a gift each* too:

* If you have won a prize, please contact fionamcgonigle to get your gift/s. You get to choose your gift/s.

To get information about future parties and competitions related to the blog, add Gossip-Star which is the official Stardoll for this blog.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Starpoint rewards cheat

I'm sure you've all noticed that lots of users now have Starpoint reward items such as the Crystal Cave interior (5000 starpoints), unicorn and wings (4500 Starpoints) and more without having the required amount of Starpoints.

This was (yet another) glitch on Stardoll, but Stardoll have stopped it.

For those of you who didn't get to use it, here's a picture of the items on page 5 of the Starpoint rewards. (That is my suite, and I also put in my Starpoint count to show you that I haven't earned them. Oh and yes, I know I'm upside down.)

(click the picture to enlarge it)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Club logos vandalised

All over,
clubs logos are being vandalised.
Usually it is the big clubs that are targeted,
such as Animal-Lovers and all the other
clubs in the top 10 list.

Personally, I think it's pretty funny!
Yeah, some people don't deserve to have their
club logos vandalised.
Other people, however, the self-proclaimed 'Elites',
do deserve what they get!

It's pretty hilarious to see the owners of some of the clubs get so mad (^^,)

On the other hand though, it is a bit ridiculous
that Stardoll can't manage to get better security
with all the money we're paying them.

Vivienne Tam released in Starplaza

Well, the DKNY Summer 2008 collection was very disappointing to me. There was no originality or life to it, I thought.

But the release of the Vivienne Tam collection certainly brightened my day. The Vivienne Tam clothes were very colourful. Very unique. Very fun. And, most importantly for some people, very affordable.

To buy the whole collection (20 items) would cost $135.

In the collection there are:
5 pairs of platform sandals, all in different colours, costing $5 each.
14 dresses ranging from $7-$8 which is very reasonable, especially when compared to DKNY.
A cropped cardigan for $6.

Real life : $1835

Stardoll: $8

Real life: $415

Stardoll: $7

Real life: $550

Stardoll: $8

Real life: $485

Stardoll: $8

Real life: $1835

Stardoll: $8

Real life: $2065

Stardoll: $8
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