Sunday, July 27, 2008

Club opening party

We all had a great time at the party to celebrate the opening of the club for the blog! The club is Gossip-Blog by the way. We also have a playlist for the blog now, and you can send your song suggestions in the club.

The party was a Hollywood premiere theme. Some people didn't really get the theme and showed up in wacky outfits but I won't name and shame them :)

But I will show you some of the best outfits!

The party was really fun, there was a lot of randomness. I had punch spilled on my dress, a snickerdoodle stuck to my forehead, there was puke, a dead spider, a dinosaur and a lot more! I guess it's one of those 'you had to be there' things :D

I was astounded by the lovely outfit that 9-year-old Janeyplums put together. The lovely red and white outfit was something that someone twice her age could have put together.

manoon3. (top) and Fashion.Fantasy (bottom)were the two who came in the same dress, but accessorised very differently to make the dress work for each of them.

I loved Mizz.Dior's outfit, because it was nice and simple, yet stylish. Perfect for a Hollywood premiere! She accessorised well with her gold locket, gloves, and black clutch.

foxysquirrel looked fabulous in her floor length red gown, pearls, gloves, scarf and purse. She really went all out and it paid off, she really stood out from the crowd.

montrevion layered really well with her DKNY to create this black and pink look. She also went to the trouble to co-ordinate her me-doll with her outfit, using a black bow and home-made pink earrings.

arna-rut layered well to create a lovely black and white look that is perfect for a Hollywood premiere. She paired her black gloves with a black DKNY bag and a pair of those gorgeous Candies shoes!

Last, but certainly not least, kittyRock45 was my favourite outfit of the night. She layered her to Mary-Kate dresses to look like one dress and put on her lovely Gucci belt that looks like it's part of the dress. She did up her me-doll to match her outfit, with her hair piled high on her head, big earrings and lovely make-up.


rosie333. said...

I love kittyRock45's dress! I used to have that dress then I traded it!

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