Thursday, July 23, 2009

Win $300!

I thought it was about time for another competition!
This time, it's inspired by the celebrity look a like competition on Stardoll.. just with a better prize :D

First, choose your lookalike. It must be someone from the list we can choose from (find the list when you're editing your presentation or from the Stardoll competition here.
Then, make your MeDoll like it and take a screenshot of it.
(you don't need to save your MeDoll as the lookalike)

When you have taken both screenshots, post them here. I would prefer if you could put them both into the same image.

If you have entered the lookalike competition, you can take your screenshot from the Stardoll competition page, like mine below.

Good luck!

The winner gets $300 (or if non-superstar, an SMS code worth one months superstar and 84 stardollars)


Sugalover said...

Hi could i enter and how do i show you my picture's

(i dont know how to use the tiy pic thing )

Liza (elisaveta1994) said...

Here's my entry:

deima21 said...

lol hop[e you like it cose I dont XD

Anonymous said...

OMG I THE 700 FALLOWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Bunny_ said...

Caroline. said...

Caroline. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ADJAJA said...

I couldn't decide which to choose, so I have 3 entries:

My username on stardoll is adjaja.

Emzla said...

Hi. I choose to be Rhianna. Hope it is okay. Thank you!

Username: Emzla1


Anonymous said...

Here's mine. :) Good luck everyone!
My username is Xx-Rachele-xX

lil.stargurl said...

Here's mine::


danimks said...

iStylista said...

My username: WorldsTopModel
My inspiration: Nicole Richie
What I Did: Switched to the wavy hair, lightened skin color, adjusted facial features to fit Nicole's. Sorry, I couldn't find a good light brown/dirty blonde highlights.
My entry:

I hope you love, it's simple & classy just like Nicole Richie! ♥

Sugalover said...

Ok i'v done mine

Sugalover said...

Whooops wrong link

go on this one :)

Recordbaby said...

Hiii link below :))

Liza (elisaveta1994) said...

By the way, when's the deadline?

Aquafabulosa said...

heres my link:


Anonymous said...

I am Flyying.x33 on stardoll

gggerda said...
I'm gggerda on stardoll :)

♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

Hey Fiona,

I really didn't get how to send the picture to you. Should I send it via mail or something else?

Here's my contact ID:

Please can you explain me how to do the things!! Please!!


мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.

x-Pig-luvver-x said...

Here it is:

It was a bid hard trying to find all the facial features but I think I got close enough in the end. I hope you like it and congrats to whoever wins x

btw, my stardoll username is...


Kelzsprouse_1 said...

SD Username: Kelzsprouse_1

I chose this doll because I love the French, chic look. It's very simple to demonstrate, yet you cannot manage to look like it's twin.

Thank you Fiona.

Joanna said...

Here's mine! My Stardoll username is jo_arias

Stephanie (spoiledjr555) said...

I did Twiggy. ;)


Anonymous said...

heres my funky lookalike.. :\
its odd but i think its pretty identical.
MERCI! :]]

♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

Here's my entry Fiona,

I have the same thing but I'm giving you 2 links.

1. My blogs article:

2. The pictures link:

I think you should see the blog post cause it has details in it!

My Stardoll username is: mayeeshasam

And my contact ID is:


мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.

Eftychia / MarsaL15 said...

Here we go!
Stardoll Username: MarsaL15
Thanks Fiona! :)

Anonymous said...

Name: Annakin

Night Nymph said...

Night_Nymph as Lena Gercke

yay good luck everyone!

Jinniy said...

I did Halle Berry.
Good luck everyone! :)

Maria Beatriz said...
here is mine, i did Ayumi Hamasaki 'cause i really like her :)

chicky357 said...

Heres mine

Vinny_Love_Lina said...

My work :) hope you'll like it.

_funnyprincess_ said...

I'm in!
Username: _funnyprincess_

xstarburstx808 said...


It's pretty much all explained on there... :]

Peace outtttt :]

Princess-A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Princess-A said...

I posted mine last week but its not here anymore so ill post it again :)

Here is the cleb:

And here is my lookalaike for it:

Im called _Hot_Pants_


Anonymous said...

When will the results be posted?

Gloria said...

Yes when will we know who wins??

Muffins0012 said...

muffins0012's onee!

Jay said...

wonders if there is one going on this year.

喜洋洋 said...


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