Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bringing Back Stardoll and Writers Wanted

So back in December I said I would "resurrect" this blog to how it was in 08/09, but that didn't work out too well..
But now, I'm actually serious about bringing it back. I'm determined to make this fun and actually readable again, and I actually think I will be able this time seeing as I'm going on Stardoll as often as I used to.

I really hope that you, the loyal readers, will continue reading and enjoy it again.

Also, I realized it's going to be hard for me to do this alone, so I'm looking for a good team of writers to permanently contribute to this blog. If you're interested, add me on my Stardoll page here saying you want to apply for the job. I will accept you then and you can mail me an article about anything you want on Stardoll, just so I can get a view on what your writing style is like. You don't need to include images, but if you want you may upload them to tinypic and send them along in your post. If you have a blog, or have written for one, just send me the link instead of writing an article.

I'm looking for people who can cover all parts of Stardoll, e.g. New Things, Spoilers, Gossip, and much more. So each writer will have their own section, and the blog will be much more updated. If you're good at graphics, you can mention that too. Being able to create cool banners is always a plus ;)

Here is more information on what I'm looking for:

  • Someone with a great style of writing, and has a good personality. There's nothing more boring than reading a post with no sense of personality at all. So feel free to show who you really are!
  • I'd like your complete dedication to posting. It would be a real shame if you had one or two great posts, and  you just started posting only a few sentences, or stopped posting at all. Ahem.
  • Do not apply for the job and try to advertise your blog or anything, I will be making a new page for all the blogs I recommend of reading.
  • If you get accepted to the blog, it is probably ideal that you download and create a skype account, so that all of the blog authors can have meetings and talk.. and stuff :)
You can ask me anything in my guestbook or mail if you have any other questions.

Oh yeah, I've changed the blog a bit. Do you like it? I think it's much more fresh! I've also changed removed a few features such as chat and such, but keep in mind I'm still editing the blog layout, and it won't be finished for another little while.

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