Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Hairstyle?

Today as I went to my friend, Gabisia9's Page, I noticed she had a hairstyle I had never seen before...

I do admit, Its pretty cool. Lol. I haven't seen it on Keira-V though, Since she has more Starpoints..

And if you go to change your medoll, and click on long, you will see this:

*Notice that its not in the Starpoint hair section? What the hell is going on?

I will post if I find more hairstyles :)

**Edit from Fiona**

gabisia9's hairstyle is for 5500 Starpoints!

Also, check out this hairstyle:


Lettie97 said...

thats weird :s

AC Viper said...

4 new hairstyles!
and they're awesome!
there's another long hair i really love but i dont know how many points needed to get it, its long wavy hair with a fringe

Rit@ said...

Yes, these are the best hairstyles in stardoll, but you need a lot of starpoints to get them! :]

rosie333. said...

It looks hot!

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