Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Competition time!

Is it just me or are things getting  little boring around here?!

Let's spice it up a bit and hold a competition!

What you have to do: Make an outfit using mini-shop items.

The prize: 300 stardollars.

Extra information: 
1. You can use an outfit you've already made if you want.
2.. Post a comment to this post when you have finished your entry.
3. You can use clothes as well as mini-shop items, but there must be some mini-shop items visible.
4. Competition closes on Saturday the 4th of April. That is when entries will be judged.
5. You can save your entry in your album, in a scenery, on your MeDoll or somewhere in your suite. 
6. 2 entries per person max.

Good luck!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Star Awards Official Nominees

Im sorry for not posting much... Personal resons which im pretty sure you can all guess, not to mention ive been amazingly clumsy, fell on my back last night and put my hand under my back somehow and hurt my hand and my back, and my hand is all wrapped up in white stuff, then i walked on a table and my foot is killing me, fun..

anyhow, here is the list; Bold ones are the people im going to vote, if there are two im still not sure which one, xD

Best Newcomer: Wylie1995, TheFemaleDog, Audrey_Coco, and 123Christopher

Best Female Medoll: Hunnigall, WriteMaryCat, Tyrall, and Puccapo

Best Male Medoll: 123Christopher, Danpuffs, -cooldude(GOOD LUCK), and Dodence_bt

Best Dressed: Glamour1, Fakeshake3, Babii-Mariex, and IamYourFat

Best Suite: Bella_La_Swan, MSdavies2005, FionaMcgonigle, and Woman-in-White

Social Butterfly: Modelisous, YouLoveLorie, IluvMumble333, and Bluegreen86

Best Personality: BeverlyHillsHei, Undamyumbrellla, Bluegreen86, and Welsh_Witch - They are all amazing :o

Best Friendship: Mik-Ma & Hunnigall, Model-Selena & Style_Magazine, WriteMaryCat & Angeliiicaa__, and Arna-Rut & Dodence_bt(what the HECK?!)

Best Magazine: Dodence_bt for Glamour Magazine, Model-Selena for Teen Style Magazine, TheFemaleDog for Dog Magazine, and Star_Awards for Eccentric Magazine

Best Blog: Sd-Trendsetters.blogspot.com, SeenOnStardoll.blogspot.com, Gossip-Stardoll.blogspot.com and PerezHiltonOfStardoll.blogspot.com

Best Business: Bluegreen86 for MelsModels, SingingMermaid for SingingMermaid designs, WriteMaryCat, Babii-Mariex, and Heidi-di for TrendLounge, and Paulina for AskPaulinaGirls

Special Achivement Award: Style_Magazine, Springate, Iamyourfat, and Isabella.Arci

Biggest Role Model: Model-Selena, Bluegreen86, Steelone, and Gemma_w

what are your opinions about the nominees?

- unfortunetly have to admit it was horrible writing all this cause of my hand -.-

Friday, March 27, 2009

Free car

I just realised there are still some people who don't know how to get the free car.

For all those slow pokes, just click here, then go to your mirror in your suite and voile!

Enjoy :)


OMG! There is still Antidote in the shop :O

Just in case you hadn't realised, you can buy the light and the triangle shelf!

Guest article #8

This article was written by laura626


Wow, after all the stirring up of animal-lovers being a private club, it's back to normal. 
I think the owner SHOULD change it back to private, because now as soon as get into it I see racism, pervs and lots of rude topics. 
People are making new accounts again and disturbing others with their rudeness. Also, I saw the other day that **Franciskita** Is Superstar, not that it matters but I didn’t think she got on stardoll much anymore. 
I absolutely think she should change the scenery on the front page. It's SO boring now… I remember it in 2007. 
Animal-Lovers need some control I think, little kids under 9 go on there. They read those disturbing stories, that turn them into disgusting people. I mean seriously, I hate going on there now because everyone isn’t interested in the normal stuff. 

But anyway, this was my first Guest Article. I really hope you liked it :D


- Laura626

Goodbye Sephora?

All Stardolls like to look their best, don't they? So, What's this all about..
New Make-up? Or is Sephora closing down? Does anyone know..?

Stardoll's Real Covergirl

A new Project(Or should i call it a contest?) From Marsal15.
Its a monthly beauty and style competition.
Join the club by clicking here.

