Friday, March 23, 2012

Could Stardoll be possibly fading away..?

I posted this on Stardollz Vogue too

WOW!LONG TIME NO POSTING!I was thinking about something to write about and then I thought about something..where has stardoll gone? I mean, From the 5 years I've been here, things have changed.....A LOT. I mean from the makeover, to our favorite brands disappearing,(Sephora, DKNY,HK,MKA,SBHD,and so many more. (Sorry I abbreviated them all) And I mean, I just really miss the old Stardoll. But don't get me wrong..I LOVE making new friends and all but I just feel in such a different environment then in 2006-2007. I miss the crappy-made graphics...and I miss that you never heard ''hack'' or ''scam'' as often as we do now a days. I miss people trying to figure out the "STARDOLL EMPLOYEE CODE" when there never was one in the first place. (or so they say :o) I miss when we could put stars in our name {*Banana*} What I'm trying to say is, really, I miss you Stardoll..come back! Now we've all gotten used to the new stardoll and really couldn't give a s--- now. But don't you remember how it used to be? SD used to be Paper doll heaven, correct?Then they created the lovely Stardoll...could they really be turning into something like Disneydoll? I think the real question is..Is it that Stardoll is babying the site way too much..or is it that we're just growing up?  Could Stardoll be possibly be Fading....away from us before our very eyes?


NeonTiara. said...

We are growing up (the ones that were on stardoll since 06/07/08) but stardoll is at the same time becoming a bunch of CRAP. Its full of hackers, scammers, fakes, biaches and it has lost its charm!
There's no more DKNY as you said, but only shxt LE! I wasn't on Stardoll from the very beginning during the old days of the gorgeous DKNY first and second seasons or the gorgeous MKA, I was late, unfortunately. However, I remember how most of the famous blogs were just good ones, no bad ones; but now the famous ones are the crappy ones.
Moreover, stardoll is becoming greedier and greedier and they don't care about the quality of the dolls they make, the clothes they design or even the graphics in their advertisements. I wish stardoll would be like the old one when there used to be parties in guest books, and GOOD news on the blogs but for now, stardoll is 99% shxt.

Sydnei Raye (designersecrets) said...

So true :) Thanks for reading!

喜洋洋 said...


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