Friday, February 20, 2009

Best friends

I realy wanted to add a post...but there are no news =[

So I thoguht about a subject other than stardoll, or it has something to do with

You know stardoll is all about "Fame,fashion and FRIENDS"

I'm sure you all met some awesome people on stardoll and all of us got at least someone in out best friends list,I have at least 15 best friends and they are all super duper AWESOME

What about YOUR best friends?

Wanna share us how you first met them/wrote to them?

Well I'm very curiouse =D


Anonymous said...

Because when i first became a member on stardoll she was my first friend and she helped me around alot and made me feel at home by sending me gifts and she is always there for me!

Laura626 said...

Hey Sahar.
Well, when I joined.
My best friend from school showed me how to do everything. But then she lost interest and yeah. So I had to go by myself. So since 2007, I have only made a couple of friends. Some close, some further away but in the end it all counts. Well my first ever friend was Maya -Make-Music- She made me superstar and everything. I have just made some more recently! And they are great! But to be honest, stardoll would be crap without communication between all of us. Even though we ay have to listen to the attention seekers and pervs it all counts.

- Laura626

Angela177 said...

I have beautiful best friends like: Paris ( xXx_ParisSs_xXx ) Fay
( Fayasi ) Fiona ( fionamcgonigle )
Dora ( hrvatica_97 ) and more! ( on my BFF list ) I adore my BFF's :*

Bronagh97 said...

I met great friends on Stardoll!

Bronagh97 said...

I met great friends on Stardoll!

Monroe... said...

Mine is sure xmissy.dx!
She is the kindest and most funny persosns on Stardoll! I love her charm and her appareance :D
We actually met while I was asking her if she sold any of her HB. She said it wasn't for sale, and I couninued the talk saying how hard it was getting this HB. Then we just talked more and more, and I wouldn't be on Stardoll now if it wasn't for her.
I love her!

Sdnexttopmedoll said...

design_shop/jennie..we became bessie on sd we even hav each others numbers shes really really nice

LY xxx lol

Gosia said...

My best friends are Hunnigall, YaelAlon, Welsh_witch and Fayasi! They are all so amazing, and they rock!

Lilla said...

My best friends are Lettie97, red_lolipops and puppy-druel.

Robinbird00 said...

So I joined this club and then like the owner had to go around and like pick out people so she came to my page and we just started talking.

Rachel (rmkrox) was/is/and always will be my friend :D

Lauren said...

Okeey suree. Well I met xGahannahxx3 looking for those hot buys ugg boots a longgg time ago. We started talking and we became the best of friends

Singingmermaid- I met her a VERY long time ago. Actually I met her because her friend was being a jack ass and wouldn't accept me and it was pissing me off. Samantha is one of my long time friends!!

xodanigirlxosta- I talk to her 24/7 now. I added her because of her gorgeous clothes so we traded alot. We are like complete opposites but close friends. I haven't known her for that long :)

snapple2- She has been a really good friend to me for a long time. I can't quite remember how I met her though......sorry Kiesha but I still luv ya!

forevercouture- we have alot in common! she's so sweet. don't member how I met her though.....

ashy_loves_you- He's really nice. I have only known him for a couple of months

sweet_3094- she is a complete angel!! Such a social butterfly!!

halmonkey3- met just recently and we traded! She can handle my unpatientness!

iamyourfat- One of the most funniest people on stardoll I have ever known! AMAZINGLY creative girl!

fakeshake3(not anymroe my friend)- Well I met her like a long time ago and she has been the most nastiest to me than anyone on stardoll. She gets angry very easily and she begs way too much. Not a true friend and I should've stopped talking to her a LONG time ago. I feel sorry for her. so gredy and bitter.

disco_2 said...

1 of my BFF's on stardoll is diamond3000. i was a member in her club. 1 day she had a GB party and every1 in her club was invited, so i went. when we kept talking we got 2 know each other better and soon became best friends. =)

kamelka96 said...

super blog zapraszam do mnie

thu.dila18 said...

i have a best friend, her username is amu-chan. she is really nice to me. we first met when i visited her. then i know that i and her have same interests, that is shugo chara.

Anonymous said...