The judges are;
Jenna (emorox4eva)
Grainne (...SingStar...)
Katie (appleblossom00)
Esra (cool_ial)

they will pick 3 top girls, and put up a poll, and the winner receives old rare clothes like MKA RC, DKNY and even lottery dresses or SMS codes and superstar gifts, Amazing prizes huh?

To enter, join the club and go to the topic "Competition Entries". There must enter at least 40 people so the competition goes on.

the first competition has already started, and the winner gets one superstar code worth 67$ and 3 gifts of her choice!

For the official blog of this competition click here.


Herlow :]]]

Do you have any special theory that you would like to share with the world?!

Do it in the comments! XD

My theory is that boredom will destroy the world :P

P.S; There are 3 free items in Starplaza (for the Earth Hour), you better check before they're gone D;!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Half price sale

Herllo :]]

Well most of you probably know this but just to remind you, there is a half price sale on Starplaza- Do not miss it.

Remember, the items in sale won't be on Starplaza after 5 days.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Words shortenings :P


We all know the words shortenings; lol, lmao, rofl, omg, gtg etc...

But how about we make some new ones?!

We can do it just for fun!

Make one of your own and tell us about it in the comments, I'm very curious to see what you've got :]

I thought about this one;


You are so not funny

Can be usefull to tell un-funny people that they are not funny 0.o

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sick of it.

Okay, im just officially SICK of people who think online popularity is real.

i've went over a few sites, where people think they can say what people are in, and which ones are out, let me explain this, EVERYONE is in, We're all equal.

The dumbest idea of it all, is The A-list, which thinks can say what people are in and out..
When infact the person just put her best friends in the top, Lame huh?
I've just had enough of people going crazy trying to gain fake popularity, my WHOLE life i've HATED popular kids, i play tricks on them all the time, Cause i personally dont see anything special with them, its people that think they are supirior us(Some of them are amazing though)..

From the a-List;

A list
1. Mary (Writemarycat) - Adorable
2. Kasia (UndamyUbrellla) - Helpful!
3. Ellie (Fakeshake3)
4. Isabella (Isabella.Arci) - sweet!
5. Mario (dodence_bt)
6. Angelica (Angeliiicaaa__)
7. Marie (Babii-Mariex) - <3
8. Mel (Bluegreen86) - awesome!
9. Style_Magazine
10. Selena (Model-Selena)

B list

1. Noelle (Noelle_Page)
2. Britney (Britneys07) - amazing
3. Josie (Jose-io) - <3
4. Mika (Mik-Ma) - <3
5. Mia (Guaggi)
6. RĂ²isin (MissDiorFashion) - Who?
7. Olivia (Puccapo)
8. Sophia (LilMrsRich) - coolness
9. Anthony (Springate) - <3
10. Ashley (BeverlyHillsHei) - <3

Seriously, i adore some of these people, but whats up with saying those are like, more important then the rest? I was on the b-list yes, and got replaced by a two faced backstabber, But seriously, i laughed alot cause of i was on it, Let me explain, I dont concider myself better than ANYONE else, not one person. Surely i know alot of rude people, But yeah... I'm just majorly sick of this.. Who doesnt know the saying "Treat others like you want to be treated".. Everyone is important and special in they're own way, and noone is better than the rest!

P.S. Online popularity does NOT exist.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Newest Voile give away :]]]

The newest Voile give away is a....suit dress?! 0.o

Its cool that Stardoll are trying new things...but all the things they try and do are just for money >.<......!

Any way...whats your opinion about it??!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The new brand, Antidote, is out NOW! Just like the LE collection, it's limited, so get what you want before it's gone! It's also a bit expensive, but nothing TO bad..and surprisingly, there are BOYS clothes! Weird Stardoll decided to treat the male members, for once...
What do you think? Myself, I think it's a bit ugly.. I'm not really IN to denim, but I bought them anyway ^^,

I wish that Elephant was a boys top >.< Lol!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The New (Not-So) Burnbook

If you read SMHW(Stardoll's Most Hated Website/Perez Hilton Of Stardoll) You probably saw there is this new 'burnbook' which is kind of more offensive then the other one(Well i personally laughed my ass off reading what she wrote about me, well, Maybe not the whole making fun of my 'desease' part)
She's called Isabella the N word.. Since i'm not in the mood posting all this over again(After spending long time typing very long comment from my iTouch) So here's my comment;

arna-rut said...

