Thursday, October 2, 2008

New authors

Okay, well this has been dragged out long enough LOL

Seán, Arna and I have chosen the 4 that we think will be the best and most dedicated authors for Gossip-Stardoll.

They will be put in a poll as soon as it works, and you will be able to choose more than one person.
The four chosen ones are:
Happy voting!


emilymileyrocks said...

i votes for everyone?

=D they all deserve it ...

-reread- OMg im in it? yay!!!

arna-rut said...

LOL! :P xx

AC Viper said...

go sahar!!! :D

Anonymous said...

AHHHH!! im in it! hmm i want to vote for someone other than me
i vote for EMILYmileyrocks
just a random person! :D

thank u and my blogspot is
stardollomg if u want to check it out
have a fabulous day!

Beatrix.Luna said...

Hmm IDK , sahar-star orrrrrrr vnvi :)

Lettie97 said...

Not me but oh well.
I voted for sahar!

rosie333. said...

Go sahar! lol

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