Friday, May 1, 2009

30 million members

Wow, this is worse than the 10 million members celebration. >:[

I don't know if you remember, but back then, we got a really tacky free T-shirt, cowboy boots, floating sign, perfume and chocolates, but at least they were free!

These celebration clothes are nearly as tacky, but they cost us!

The free T-shirts are okay-ish, but you can't even read the logo properly, and don't get me started on the sign. I get why they charged $30 (30 million members :P), but really, who do they think is going to buy it?! And the bag is nearly as bad, costing $10 and we will most likely never use it. But hey, maybe they'll become rare in the future, if hardly anyone buys them..

So.. Opinions?
Are you going to buy these outrageously priced monstrosities?!


Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to the 30 million members mark and was eager to see what Stardoll was going to bring out.
Unfortunately, I'm really disappointed. You'd expect Stardoll to make the items free. C'mon. 30sd for a swinging sign. Stardoll needs a reality check.

Fiery11 said...

I think the bag is so expensive because there's something INSIDE the bag... But, idk.


Anyone know who the 30 millionth member was?

Suheily90 said...

yeah who was the 30th million member? And what do you get if you are?

mdbstar12 said...

I didn't even realize that the bag wasn't free! That's really unfair that in honor of Stardoll being popular we have to pay for gifts. After all, it's thanks to us that they have these 30 million members.

Random-Blair said...


I was so stupid and bought the bag 2 min. ago an NOTHING!
Just a fugly bag!
That is sooo bad!
Stardoll is lazy!The don´t know what to do and sell fugly free-shirt,expensive bags,stupid 20$ Windows AND 30$ member sings.
I hate stardoll for that thing

Fiery11 said...


Seriously?! Nothing?! God, Stardoll are the biggest bunch of idiots...


-Diamondz- said...

I'm so upset "/
This 'celebration' is pathetic.

And the 30 millionth member is Slena6677

Azul said...

Im new in stardoll and I think that nobady is going to spend 30$ in ths sign of 30 million
Thats lazy, Why doesnt stardoll gives SOMETHING to us?
And there is nothing into the bag?
so WTF!?

Random-Blair said...


Let´s held up the stardoll center!:D


stupid stardoll.
the 10 million members celebrations was way better than this shit!

jellydudejess said...

so-there wasn't anything in the bag??

Random-Blair said...

yes there was nothing in the bag! >:(
anyway, 10 $ are gone with the wind!^^

PlainCity2 said...

When there was 2o million didnt they give us like 20 stardollars or somthing like that? =/

Mateya95 said...

Im not gonna waste my money on this... :/
Yeah, we should get 30$... :/

Um, sure, we have those `Play & Earn` games but I don`t even play them beacsue Its so boring + you lose your stardollars the next day...

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OanaFergie [Oanskih] said...

Wtf? I remember that when we reached 10 million members they gave us a FREE big star. Now, they give us almost the same thing for 30$. The only difference is that on it you can read 30 million not 10 million members. Stardoll is sooo STUPID!

Its-Lainy said...

Dissapointment much?
I thought about buying the sign, b ut then thought it wasnt worth it

I bought the fireworks over the city room, & its actually exactly the same as another backround I have, only night
I was a bit blonde, but its not so bad

-Lainewainy @ Stardoll

Anonymous said...

The celebration was terrible ):
Ps: My stardoll nickname is PurpLe_1998

hakohearts (hako25) said...

The interior is cheaper than the window!! What kind of a celebration is it if they just give us more overpriced crap?

disco_2 said...

the bag is soooooo not worth 10sd! it shud have been free!

Saldiklis said...

I hope 4000000 members celebration will be better;]

rosie333. said...

I'm sorry but if this was the 30000000 (or whatever) celebration I hate to think what it will be when we hit 40 million! I think the lotteries were a good and bad idea but I think stardoll saw more of the negative side and decided to do no more of this type of stuff!

Tebela said...

I got the both shirts for fun, but I wasn't planning to spend so many sdollars for such crappy things... :P

sp_gc_ said...

hate that stuff ....

Rit@ said...

It shouldn't be free? I mean, this bag is not even pretty...
And the star costed 30 stardollars!

Where are the lotteries and the free stardollars?

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

very dissapointing!

lipgloss_babe91 said...

ive only ever saw one girl with the hanging thing in her suite, what were sd thinking

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

i saw keira-v with it , im not sure anyone else bothered wasting money on a flying/swinging number! lol

喜洋洋 said...


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