Tuesday, June 30, 2009

0 for usa,10 for rest?

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Few minutes ago, when i checked the Starplaza i noticed that they have put Miley Cyrus/Hannah montana clothes there, what shocks me the most is that there is a dress there, that if i remember correctly USA members(And those who have USA Proxies) could get free, But wait, how much does it cost for the rest? 10, Yes 10 stardollars! and its only for superstars, Which i find very very unfair to none-superstars that dont have a proxy or live in USA.
I hope, for stardolls sake that, this dress is suppost to be another dress since selling that one for 10, well, giving to usa members is simply unfair. /:

P.s. Its the first of july tomorrow, ring bells? x]


aniita7 said...

OMG! the dress WE have it FREE! ............... :D !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think u got it wrong cuz im a usa member in stardoll n i had to use a proxy to get the dress cuz i think it was 4 french members only n now the dress is in starplaza 4 10 sd which i dont find fair for the other people

Sunshinez said...

I agree! i was surprised when i saw it in starplaza

Anonymous said...

The free Miley dress was for French users. Certain US members (like me) used a proxy to get it.

Jenna / Robinbird00 said...

actually it was for France

2_cutecarla said...

I saw that.

Emily <3 said...

I bought all the Miley dresses (huge Miley fan!) and I now have 2 of the balloon dresses! XD

Lina said...

Well, it's not hard to use proxy.
I get that dress very easily

sd_is_da_best said...

Well everyone has it already!!

Nickschmidt said...

Usa become it free or what?

Anonymous said...

LOL , just to tell that a the beggining this stuff weren't for the USA users , but the french ones , but it still annoying !


Recordbaby said...

Yep that's lame but i already got it but still bad for other people

Star_scape said...

Actually, If you visit my suite, you will find that I'm from the United Kingdom and still have that Miley dress. I used a proxy server, and I still got the dress!


littlemuffinfee said...

so unfair
i got the dress for 0 sd

arna-rut said...

French, really? I used an american proxy O.o

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

wow im so glad i got it free! its so unfair that others have to pay 10sd!! omg!

Hnupriya11 said...

Plz check out my album & if u could advertise on ur blog i'd be soo happy thnk u

Anonymous said...

In the club Im in it shows how to get that

Stardollname = Lelellow


喜洋洋 said...


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