Monday, January 31, 2011

Got The Talent?

Hey guys! Today I got a message from Iovanca,the owner of Essence Models.We're going to advertise Essence Models! I'm excited because I've checked out the blog and the competition seems great! It's very unique and creative.Especially for people with true talent.I believe that such competitions actually encourage and take the stardoll world to another level...Stardoll's just not about dressing up dolls and making friends..It's more :) and competitions like this take it to a whole new level! So,Essence Models is a whole new thing.Which started back in July 2009 and has officially opened the competition for entires! Heres what,please do take part,if you have the talent just please do! Show that you can do it ;)
It's basically a competition where you get to show your designing skills.A collection of YOUR designs!This competition is all about creating innovative and beautiful outfits for all occasions and here's what,the prizes are amazing!! Though they haven't been revealed yet but as soon as they are,I'll let you guys know!
Here are the amazing judges! :
-Hay_Lin75-who's also head-judge
I'll keep you guys updated with more.But for applying and more information,please DO check out there website :
Heres a look:

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