Saturday, September 4, 2010

Link to OTTO store!!

Some of you guys may not have the link to the OTTO stores and I'm sure you guys have seen the amazing spoilers of the collection.Unfortunately,the OTTO collection isn't available in all countries.So you need the link through which you'll be directed to the Starplaza with all the OTTO clothes and shoes.

Steps to get the OTTO collection:
1. Open a new tab,copy this link onto the address bar :,27546,27547,27548,27549,
2.hit enter.
3.You'll be directed to the Starplaza with all the OTTO collection.

Though the link is very long,that's the only way to get the OTTO clothes if you don't live in the specific countries where the collection is available


FionaK20 said...

Thank you :D

Anonymous said...

does not work

Anonymous said...

Thank you very mutch ( -.- )

it not works anymore.

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