Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm back.

Almost every single exam of my last year in basic school, I realized i now have enough time to actually spend time on here.. That is decent time, not the 5 minutes i used each day.

And now, i thought i might give it an attempt to get this blog up again, or even make one of my own?

I'm very much changed since last time, No longer blond(Back to brunette!), More grown up(Maybe not enough to stop spending my time on a dress up site LOL!), Learnt from my mistakes.. and even more that you're just going to have to find out..

And for those who actually thought i left cause of my big public fights with D_B and A, well you thought wrong. The reason i left was the fact i was failing at maths, icelandic, biology and well, school. So now since i'm getting 10's in Math again, i was given more time online.. Lets just call it all the time i want after 1 pm :)

managed to post on the wrong blog first.. XD

P.S. anyone know where Sean and Sahar been lately? O_O - Oh yeah, i actually need a banner, Anyone kind enough to help with that one[Accidentally deleted photoshop out of my computer but it keeps saying i already have it installed :@..]


Anonymous said...

I liked your posts. I'm happy you're back. :3

Good job. I'm happy for you.

miki said...
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miki said...

hi! i had the same problem with my photoshop when my computer crashed (coz of 5 gazillion virus) i did found an answer on how to fix it. after searching for a couple of days.
you actually have to remove it manually in your system. meaning you have to go to regedit

here's a link (just follow the instructions)


i swear this will work :)


arna-rut said...

neither have the answer i need ;[

Sophia said...

I'll be happy to make you a banner, and also i'm interestied in helping you make another blog :)

arna-rut said...

sophia, contact me on sd :)

Babette Couture said...

I'll contact you on stardoll too okey'? You can watch some other graphics on herE:

If you want one I willmake one for you.. you only have to say wich theme or color you want..


Fabfashionist.Ox said...

I have photoshop 8.0 so depending on what exactly you want i might be able to help.My stardoll username is fabfashionist :) - VISIT ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, my name is Lauria if we haven’t been really introduced. I just wanted to leave a little comment saying that I am running for Cover Girl, Scenery Winner, and Best Album on Wednesday April 28th, so I would really appreciate it if you voted for me!

Sandi said... zapraszam !

喜洋洋 said...


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