Tuesday, November 1, 2011


HEY GUYS!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I know it's a little late to wish.. But I was super busy yesterday since it WAS HALLOWEEN :D I went partying with my friends and that was probably better then trick or treating lol. I left it because now I'm like, 14 I'm too old for it :P But I did get candy xD Lol. Anyways, how was your Halloween?

So anyways, I still haven't got any comments.. Anyone wants m

e to do another makeup tutorial.. I've done it right here on this blog before :)

So Killah's back with a new collection and the clothes seem pretty warm and good. It's getting colder and you don't want your doll to freeze! So Killah's Fall-Winter collection offers good, warm clothes that include, jackets, stockings, gloves, caps and much more! Check it out NOW! :)

Also, there's 25% on Evening Falls so you might wanna check it out ;)

Guess, that's enough for today.. I'll be back soon!


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