Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its a BOY/GIRL thing?

i'm not talking about the movie... I'm talking about when i was going through the plaza i noticed there are trousers in there that say 'Fudge BOY'
I kind of think those jean's wont fit a boy now will they?

Also if you read TheStardollInsiders you know that not long ago there was this new dress, that came out in two editions, one cheaper.. but it was a glitch, well, you might have noticed that the heart top came out in two editions, with one cheaper... AGAIN

Anyways, Noticed the montly sale? Lets cross our fingers and hope for more free stuff glitches.

You can find all free stuff new's on the blog Free Stuff Which is owned by Xmissy.dX who owned the well known club Free.Stuff which sadly got deleted by stardoll..

And im really truly sorry for lack of posts, I had to finish an interview for my friend's magazine, and then there's been uhm, stuff i prefer not to tell here..

i promise i will try my best to post more..
unfortunetly there aint much to post about..
C'mon stardoll, give us some glitches or funny things..


-Cooldude said...

Oooh, Nice new header :D

arna-rut said...

Well thank you hoe [:

iHEART Him [meyoop] said...

I like the jeans(:
& as Sean said;
nice new header :D
but I'll say Amazing
new header :]

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

luv ur header! or is it a banner?

Rit@ said...

Another glitch...

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