Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hey everyone!

Well, Arna, Seán and I have been doing some work on the website recently.

You may have noticed some of the changes we've been making, but for the less observant ones, I'll tell you about them! They're all down the right side of the blog in the sidebar, so I'll explain everything in the sidebar.

  • This is a list of all the authors for Gossip-Stardoll. If you click on the name, it brings you to their Stardoll suite.

  • We've got the new poll where you can choose who should be a new author for Gossip-Stardoll. Remember, don't choose someone based on your relationship with them - choose based on who you want to bring you news!

  • Our brand new chat box! You can write a message for visiting this blog to see! You can include your name and website if you want, or you can write an annonymous message! Lets hear your thoughts :)

  • Links to other Stardoll blogs and websites. These are carefully chosen websites for you to check out if you've already read everything here! :D

  • Our hits counter. This is pretty self-explanitory...

  • Followers. These are the people who have Blogger accounts that have signed up to follow our blog. Visit them!

  • Blog archive. You can choose a month to search and find older articles.

  • A picture of our blog's account in her current outfit and a link to her suite.

The way you comment is a little different now too. Instead of being moved to a new page, a little box pops up!

We have a temporary header made by Arna-Rut. We will have a new header made by her when we have the new author/s for obvious reasons, and it will be better quality.

What do you think of this? Is there anything you want to see here that isn't here already? We want your ideas!


-Cooldude said...

I really like the little box thing, *here* when we comment.
Its much easier :)

arna-rut said...

chat aint coming up for me XD and yah, i hate my header, i was just hurrying cause i knew i had to make another one soon, im way better making graphics then that, xD so yeah, when the new writer is i'll be making a header and it will take me few days to make it perfect! :P x

Anonymous said...


rosie333. said...

Same! I think they're awesome!

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