Saturday, August 24, 2013

MSW 13

Hello Dollies,
Some exciting news here for you, Miss Stardoll World 2013 also known as MSW13 is coming to Stardoll. A couple of days ago Stardoll Posted this image on their Facebook page,
It is coming back for it's 3rd year running I believe. If you do not know what Miss Stardoll World keep on reading;
Miss Stardoll World is a competition that has been held the past 2 years and is being
 held again this year to basically try and find the best members on Stardoll. The competition normally starts in or near the end of Summer and finishes close to the end of the year.
You cannot enter if you are below level 10 or have not got a verified email accountant. You HAVE to have a clean accountant, which means you haven't been reported a lot or been given a warning from Stardoll.
Round 1 is where dollies just vote for whoever they think can become Miss Stardoll World.
Round 2 is where the 18 most popular Dollies from the most popular countries will go through to the next round. If you are not from one of the most popular countries, DON'T fret. You can still win MSW as 20 members from each continent will also go through!
There will be a page similar to the Catwalk competition page where the 18 semi-finalists from each country & continent are shown, you then vote for your favourite but you can only vote for members from your country or continent.
In all three rounds you can vote each member once a day to make things fair. There will be 3rd place, 2nd place and 1st place prizes and everyone that gets into the semi-finals and finals will receive a small prize for getting that far. Although the name is "Miss" Stardoll World, boys can also enter but because there are only a small amount of boys playing Stardoll there is not a separate Mr Stardoll World competition but maybe if more male members join there will be in the future. :)
Do YOU think you have what it takes?
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