Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm soo sorry! [SPOILER ALERT!]

So sorry! You see,We recently moved and so I haven't been able to check Stardoll or Gossip-stardoll for nearly a month! Its been like a curse you see.Well,I'm back and this time its for REAL! So I really kinda laughed at Stardoll's poll? Willow Smith's new video? No offence but I don't like Willow Smith stardoll and there's no option that says "Not At All!"Just noticed there is a new store in the Star Plaza.So,I have to say,hats off to the Non-SS.It's so hard to buy stuff that non-SS I mean, just because I have not renewed my SS for a while ,I feel like so bad!! All the awesome stuff.LE decor !!! AHHHH!! Last time I couldn't buy a PIECE OF ANTIDOTE OR LE .Is stardoll honestly fair? I mean,they are reducing prices and they had the Valentine's Day offer and then they're trying to get more SS costumers and stuff still,what about people who can't convince their parents? After all,even though buying stuff on Stardoll seem easy because all you seem to have to do is click and click but you have to pay REAL money to buy the virtual stuff.Btw,I just discovered a few days ago that they is an IPod app.for Stardoll. If you like to play games and stuff.So, I was thinking of getting a fellow writer with me..
Or kinda like starting a competition. But I need supporters for that! To show your love,COMMENT BELOW!

Catch you guys later :D

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