One of my best friends on stardoll is dolcesophini and I signed her gb after she advertised a hotbuy sale and I had a right to at her cuz there wasn't anything there . So she requested me and we got talking and we r now good friends.


Anonymous said...


I've met 2 awsum people at stardoll

now we talk on msn all the time, send each other christmas, and birthday presents irl^^

This post was great sahar ;]]

bethbeth15 said...

There is this one wonderful ladies names sensesfail90(MAGGIE!)
and luv2horseride(RACHEL..)
and i think they are awesome! Sensesfail90 has one of the best suites and luv2horseride is one of the biggest blg fans evr( WELL THEY BOTH R!)
IK rachel and maggie in real life because rachel was the one to get me into stardoll!

They are all very awesome!
and rachel lives across the street from me and maggie comes over to hang out w/ rachel so ik them both!

oh and lindsaybear!!!!


Bethbeth15 xxx

Anonymous said...

a super best friend: nectar_27

meyoop said...

Well, i think It Just Happened Normally!
& I'm glad that I have the friends I have on Star doll!
All the peeps in my FRIENDS section are nice, >:]
I think many peeps should be in my best friends list but there ain't enough space >:l
< 3

bethbeth15 said...

Hey we should have a barbie 50th birthday celebration! Can i be a host????????

Bethbeth15 xxx

Silvia said...

I have met lots of amazing people but I only have made 3 AMAZING best friends on Stardoll.

1.HelloPrettyGirl[Maria]who is also my real life best friend.Lol,I enjoy our conversations every time whenever we speak on real life or Stardoll.She rocks!

2.Qtjoy1[Joy]I met her through Maria and soon we became best friends!I'm so happy I met her,she's a wonderful person.I can't even describe her.She's truly one fantastic girl.And of course a great friend!

3.Jose-io[Josie]is too good!She's spectatular,she's just one amazing girl&friend!I wrote first to her about asking for HBH but then started to talk about other things and here we are-best stardoll friends!I'm glad I met her.Truly!

Ashton Eramya said...

Hunnigall - We met on Skype when my friend gave me her skype name and I didnt even know who she was. We have been good friends and talk 24/7

Daddysangel02 - JACKIE! We met when I was trading xodanigirlxosta and this is when I met Danny, we were trading then Jackie came in my guestbook and I was scared incase she was a scammer and she wasnt so me and her have been friends since. Even Danny.

Vnvi - I met Alex when his name was Nika, and me and him are great friends, I dont really remember the day we met but his awesome

Melissa54321 - LAUREN, we are such good friends and I would like to know you more. I met you through Jackie when she told me she traded you the Kylie lotto.

HollyMay06 - Met you while wanting to trade, your awesome and I love you. Thanks for being such a great friend.

Tyrall - CLAIRE! I had you on my list for ages and finally got to know you at a StardollCouture party, we have been best friends since then and we now have a blog together.

More but I cbf typing I love you all.


Anonymous said...

Mine Would be titogym
We met along time ago and she is so nice a great friend :)

arna-rut said...

ooh totally mario and alex.

I met alex through Designah.. well he hated me at first.. but, you know the rest XD

And mario... After Steelone's magazine had been published, i didnt want to request him, afraid he would think i'd be a suck up, after a while i heard people say he was a really nice person and all that, so i ended up requesting him, and i do NOT regret it :)

arna-rut said...
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Lettie97 said...

My best friends are Yasas10, Rini4e, red_lolipops, ewonline, pinkie667, Meepzio, sweet_3094, hrvatica_97, Gudmunda92, paris101fan, Tyrall, looc123, bffsml, XxXMissyashXxX, Rachweee123, Jinniy, TopMedoll, N1mka4eva, blondebug, jose-io, Sandy97. I ♥ 'em to bits!

Mimi_Mami said...

Hrvatica_97 :)

We met in a party :) In summer of 2008 :D

Also rute_xox. I think we also met in a party.

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

when i first joined i spent most of my time at my sisters suite but then she left it and got bored so i told my best friend at school to go onto it but she left alone now..

Rit@ said...

I have lots of amazing friends and I just love them! :]

teganlc said...

Well,my first friend on stardoll was gonnabeapopstar and we met when i joined her club lets_talk_about

and my current bff on stardoll is Leahkiwi beacause she is my BFF in real life


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