Monday, July 21, 2008

July/August 2008 HotBuys list

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The July/August 2008 HotBuys list is out. (Click the title to see the current HotBuys list)

Two of the dresses are out so far (the green and white one, and the blue one) and they are overpriced. They cost $15 and $16! The sunglasses are also out, they cost $12. People are going to stop buying HotBuys if Stardoll keep overcharging for them! I cna understand returning ones being expensive, but not the new ones.

On the bright side though, we can see there will be a new Vivienne Tam collection coming out on the 19th of August! The red/orange dress is Vivienne Tam, which you can see when you look at the label. I love Vivienne Tam!

And, another good thing is that there are no old HotBuys coming back! Woohoo!

What do you think of the July/August 2008 HotBuys list?


Anonymous said...

YES! more vivienne tam! woooooo

Anonymous said...

yay more vivienne tam but the rest aint so pretty. yikeeees

Anonymous said...

Umm I don't see any sunglasses, unless you mean the ones the have been out forever!


Britney said...

Your blog is adorable. I love your style and I love the fact thay you have "Gimme More" on the playlist! Keep up the great work chica!


x_lilone_x said...

I cant beleive they put those sunglasses up for $12, when I first joined stardoll I got them and the black version of it for free when I became superstar..

Rit@ said...

The earrings were beautiful, I want them but there isn't an acessories starbazaar... :[

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