Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The LE is here!

I was lucky enough to be online when it was released so I could buy it all, and tell you readers!

Beware, buying everything will cost you a thousands of stardollars - literally. Remember, there are two floors in the shop this time around!

They are sticking to the heart theme for the collection.

Haven't decided what you want yet? Don't worry!
You can try on the new LE clothes here:

Officially sold out (2:51pm, Feb. 12th, GMT):
SweetHeart Tube Top, $125 - 300 were sold.
Love All Over Tights, $25 - 400 were sold.
Heart Out Dress, $175 - 275 were sold.
Shimmer Heart Halter Dress, $125 - 350 were sold.
Denim Frill Dress, $125 - 350 were sold.
SweetHeart Flats, $80 - 425 were sold.
Denim Logo Tee, $100 - 375 were sold.
Classic Denim High Tops, $50 - 600 were sold.

The necklace and pendant were only for people who bought something from the last LE collection!


EmmaSharlotte said...

I don't like this LE a lot, so I bought only two things. BUT, I bought lots of rares for almost bargain 8)

Catlover103 said...

Aw..... I wish I had gotten there! Stardoll is SO cheap! Only the rich people can get it! I LOVE the Petals of Love dress! I'm crying right now!

Rit@ said...

Great styling studio! ^^
I loved the Denim Frill Dress, it was beautiful. :]

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

i love this collection!

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