Thursday, July 23, 2009

700 followers raffle!

Raffle when we reach 700 followers - winner gets this MK dress.

No sign-up neccessary, you will automatically be entered if you are a follower of the blog.

If a non-superstar wins, they will get an SMS code worth 84 stardollars & one month superstar instead of the dress.


John / john2_el_mejor said...


HazeBlueBaby said...

awesome :D

Yssie said...

Omg thats so cool

thatgirlsophy said...

ahhhh! {screaming like a school girl) LOL

sd_is_da_best said...


Recordbaby said...

Im trying to become a follower but it won't show up (the follower thing ) it's happening on a lot of blog's i go on is it just my computer ?

♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

Recordbaby - It's not your computer it's the new system in blogger so you have to got to the followers section and over the icons of the followers you'll see a 'FOLLOW' button, go and click that. A new window will open, there will be options like 'GOOGLE' and 'AMI' and 'YAHOO!'. Click the 'GOOGLE' button and a page will come. there you have to sing in through your account that follows the particular blog. Then you are signed in and you'll show up in the 'FOLLOWERS' list as signed in! :) I had some difficulties with the new system but I figured it out by clicking things under the 'FOLLOWERS' section! If you need any help then please do mail me at

мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.

♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

I'm thrilled for the raffle! I hope I get a chance to win something. I never won anything on Stardoll/Stardoll blogging! :( Anyway how are you going to do this thing?

мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.

Recordbaby said...

Thanks for the comment mayeeshasam but thats not my problem no pictures of the follower have shown up and the word follow isnt there no more its just Fans thats all its says 'Fans' and it's blanck iv looked all over the blog and there is no were else says follow

Recordbaby said...

Iv found a way to create acount but on step 2 it says Blog ? is that supposed to happen i dont want a blog i want to be a follower ??

♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

I guess it's better if you make a blog then you can be a follower! I already have a blog of my own so I didn't have to make one! I guess you don't have one that's why they are telling you to make a blog. You can check out this blog: and find out more about it! ;)

Hope I could help and if you have more questions send me a mail it's better to send mails. My ID is

I hope you'll mail me and get to know more about the rest!

мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.

Recordbaby said...

Ok i sent an email because i cant see how many followers there are could you tell me

♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

Okay!! I'll try my best to help you as much as possible! I'm logging in with that account okay! I'm in the middle of somethings so I'll do it a bit later!! But don't worry I'll reply! :)

мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.

Aquafabulosa said...

yay 700 followers

Recordbaby said...

Yay i worked out how to follow im not too late am i ?

♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...


I hope I could help! And sorry if I couldn't but we can be friends?! Right?! Please mail me! Please! :(

мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.

israhprincess said...

Seriously hope i win! ♥

喜洋洋 said...


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