Monday, October 20, 2008

Clutches of stardoll rock!/Style's secret revealed

Im in love..... with the stardoll clutches! Why are they so fabulous? Look for yourself!
Woahhhhhh I love them.

And also, Notice how very like they are to style's pictures? In the way that they look SO real, Well its soooooo easy
Wanna know how? huh? Ill tell you, First you zoom in the medoll 100% then you put the items on the medoll and voila. I dont know if you knew this, i think some people do, but easy teasy, Now you can play with making your clothes look nice in your magazines.

Speaking of magazines, Anyone seen the one i made? It sucks, i know i know!
Its called Haute Glamour

Anyways, enough posts today, Posted 3 posts now in few minutes haha, im just so hyper cause of my birthday tomorrow and in the need to write, So be sure to message me on stardoll, Or better yet add me if you havent, Today and tomorrow ill be accepting everyone even tho the message is BLANK :) 


AC Viper said...

another way to zoom-in is by holding the ctrl key and pressing on "+" several times, or scroll up with your mouse, thats fo zooming in. for zooming out hold the ctrl key and press on "-" or scroll down with your mouse.

i go to my suite, make my medoll the largest, rotate it to 90 degrees, and then zoom in. that's how the medolls i got on my blog are huge.

i actually made a post about zooming-in, a long time ago... but no one reads my blog :P

D.C.M.(To_Royal) said...

Happy Birthday ^_^

cristaaaybby said...

whered u get the stardoll clutches?

Lena said...

whats ur blogs site?

sahar said...

I lvoe them :]
too bad I dont have any...XD

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

thay are beautifull!

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