Tuesday, August 11, 2009

confessing time! lol

Hey hey hey!
I was wondering what post should I add? :|
so I thought that it's be cool if some of us confessed about things they lied about long ago on Stardoll or kying about now, ofcourse if you don't want to tell I won't force you but we all make mistakes, and confessing always makes things better ;D


Bronagh97 said...

Ehm , None (:

Lilaaa said...

I used to fake picture posting.
I also own an account called ALsUsedCondom


sahar-star said...

you owned that account?! lmao!

Anonymous said...

i used to fake when my birthday was so i could get gifts !!!

iStylista said...

I, uh...used to pretend I had a bunch of sibling on Stardoll. LOL I remember those past,innocent, fame-hungry days. I used to say I modeled in New York, when it was only in California. I feel bad...but whatever.

Now, I'm me. And I actually only have one sibling on SD (a real one) and I've quit modeling for a better career and I have better goals now. ♥

sahar-star said...

iStylista, That's aweosme :D

Anonymous said...

I pretended I lived in new york, but now I don't think London is so bad!
I said I was a twin and two people shared my account lol

LaPrimaDonna said...

I am Perez. =]

mikaWarhol said...

I posted a picture of my cousin once, and said it was me.
Uhm, I deleted my ex-friends account out of revenge, but that really wasn't my fault, she'd done things a million times worst..
I lied about my age and said I was 13 when I was 12.. i'm now 13, though.

stardoll.its just a game. said...

well im probably the worst out the lot of you. i lied and stole... well not techinicallly stole. do you remember the newest racist burn book which was apperantly written by zollie101?? zollie was my best friend on stardoll at the time. i used to sell her my rares and in return she would give me codes. i would mabe sometimes lie saying the codes didnt work... im really embarrassed now! and about the burn book. i know who really did it. zollie told me and she had evidence and swore me not tell anyone but all the time i was secretly thinking about giving it to someone ( i have sceen shots of everything ) and i feel really bad now :[ so sorry to everyone who ive hurt when reading this.im actually really embarresed to say my name here! but i suppose i will since were all confessing.

japanese.model xxx

Anonymous said...

I did like most of them.
I'm waaay to embarrased to put my username.

I pretended to be celebrities and I've pretended to have lots of siblings and I've hacked and I've scammed.

I'm sorry to everyone I hurt :(

Anonymous said...


BeverlyHillsHei said...

I have lied about being an heiress and spending $20,000 on a Hermes bag ... I also made up The accounts Branman4545 and SupKidImJohnny my "boyfriends"
I'm sorry that I have lied for so long. I'm really just a normal girl from Michigan.
I hope you can forgive me

Anonymous said...

Whoa ^

Anonymous said...

Whoa ^

geemoney02 said...

Wow...real guilt from a fake world. That's crazy...

Anonymous said...

That's obviously not Ashley.

rihanna_best_si said...

Like last year I was playing the fame gam, trying to be famous/elite last year, being crazy and shit. I dont lie about my ge or anything, so Im all goods :D

Anonymous said...

I used to pretend I was 19 because most of the members on stardoll think badly of younger members and treat them unjustly; I am only 12 but most people say I seem older than my age (: I guess TopMedoll (kate) proves that pre-teens/tweens can interact with the older members as equals (which should be going on all of the time!). She actually sounds 18+.
I'm too embarassed to post my username or blogspot acc name....

Laura626 said...

I always wanted to be popular, I wanted the fame and eveything.
I made a burnbook ( this was when I was like 10 ) But it didn't become famous because I deleted.

I've made a couple other accounts and they didn't make too much non sense.

I feel bad about the things I have done in the past, but we all have to move on.



naomi_b said...

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Mehrisa said...

Hmmmm...oh yeah, when I first signed up on Stardoll I pretended to have a big brother! xD

Anonymous said...

In school I had a friend and we used to have so much fight and she had a sd account and I knew her pass so I wanted to revange and changed her pass and the next day she was like OMG my sd aint working and stuff and I was actiong like aww no and I was the one who changed it LMAO XDD

Anonymous said...

I alway try to act older, because I guess I am one of the younger users (I'm 13). And people don't always respect young kids, and I want to be accepted.
But, I guess this isn't much of a confession, because in real life I do act older than my age.

Kasia said...

Undamyumbrellla wasn't my first account. I made one in 2006 and I went on for about two days, but Stardoll was really different then, and I hated it so I just forgot about it and just went on other dressup sites like RoiWorld and I-dressup. Then, I kind of rediscovered it a few months later in 2007 and I couldn't remember the old account's password so I made Undamyumbrellla - the name really IS random, I'm not like a total Rihanna fan. That song was really popular at the time and it was stuck in my head and Stardoll had also just released a Rihanna doll, so when it came time to make my username I just picked "Undamyumbrellla". Anyway, after I made this account I got bored of Stardoll AGAIN after I spent my 25 SD and there was nothing else to do, so I left. THEN months later in 2008 I rediscovered it again and I really liked it so I continued to go on, and soon enough they released the StarDesign shop and I wanted to buy designs so I convinced my mom to buy me Superstar. The rest is history. :)

I've never scammed or anything, but there was this one girl who won the Paulina contest, and I really wanted one of her items and she told me she'd trade but then she changed her mind so I like harassed her and then she blocked me. Lol! I used to like to trade but it got too complicated after a while and I started getting scammed so I haven't traded in over a year. :P

Lucia said...

