Monday, November 21, 2011


Hey Gossipers!
So last time , I told you guys I was interested in interviewing people.. LIKE MONDAY INTERVIEWS!

Well, I'd like you all to know, that this blog is officially sponsoring the model competition on Stardoll - Stardoll's Next Top Model.

It's a huge honor because this is something really big for the blog and the competition. You guys should check it out. I'm also judging it.
So I could the amazing opportunity to interview the first winner of Cycle 1, Carla-101

Hope you enjoy! And I hope this helps everyone out there.

Q1 When exactly did you take part in the competition?
A1: I entered the competition about a month ago. It was the first modelling competition I had ever entered on stardoll so I thought I would just give it a go.

Q2 Where you nervous when you got to know the rest of the contestants?
A2: Yes! I get nervous over almost everything no matter how small or irrelevant. Getting to know people as talented as that just adds to the pressure!

Q3 What did you think of all the tasks? Were they tough?
A3: Yeah, most of the tasks I found challenging, but I enjoy a good challenge! I want to give credit to reily-smiley for coming up with the tasks. You are a wonderful manager!

Q4 If so, any one in particular?
A4:The task I found most difficult has to be the magazine cover, yet the strange thing is I felt that was one of best pieces. I put a lot of effort into that task.

Q5 What did it feel like to be a part of the final 2?
A5:I was so happy and grateful to be in the final 2. Honestly I was never expecting to get that far and I was just so pleased and thankful!

Q6 Was the last task, the one that determined the winner, tough?
A6:To be perfectly honest, no. I didn't find the last task hard at all. I was so happy that I had got that far into the competition that I would have walked away happy with second place. I felt that the task was easy because I was just being creative. There were no rules or regulations. I was doing what I love best which is creating something.

Q7 What was the feeling like, to win?
A7: I felt extremely happy inside when I won. I was up against a tough competitor and I had many doubts of winning. Ecstatic! :-)

Q8 last but not the least, any special message for all the dollies out there who want to win a competition?

A8:To all you dollies out there, Most importantly, be good people. Being good people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. Smile at the people who put you down. Somebody must have made them cold. People make mistakes, that's part of begin human. And in the words of Taylor Swift " Don't you worry your pretty little mind People throw rocks at things that shine."

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