Thursday, October 2, 2008

New starpoint rewards

So many new starpoint gifts, some fab some not, well one isn't nice. so yea woo
I love 3 of those hairs, the one that says "no" isnt nice as i think. Those pictures are taken by the beautiful friend of mine Babuci1992

oooniceeeee :P i wanted to see if there was anything new so i checked haha, and see those, WOW - And before you ask that is my writing :D


-Cooldude said...

I was JUST about to post this! Lmaoo!
Vacuum cleaners?

arna-rut said...


And HAHA i beated you bitch<3

Gia Baby said...

lmao cool.always wanted 1

Anonymous said...

How many starpoints dya need 4 that?

rosie333. said...

They're great but I'm so far off from those numbers!

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