Monday, May 4, 2009

More celebrations?

I  guess Stardoll saw how much people were complaining about the 30 million members "celebrations" and the wonderful things we got :| :D

Well, this is more like it! It's a nice dress, for non-superstars too, and no 30 million members logo! It is a little pricy, but it is HotBuys.
Is there more of this to come, or is this a once off?

Update: Now it's Superstar only. Typical Stardoll.


Zandra's a -Chickdowntown- said...

THERE HAS to be more to come !

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there will b more 2 come!!

Talia said...

its gone agen to ss

lollypop234 said...

its gone now :(
when it was there it didnt work either.

Anonymous said...

fuck i wanned to buy that top but is already ss shit =)~

Random-Blair said...

I´m still mad at stardoll :D
I mean the discription:"30million stardoll members" is "gone,it´s a hoytbuy and still costs 10sd.
But good that they made little baby steps to the right thing:D

gggerda said...

But now it is superstar.

-Cooldude said...

I think that 30 million logo on the dress was just a glitch :/

Cos, it's a Hotbuy, why would it be a gift..?

Anonymous said...

yay i got it while it was still for everyone and now i have it on me!! sd_is_da_best

Anonymous said...

I got it befor it was made Superstars onlt :] I really hope there will be more ''mistakes'' like that... Because I dont think it really was meant to be for non-superstars in the beginning... :o

Victoria said...

now dress only for superstar
Pretty banner

disco_2 said...

after the lottos this is a complete letdown. =(

rosie333. said...

Hotbuys are becoming more and more of a rip off. This seems to be due to the "hotbuys" label. If an item was a hotbuy and didn't have the hotbuy in the name, it didn't seem to be so expensive!

sp_gc_ said...

i have that dress and i love it =]

Rit@ said...

I love this dress, but it's very expensive, even for a hotbuy.
And I don't understand why there are hotbuys like the black and pink swimsuit that cost 12 stardollars. It's just a swimsuit and it costs more than a dress!

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

i got it:)

lipgloss_babe91 said...

when it first comes out and i acidentily non-superstar can non-ss buy it?

喜洋洋 said...


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