Sunday, September 1, 2013

Style Top Picks: Tributes

Style Top Picks: Tributes
Hello lovelies,

I should probably introduce myself before I announce my style top picks for the week (a new column I created her on Gossip-Stardoll).

My name is lolitsme5299. I have been playing Stardoll since 2010, and as you can probably tell, I'm obsessed! I just recently turned fourteen in May. Some people might say Stardoll is a game for children, but honestly, Stardoll is great for everyone and I'm living proof of that! I love everything Stardoll is about, friends and fashion. I don't ever see myself deleting my Stardoll account in the future, because of how much an impact it has made on my life.

Here is a link to my Stardoll suite:

Here is my new official banner:

Now on to my Style Top Picks: Tributes!

Stardoll has recently been featuring lots of different designers in the Starplaza as Tribute Stores.
Here are some of my favorite outfits (in no particular order) consisting of at least one tribute Item:
Bandana-Rio, Sleeveless Denim Vest-Archive, Button Up Lace Shirt-Pretty n' Love, Faux Python Belt-Wild Candy, Frilly Layered Skirt-DKNY, Bracelets- Diesel, Sunnies on the Go- LE, Jeweled Lock boots-Dolce & Gabbana Tribute.
2. Klaudialigenza
Posh Jacket-RIO, Tahitian Pearl Necklace- Chanel Tribute, Checkered Clutch Purse- Bonjour Bizou, Black Shiny Heels- Miss Sixty. 
3. Martusia_144
Blue Petal Collar Blouse- Pretty n' Love, Bangle Wrist Jacket- Bonjour Bizou, Bejeweled Belt- Pretty n' Love, White Mini Skirt- Basics, Ivory Structured Handbag- Givenchy Tribute, Glitzy Silver Heels- Baby Phat.
4. IlonaScarletka
White Silken Jacket- Chanel Tribute, Asha Shit- Miss Sixty, First Lady Trousers- Windows on The World, See Through Purse- Hot Buys, Studded Heels- Velvet Orchid.
5. brigida-brilho
Tube Top- Archive, Roslin Skirt- John Paul Gaultier Tribute, Roaring Clutch- Decades, Golden Floral Heels- Miss Sixty.
Vote for your favorite in the comments!

With Love,

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