Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Miss Stardoll!!!-Miss Turkey!!!

Hey Guys! I'm sure you got the message from Stardoll about the MSW update! Finally we have the most wonderful and our first EVER Miss Stardoll World!! .....MISS TURKEY! She must be really happy,as it was a tough competition,and getting the support and love from so many people all over Stardoll must be a really special thing.I'd really be happy.Stardoll Miss World started back in September,when they first asked us to register [selective countries] later,people from other countries,who were not given a chance to enter,finally did.They reveled the finalists in October and so we all could vote.It's been a long and a fun journey.Hopefully,we'll have Miss Stardoll World again and another person will be crowned "Miss Stardoll World".

Ps: Visit her:http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=9600046
Leave a nice message or something.I'm sure she'd like it ;)
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