I lied about my name, I used to say my name was Lindsay Grace, Lindsay was just because in RL, I look like LiLo back in her days. I lied about my age, I said I was 16, which is only a two year difference, and I look 16. I said I lived in NYC, I LOVE New York, but I don't live there. And I awfully tried to get popular. Trust me, it works best if you don't actually TRY. LOL
Feels good to confess, though I did before, a second time never hurt no one.

Anon. said...

I used think Chainmails were real and posted them everywhere. And I used to pretned I was 14 and was living in L.A!

Anonymous said...

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TopMedoll said...

I still lie about my name, but for good reasons. I've become paranoid as Stardoll isn't what it is summed up to be anymore- it's now full of pervs and people pretending to be what they are not.
I've never told anyone this before, but my real name is Brianna. It's not like it's ugly or anything, but I'm still scared of perverted people tracking me down- which, of course, can happen nowadays.

agentpang said...

I lied about my age, but as many have said before I was afraid that older stardoll members wouldn't take me serious. Now I keep my age private (:

Amy said...

My friend on stardoll (I won't name names) changes her age to 14 when she wasn't and most of my friends were doing it so I put in my age as 14 aswell (By the way I'm 11) . Then my birthday came so my age changed to 15, I thought what was the point of lying about my age so I tried to change it back, and now some knew stardoll system dosen't allow you to change your age! :(

By the way my username on stardoll is:

Anonymous said...


GenaPhobia said...

I had a boy account and I tried to make it elite, this was BEFORE my GenaPhobia account.

I deleted it, I forgot the name...

Emma said...

I made boy account and I had a girlfriend for about 5 months x_x

Anonymous said...



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Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Hmm I had another account in early 2007, but then I got bored with stardoll and left.

Then when I came back at first I use to pretend the opposite of other people, that my family didn't have money because I didn't want people to know.

I also use to say that I got my account from my friend, but really it use to be my aunts and we used it to spy on people who harassed my aunt in her club Sparkle_Magazne. I know bad, but it helped. I just decided to keep it because it had a lot of rares in it.

Oh and I use to pretend to be a
few years older than I am. I'm also kinda shy in real life :P

Anyway I eventually realized that it's ok to be myself and not to feel bad about what I have and that I could use it to help other people even if it is on a dolly site.

Nutters said...

When i first joined in 2007 , i didnt have a clue what to do in stardoll or anything, i went crazy and made like 50 accounts, and pretended i had a big brother (jake) and lots of cousins, but i actually only had 1 real cousin onn stardoll,
but she got hacked :(

Nutters said...

When i first joined in 2007 , i didnt have a clue what to do in stardoll or anything, i went crazy and made like 50 accounts, and pretended i had a big brother (jake) and lots of cousins, but i actually only had 1 real cousin onn stardoll,
but she got hacked :(

tinkerbell_dida said...

When I first joined stardoll(2007), I was 19 and a girl made fun of me saying something like
"don't you have a life at 19 and you're playing with dolls"
and I felt really embarassed
so I hid my age and I've said to some girls at the time that I'm 15 or something.

Well, now that I'm 21 I get worse comments about my age, saying I'm a loser, that it's pathetic that I have stardoll,etc but I don't and CAN'T care anymore.

BeverlyHillsHei (Ashley Wilson) said...

I pretended to be BFF's with lusciious.x even though I talked a lot of shit about her behind her back to everyone.
And even complimented her on her outfits even though she has no style and she is one of the lamest people/dressers I ever met.
But in my defence if you were in my shoes you would totally do the same thing because lusciious.x (aka Aimee) was a really terrible and sort of abussive friend. And if you knew her the way I did you'd totally talk shit about her too.


Blair said...


yeah right you´re totally the real Ashley^^

so stupid..

BeverlyHillsHei (Ashley Wilson) said...

The 41st comment is mine (BeverlyHillsHei).
The first one is just a person pretending to be.
You can even ask me on my Stardoll account and I just told xOMGItsNicolex that I wrote my own confession a real one by the real me. I told her about it in my guest book. So the 41st comment is my real one. Ask me on my Stardoll account if you don't believe me.


Blair said...


are you sure?

oh sorry!

I got it totally wrong!
I just read above not about 41st comment!:D
I´m really sorry!
But it´s really confussing! :P

MAilnow said...

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_rhi_rhi_ said...

I once said that I was on Jeremy Kyle! (I know, that show, about that stuff) but I never was. I also said that I was in the Destiny Child video for Soldier (yup, that song) :L But I never was, I've never been on TV and have no goals to be anymore, either. I guess I wanted fame :D I dont care anymore, though, I hardly ever come on Stardoll. I was trading once too, and I told the girl I was trading with that I couldn't buy her item and that she could have my item for 60 stardollars (even though I could, I just didn't want it anymore and felt bad). I guess that wasn't so bad lol :)

check out my suite, I have the Ashley Olsen RC leather jacket :)

Anonymous said...

I lied about my age and name. I said I was 14 when I'm 12, 13 in 2 monthes. My name wasn't what I said it was, it's Alysia. (A-lee-sh-a)
In a pic post I've posed as this one girl that I thought was a billion times better, then I posted my real pic, and people actually commented me. (good comments) Now I guess I feel good about who I am. :]
I guess I learned my lesson.

Anonymous said...


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