john stop ordering people around, its getting annoying, people will follow your blog IF you ask nicely(meaning no such things as yelling) and if they want it :-/

anyway, I think its very mean saying those stuff, why do people call black people 'niggers' all the time? they don't go around calling us 'white trash' yet some of us keep being very offensive.

and I think people need to stop with these bad words towards dan, I mean people really need to know him to judge, and he's very supportive and nice..

the most pathetic of it all is people are copying a movie!
do people now-a-days have nothing better to do than sit infront of the computer screen, bad talking people they don't know at all? this is virtual for crying outloud(I am not saying that everyone is pathetic, but some are, even though I personally think the BBB is amazing I do admit some things she wrote in her burnbook were really mean)

be original people, think of other ideas, the burnbook was in Mean Girls and that idea stays there.. or better yet, stop badmouthing each other over a virtual website.

March 16, 2009 8:41 PM

So, Here i have collected a few prooves who the person is.

As i checked my guestbook earlier today, i noticed a message from Zollie101(The person who told Kasia about this book)

As i write next to the message, HOW did she know i was gonna be in there? i checked the book and i saw NO clues about me going to be in there... Not enough, no? Well check this

well, as i tried my best to notice who was the latest visitor there, i notice the girl underneath her, and there i saw the name Hot-Baby24, So i checked ruchyr's page, and i notice the girl above her was Zollie101(Who told me i was the next victim, and told kasia about the book... Coincident much?)
well, there you can see that im on Ruchyr's page, and you can see zollie101's name appearing above hot-baby24's name..

All this can not be a coincident, So all i can say is, Zollie101 wants her fame, and she got by telling kasia about the book(As her name gets tagged in the post) and her book gets more visitors..

Pathetic aint it?

P.S. Fiona, im banned from the chat both in my laptop and my iTouch.. Could you maybe fix it?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

People aren't always what they seem..

I was recently contacted by Monroe... about a trade between her and fakeshake3. Monroe... was giving fakeshake3 the ultra-rare Avril Lavigne RC shoes, in return for 3 SMS codes (worth 67 stardollars each) and 100 stardollars. fakeshake3 bought the shoes:

After a while, Monroe... managed to squeeze two codes out of fakeshake3, but she never got the last one, or the $100, meaning fakeshake3 didn't give Monroe... $167 out of the $301 she was supposed to pay.

fakeshake3 was also very rude to Monroe... when she simply asked for what was rightfully hers, as you can see in these messages. You may need to click the picture to enlarge it.

For all the fakeshake3 fans out there, I thought you should see the kind of person you're sucking up to.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not much news in Stardoll lately.. :(

I just noticed (okay, my sister just noticed) that my Styling Studio is the most popular.. I don't get it 'cause I just made it this morning? I think they must pick them at random..

Anyway, are you looking forward to Antidote? I kind of am.. They will probably be way overpriced, like the LE, because they will be limited.. I'm starting to save up now!!

New brand!

There's a new brand coming to Stardoll, yup, that's right. It's called Antidote, and it's going to be limited. Stardoll seems to have caught on that they can make a lot of money with the whole limited clothes idea.

Anyway.. Opinions?

Also, 300 followers! :P

Thursday, March 12, 2009


As i'm currently lying here in my bed with the flu, i thought i could aswell take time to post.

I've noticed the past few days, Maybe about 1 week, that on best friends list and in guestbook's medoll's appear blurry.

The Question is, Is it just me(As i've been dealing with eye problems the last few years, and its been going worse it could be) or is it for everyone?

Also, Many people got my presentation wrong, i'm NOT leaving stardoll, As i would really miss those people i usually speak to. I did try to kill myself, But i'd prefer if you would stop asking me about these stuff, lets just say its personal, okay?

Happy birthday mario ;)

Monday, March 9, 2009

2 New Hairstyles!

*This is not my doll, Btw xD2 New Hairstyles. Both found in the "short" section. The first on is pretty cool, sorta like the Rihanna-doll hair.. The second one, is like something a judge would wear o.O and will probably be used most by elites, as to them, is "Haute", or some stupid crap like that.

Things that annoy you


I`m very very bored today D;

Any way, we all must have at least one thing that annoy's us!

For example, I cant stand it when some one eats and his mouth is open :S

Tell us what realy annoy's you, you can also tell what annoy's you on stardoll :D

Friday, March 6, 2009

im sorry

I wont be posting alot likeee. till June, i will try my best to find spare moments to come on here and post..

i might be awfully lot on Msn and Stardoll, but the truth is while im online im studying, I've got million Essay's coming up, and then there are the final exams, and im freaking out, Its so hard being on the 2nd last year in school.

