Saturday, April 25, 2009


I don't usually like posting these kind of things, but I'm making an exception for this story :)

You may remember a while ago, Rachson was hacked (again)
applead went to her StarBazaar to help save her things, and this is the story of what happened next, in applead's own words.

"A few weeks ago,  maybe less, my good friend Rachson was hacked. Her other account is qazwsxedcq
The real Rachson messaged me on MSN saying "I am being hacked, please refreshing my starbaazar and buy my clothes all the items you can get."
I managed to buy 2 items from Rachson's bazaar - the MK gold glutch and grey Ashley dress.
Just before i managed to get theses items, i found the DKNY Sherling Leather Jacket in StarBazaar for 21sd - not Rachson's StarBazaar, the main StarBazaar.
 I told Rachson the iteams I got from her and about the Sherling Leather. She replied:
"Okay, just give me back the grey ashley and you can keep the rest of the items"
I replied thanking her and i gave the grey ashley back. She give me the MK Purple Dress in return for the grey Ashley, which I sold to her qazwsxedcq account and rachson said "thanks i will put u on my blog"

A few days later Rachson messaged me saying "I want my items back" - the ones she said I could keep. I said "NO you said I can keep them" 

A while later, I got a friend request saying "give me items back i will hack you"

I was scared. She said "you can run but you cant hide"

And that's the story. If you think I'm a scammer, you can take me off your friends list. I found the Sherling Leather in the main StarBazaar - Stardoll rules say if you find an item for any price in StarBazaar, it's yours. Stardoll rules say no trading!

Thanks for reading

Note from Fiona:
I know from experience that applead isn't a scammer, as I'm sure a lot of you do.

Vjera (Rachson) asked me to post this picture, to prove that applead bought her jacket.
Click here to see it.


Lauren said...

Rachson did almost the same thing to me. I didn't know she was hacked a long time ago and asked for ashley and she sold me 3 dresses! I was sooo happy. then I find out later that she was hacked. Of course Rachson is going crazy! I said what if negotiate a deal. We agreed the if I give her back ashley grey dress and mk dress then I can keep one Ashley dress I have. A couple days ago she spoke to me on MSN saying I want my dress or I will pay someone to hack your account. She wouldn't stop threatening me. If possible stay away from her. She has caused alot of trouble and now she is saying she will make me the most hated person on stardoll. Saying I'm a hacker etc. She already threatened to block me from stardoll but didn't do anything. She needs to move on and leave the past. She didn't even get the rares fairly. she threatened polincik for them and then she lies saying she paid a year code for a few ash items.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Idk. I guess it would help if applead posted the messages from Rachson. I mean I def would have been keeping them and taking screen prints of all.

I really don't think that people should get anything in return for saving things for people..or if you get items from a hacking, you should sell them back to the person for what you got it for..because everyone knows that no one would just sell rares that cheaply.

Anywho, Rachson contacted me from her other acct too asking how she could get her items back. I just saw it today and have not responded yet.

But she def should not be threatening people to hack them or get them hacked. WTF? Apparently once a hacker, always a hacker.

Anonymous said...

If she legit told you that you can keep the things she said you could, then GOD DAMNIT that girl is messed up. I mean sure jenna i agree that people shouldnt get anything in return for saving an item. It should be a "must do". It would be different if applead begged to keep atleast one thing but NO, thats not how it went. Rachson TOLD her she could so it's fair. I dont see whats wrong with this girl. And THREATENING! What a joke! This girl need to get a new hobby! HELLO SWEETHEART?! It's a fashoin world website; do something better than threatening kids with "hacking thier accounts". Geeze have a life much?

Vjera said...

Hey , I just want to say, I swear with my died father, jacket is from my bzaar, if you want I will show you, and do anybody deserve best freind like him?Its nice when I say : go, buying rares from my bazaar.
He: He just back me my Grey dress, but other? He keep for him self, and also I dont care, and i dont say he is scammer, he never scamm me, he is safe trader.But he leave account and block me like poorest scammer?! That nice after 2 years friendspith?

Anonymous said...

It is SO obvious Vjera has FAKED her hacking to get free replaced rares after what she saw happen to emorox4eva. (I believe this even more since I read she has contacted Jenna for help above)

This has backfired as she has lost some of those items and is now threatening people into returning them


VampLady said...

I wouldn't mess up with people like her. Just give her clothes back, and end of the deal, you don't have to think about it anymore. There are some people on sd who got serious mental problems caused by greediness for virtual clothes . sick

Anonymous said...

@ Vjera comment above...

How can you have access to your bazar purchases if your account is "hacked"

_whoa_ said...

you should post the message where she said you could keep the items (if you haven't deleted it) that will prove your right, she's wrong

♥Mehrisa (Sarah)♥ said...

I KNOW RACHSON/QAZWSXEDCQ IN REAL LIFE. 'She' is actually a boy. His name is Adnan, and he's in the same class as my cousin is. I'm in the same music class as his cousin is, so I know pretty much about him. I met him at Stardoll and then we found out about our cousins, accidentally. My cousin told me he's a total freak, and so did his own cousin too, but I knew that before just by talking to him. He is a total scammer, do not trust him. He first made 'Rachson' as his pretend girlfriend, because everyone kept talking him he's a gay since he wore pink glasses and sometimes changed his doll to a girl. But later on he made his main account, qazwsxedcq to a girl too. I know all about his scammings since one of my friends from real life also scammed with him, and I witnessed all of that. I certanly do not aprove, but I can't force her to stop doing it. Anyway, she isn't on Stardoll anymore, but when she was on it, she scammed with him and I've seen both their messages and MSN conversations. HE'S A SCAMMER, DON'T TRUST HIM.

Anonymous said...



sorry if i offened anyone but really, we are here to read about stardoll not elits.

Anonymous said...

Ya kno if Rachson has access to bazar purchases it kinda PROVES the hacking is FAKE for FREE REPLACEMENTS like emorox4eva got

just sayin

also I see the glutch that applead got has been stolen by -OMG... I've a fair idea of their REAL IDENTITY... :S

rosie333. said...

I'm sick of this, hacking!

Peace and Love people!

Rit@ said...

I agree rosie333. I was scammed two times and I am sick, of these people! I hate scammers!

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

i agree! ^^

Tebela said...

Thare will always be scammers...
Try to protect your pasword ;)
I once got sammed by my best friend ...

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

i usually find rares for real cheap and im scared they r used in a trade, i buy them and if anyone asks for them i give it, if not, they are MINEEEE lol

rosie333. said...

Yeah i agree Sarra! I'm scared to buy them, when you search dkny you come across a few rares!

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