Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello! I'm a new writer here, my names Skye! Hope you enjoy reading my posts, and sorry for the rubbish banner, I'll make a better one soon!

So Stardoll released some new items of Wild Candy yesterday:

It's pretty cool, right? I love the pieces, and will definitely be buying some!

The only thing I am pretty shocked about is that some of the items are
StarDollars! I thought Wild Candy was a StarCoin shop? I think it's a little unfair on the Non SS members, as they don't have so much SD as SuperStars! (Well, I don't anyway.) First the over priced Evil Panda, now this?! I think we've seen better weeks.

But to be fair, only 3 of the items are SDs, the Moto Jacket, Teal Peplum Skirt and Peach Keyhole Blouse.

Tell me what you think of this collection below! Will you be buying anything?

- HottieSkye139 x
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