Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hey guys! I'm extremely sorry I haven't been so active. But I stayed away from stardoll for a pretty long time! Anyways, I love the star coins . It enables the Non-SS to buy clothes and you can earn them in many ways. Apart from all that, SS can now convert the starcoins to stardollars which is better because I have so many starcoins and I have like, 1 SD xD
But that function is only available in 4 days!
HB's are amazing. Most of them are swimsuits :/
Killah is 25% off! So hurry SS before they're all out again :D
Antidote is amazing!! But I don't have the money to buy ;( And it's all out except few decorative items. Young Hollywood is also something like LE and Antidote. The collection's good ;)
I have a back-up account: sprayedunicorn ADD ME!!

That's a small update of everything awesome about Stardoll!!!

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