Monday, July 13, 2009

The item you most want? :]

I bet we all want rares, but there's only one item that we want the most!
I thought it'd be interesting to see what's the item you most want, and maybe people can help you get it ! :D


Sarah_Sugerplum said...

DKNY Hearts Blouse :)

lazylyn said...

The hotbuys teal blue dress

rock_girl1990 said...

fallen angel kitten t-shirt

Adrija88 said...

DKNY hearts blouse..;>*

YaelAlon said...

Can I want things that aren't on Stardoll? ;-)

grwilensky said...

DKNY scuba. but, like, AS IF lol!

M9oda said...

Dkny hearts blouse
or leather jacket

ADJAJA said...

Whatever this dress is called:
(does anyone know?!)


Kylie Dress


DKNY Paisley print dress :D

-superwoman. said...

Goth Dress and DKNY Off Shoulders Dress.

Recordbaby said...

Heart Scarf :) (but thats just one lol ! )

VampLady said...

Kylie lotto dress

Ashton GaGa said...

Heidi Klum Ed Hardy Grey T-Shirt


Ashley Olsen Yellow Dress

Poppy67 (Stardoll Name) said...

Mary-Kate Olsen Real Celeb Tunic - Black

millieshore said...

rio kiss t shirt, the one thats grey and has a symbol on it that's extremelt similar to the rolling stones logo. stardoll name is meonshore

Halmonkey3 said...

Gray Ashley Dress

lizzie1393 said...

there are 4 items i really need:
dirty dancing
pink wedding gown
white pale blue wedding gown
lily cole gown

if i can get these i'd be really happy. =]

dumm123 said...

Hey, I have dkny scuba but I don't want it anymore -.- But I can't sell it because I'm not ss, so I will sell it for 3 sms-codes!But 1 code you have to give me first
My sd-name: dumm123

rock_girl1990 said...

i have the goth dress
u can contact me if u want the dress.
my stardoll name is rock_girl990

DinosaursSayRawr! said...

the hotbuys fast food tshirt/fallen angel hello kitty shirt
can't choose, so i say both! =O

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

any dkny shoes! i really need them!!!

Raine said...

Umm, Paulina Butterfly top! Dkny Leather and Hearts Blouse!

xKiTTYKiWi said...

Ashley olsen grey tunic thing or One of the 3 voile gifts, (the green one)

annalaura said...

Goth skirt, Kylie lotto dress and the most of Zhang Ziyi 2's clothes... but I'm sure I will never get them :D
millieshore: do you think of this t-shirt? ( if yes, it's quite easy to find, search Fudge and 2-6 or maybe more, but I've seen it for only 4 before ;)

iluvmumble333 said...

I dont really have anything that i can think of, but sahar, this post is awesome! I found some people that needed stuff that i have!

Great Idea!

Anonymous said...

Lots of Old hotbuys i collect and i really need old ones My Username is: titogym

oOliviao said...

I would love one of the first few voile gifts - the one i like most is kinda amber coloured with a ruffled aysemetric hem.

Can anyone help?


Jenna / Robinbird00 said...

mk plaid

Anonymous said...

the aurora dress
if you have it write in my guestbook

StardollFreeStuff said...

Dkny hearts fallen dress or how is it
Or maybe scuba

Anonymous said...

i'm looking for dkny falling hearts dress and teri's dinner gawn. my stardoll name is: KAL-EL

Zoe said...

Any old DKNY (Before orange DKNY) and Terry Hearts Gown!!
SD name: zoe21343

becpod said...

I need this top;
its not rare, but if you have it can i buy it please?

Also if you are wanting;
DKNY black flannel jacket
kitten tee
DKNY off shoulder
DKNY dip-dye
DKNY satin bow-tie
gold hb tank top
1 pair of old DKNY shoes

im selling them, so tell me in m gb if you want to buy them & how much you will pay. (:

Refrences in my starblog.

becpod said...

oh and im selling DKNY lip print scarf alsooo!

hyperhorse said...

the blue fast food shirt :]

Anonymous said...

I can sell kitten t-shirt for one sms code, because I'm not superstar. :)
my stardoll name is ...gote...

Katee/Annakin said...

DKNY Ice Skating Coat
or Grecian styled Faith Hill
or Lottery Jlo

chicago3 said...

DKNY hearts blouse

PRiiNCeSSx.X.x said...

i´m happy with the things i have!°

IrishUy said...

Heidi Klum's Ed Hardy grey tshirt, black(and hot pink) Zhang Ziyi dress,Mary Kate checkered shirt, and some more i can't think of now...

Im miss_galilei

Fashionista said...

Enchanted Wedding Dress
Purple MKA Dress
Scuba Dress

Anonymous said...

I don't really want anything anymore ;] But I know tons of people do want stuff and I have lots of really old rare DKNY and Hotbuys (including the Teal Hot buys dress, skyscraper, and scuba) and I'm not superstar so I'm selling them for gift codes. On stardoll I'm: friendofyou

Contact me if your interested.

sianeve1 said...

Face print tunic :L

Anonymous said...

hmm.. I think Lottery dresses, old DKNY and enchanted dresses (;

MiiLeY__CyRuS said...

VOILE Beachbride dress
Hot Buys Bikini Necklace
any old DKNY..
tell me if you have: MiiLeY__CyRuS is my name on stardoll.

Anonymous said...

dkny lip print scarf
tell me in my guestbook if you have it i'm coolgirl_1997 on stardoll

Anonymous said...

Dirty Dancing dress. I had it once and it was stolen... I loved it so much and it was so gorgeous... :'(

--Glamourous1098 (Grace)

SharonA239 said...

Ok so:
dkny scuba dress
dkny skycraper

Daniela said...

I'm TschawanPage I have Ashley Dress, Ashley Tunic, and mary-Kate shirt. Bid;

喜洋洋 said...


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