Monday, June 14, 2010


Dress up Twiggy and win an outfit :]

Click here to dress up Twiggy, then take a screenshot and post a tinypic link in comments.

Best 10 will get an outfit of your choice:

Not a huge prize, I know, but it's quite an easy competition! And if you don't want any of the outfits, you can still enter for fun and donate your prize to a friend :]

Closing date for entries is Wednesday the 16th of June. Entries will still be accepted on that day, I will judge on Thursday, and the winners should be up the same day.

When you're entering, please remember:

- Include your stardoll username so we know who you are.
- Only comment on this post, not on any other post, chatbox or GuestBook.
- Tell us in your entry what outfit you would like if you win.
- If you don't want the prize, tell us who you would like it given to in your entry.
- Only tinypic (or other image hosting sites) entries will count. No albums will be checked.

Good luck everyone!


Zoë ♥ said...

^ Twiggy is Country Girl type look.

I'm Theshinystar on Stardoll and if I win I would like the Everyday outfit.

Thanks and Good Luck to everyone else =]

Zoë xoxo

Anonymous said...

Twiggy It's Time For Stardolls Next Top Modle

Im lukeasade On Stardoll And If I Win I Would Like The Surf Dude Outfit Please

Thanks For This Awesome Opotunity And Good Lukc On The Rest Of You :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If I win can i please have the Dance outfit .

Is it ok if you cheak out my blog and it will be on the page

" Cool Dolls and partys "
you don't have to follow it if you dont want to .

my blogs name is

I put it on aswell

Search :


(its the same thing )

Silvia (smiliuxxx) said...
Twiggy Tomboy style inspired look

I'm smiliuxxx on sd. If I win I would like Goth outfit (I love dress who aded on that look :} )


yo_silvia96 said...

I dressed up my Twiggy and I hope you like it:

Joanne* said...

its all in =)

DeEa said...
just love the outfit :X

I'm deuk97 on Stardoll and i would like to win the dance / summer outfit .

Can you please pick you :) ? Cuz i love both of them very much :D.

Anonymous said...

This is my entry.
I've written all in the image ^_^

VampLady said...

goth girl

Anonymous said...

My image:

I am petfriendI1 and i would like to win Everyday outfit... xD

喜洋洋 said...


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