Sunday, December 12, 2010

Perfect Make-up tutorial!! CLICK!!

Hey Guys!I've been working on a make-up tutorial and I'm ready with it!I think it's pretty good,and I'm expecting a lot of people to comment and like it.I worked pretty hard on it and I hope it looks good.
The whole cost of the items used is 75 [provided you have no makeup AT ALL].
So,I'm gonna be using the new Dot's Winter Collection.I informed you guys that I was thinking of doing a make-up tutorial and as soon as I posted that,I was on working at the m
ake-up tutorial!I have done some of them before but they were all videos.Th
is is my first ever tutorial with pictures.It wasn't so easy though,I wanted it to be really good.
So the steps are all explained and you can click the images to enlarge them.
If you don't understand the technique of applying the eye-s
hadow or blush,I'll add bit by bit of it
So lets begin!


I know the images are too small so here are the links:
Step 2 and 3:
Step 4:

So guys;this was really fun!
I'm open to suggestion and opinions.
I'll do more if you guys request but remember,they take time!
I hope you liked this :)


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