Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do they ever stop?

Yeah, so the whole updating thing isn't really working, but still..

I got this today, in my mail:

So they want us to subscribe to monthly payments, or what? They've already taken it too far with the changing of payments, making it more expensive to buy stardollars, which we could have gotten cheaper before(Thanks SO much, cos, we're not in a recession or anything).

I personally, will not be giving those greedy hoe's my phone number, it's probably just a reason for 'Callie' to start stalking us ;]

But seriously, wtf is wrong with them? Do they really think KIDS can afford their shiz? I'd love to go to their HQ and egg um! Mwahaha!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Resurrection!

Why hello there! Long time no chat ;] Anywho, unless you've been living under a rock for the past.. 2 weeks, then you should know about the return of Stardoll's most 'famous' members and blogs. Eternity, PSG and Stardoll Fashion Forward are all making a comeback. Why? Mainly because the Star Awards is having one last Award Ceremony... Or they'll just keep having them and the same people will win over and over again, yawn.

Uh.. where was I.. Oh, yeah. Since they're making a comeback, I thought I should at least try revive this blog, and restore what it used to be. Fiona is leaving Stardoll, and has given me part-ownership(Keepin' it Irish, LOL), So I'll try my best and make this a great blog, again!

Sooo... Are you excited?(HAH) Any ideas that you have for this blog would be greatly appreciated :]
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