Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stardoll is SO odd

I think I need like, a manual for all this new updates on stardoll! Some of it is confusing. Like our mail is now divided into 10 pages, which I don't really see why. You can view other people's unclassified, and you cannot add people if they have 'too much friends'! I have 43 pages of 'friends' and I only speak to 1 page out of that 43! So how many pages must I delete so people can add me?! Also, when you click some people's medoll's it brings you to a random member on Stardoll :S

Oh yeah..

I forgot to say this, like, 2 weeks ago, Lol! But everyone should be careful when logging into those proxy sites for free stardoll clothes. As some members have figured out how to hack through them, or make their own and spread it around saying a free dress is available by logging into these proxies. They're fake if you log into Stardoll and nothing happens, but you should just have a fake account and log in on that, to see if it's real.


Monroe... said...

Hasn't the stardoll mail always been divided in 10 pages??

-Cooldude said...

Not for me :/

Mine said like, 2355!

Lena said...

OMG that is like so crazy o.O
Stardoll is always changing

lazylyn said...

some of the new stuff is annoying but I'm happy that my friends list is now in alphabetical order :-)

oOliviao said...

That happened to me too! It was really strange - i clicked on a person's name and it took me to a totally different page of some random. What's wrong with stardoll?? :?

Bella<3 said...

I know I was like!DANG! she changed her medoll Alot!THen I realized it wasnt Her.Haha.

Jezz` said...

Yeah, the new updates are annoying +that actually happens since ages but yeah, the medoll doesn`t come out like you saved it, its irritating, grr. D:<
by the way thanks for the advice about proxy sites :]

喜洋洋 said...


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