Oh also, Anyone noticed that the New Rihanna(link only works if you are a superstar)doll looks AMAZINGLY alike Dodence_bt's rihanna doll.. you can see it on his blog Mario Designs...

Hairstyle, Face and all that 90% the same ;O
Stardoll are such copiers. First i-dressup, now Mario, whats next? Roiworld? ;o

Also, check out my brand new haircolor, :P Took that picture to proove mario that im ugly(Seems it didnt work haha)

If you didnt notice, im bored as hell right now x)


New woman's day stuff(Bag, Dress and a sweater or something) in plaza.. 1$ piece, nice huh? :o
The hoody/sweater/thingy reminds me of the kiss hoody/sweater/thingy - Why am i so damn horrible at english? ];

Another update;

i got this Twitter thingy, Follow me if you want ;P click here

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

'Italian Mafia'

*Before you read this, you might wanna check this out. Click here. Basically, we can't accept friend requests! Because the hackers have something attached to them that shows your Stardoll account info. on their computer... What has stardoll become of?

Yesterday, One of my good friend's, emorox4eva, was hacked. All of her MKA and Paulina RC were stolen, and all her lottery dresses. The hacked was said to be klifford.tiamo. Your probably thinking, "What has this got to do with Italian's?!" Well, This Klifford hoe is Italian.

First of all, I have nothing against Italians, but, Stardoll has turned into a big hacking system, with the hackers all known to be Italian. My other friend, pretty_megan-9, was also hacked, by sweetgirlicious AKA blackcaat, who took time to become her BEST FRIEND, so they could swap passwords, then, she hacked her. How are they doing it? Well, There are these programmes you can install on your computer, to search passwords or something.. But these girls, go and request you.(Mainly people with a lot of rares) They usually just say. "I love your suite! Your so stylish!" and crap like that. Then they consistently mail you, wanting to know your interests and stuff. Because most people's passwords is like, their dog, hobby, etc. This is then easy for them, because the more information they know, the easier it is for the programme to track down your password.

Anyway, The name 'Italian Mafia', has been given to these hackers. So I suggest you change your password, that isn't even an actual word! Something including letters, numbers, symbols, etc. Your account should be safe from these sorta people.

I am going to post some HOPEFULLY, helpful information about account safety, and getting it back if it's hacked or deleted. Probably Friday or Saturday...

So, WHY do you think these girls just, hack people, for stupid little pixel clothes? Pathetic and boring lives? - Because frankly, if they spend that amount of time trying to obtain passwords of members on a site that has no purpose in life, then they will end of as some person who changes the traffic sign on the side of a street.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I wasnt online that much today but I just came online and saw the new DKNY clothes :P

I think that the new items are very cool, I specialy like the shoes and tops, also the sky print dress is realy nice! But the necklace looks very expensive for a necklace :O

I know most of you already seen it, its not a new thing for you but we sure want to know your very important opinion!

so feel free to comment :)

Also did you notice the the skirt looks much like the old DKNY ruffle skirt?

PS.I know that I had few grammar mistakes in my last topic I am VERY sorry I'll try my best to write better posts =D

Monday, March 2, 2009

The "sorry" post!

Herlow ;D

As useual, nothing new.

Sometimes, when you want to fix things up with someone you hurt, the best thing to do is say sorry then things can get much better, but some of us are afraid to say that word, I thoguht about this post, in the comments you can say sorry to that person or people that you hurt and just to apologies him/her.

I know some of my ideas are super stupid but I just want to about about something!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

The BBB's new project

Any of you noticed the BBB's presentation?
well, its different, She's given up with the burnbook, and now has a brand new project;


She writes about people who dress bad, i quite like the idea.
Who hasnt visited a suite and thought the style was horrible and really wanted to tell the person?
I unfortunetly have.

I think this project is not as mean, and might really help people with bad fashion sense(that totally matches me)

i think 'The Burnbook bitch' doesnt match her anymore, Should we maybe call her 'The Fashion Police' or something bitchier?

Also, she seems to have a new motto;

Remember i told you... to Sorry but you look like shit.

To visit her block click here.

Am i the only one of the 2006 members on stardoll that think they just dont fit in there anymore?
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