Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Okay, it's officially here! The advertisements!

Please post your picture in the comment, as well as giving us where you want the advertisement to link to (club, blog, etc.)

This will work on a first come, first served basis, so hurry!

Writers will get their ads at the top - just a thanks for being so awesome :)

If there are too many ads up already, we will save your comment until there is space for your ad.

Ads will not last show forever.
You can post the same ad again if it isn't showing anymore.
Your comment will be deleted when your ad is put up, so if you want to use the picture again, please keep a copy of it.


fashion_fan said...

please can you link my adertisement to my blog,
its on tinypic, heres the link

PlainCity2 said...

Hey Fiona, can you please link this to my page?

Thanks! =]

nasreen11 said...

Join this club.
Lads of cmps , monthly fashion , prizes , fun , friends n more!
Join -.cool_club.- now!
And invite friends.

The link is:

Anonymous said...


Emeraldroxx said...



Bronagh97 said...

Hey Fiona can you link this to my page ?

This is the add ;]

Anonymous said...

Hey Can you please linke this picture to

Babii-chocolate said...

Hey, Can You Please Link My Picture ---->

MissMode. said...

can you put my picture on your website and make it link to :

Bronagh97 said...

Hey Fiona can you link this to my page ?

This is the add ;]

hayleigh1998 said...

link of the ad:


stylequeen42113 said...

Hi can you please link this to my page ??

and the picture should be the title of the website



Anonymous said...

Hi! :D

Great feature! :P

I've made a little ad-pict:

You may link it to


Keep up the great blog!


(how long do the ads stay?)

Maryam-jan said...

Hello i want to make an adverd,
it is this little banner:
I want to have linked it to my Blogspot: !!!

The text is: "Join Now my Stardollblog. Its daily, infomative, with free things & more ... DONT MISS IT!"

Anonymous said...

Me and my best friend run this really cool and good stardoll blog,and since yours is soo good and popualur we can be as popualur [kind of] as you!
so the link to the blog is...

and it would be amazing if you followed it for us! :D
And the link to the picture we want for the AD+ on tinypic....

thanks and i hope you choose us x

Call me Amy said...

Can you advertise my blog?
xoxo Bffsml

Anonymous said...

The advertisement:

The link:

Nickschmidt said...

The Picture:

The Link:

Maria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
marieta_vj said...

go to

for the photo :)

Doggy-luva1 said...



p.s.thanx it will hopefully help

Stardolls Top Designers said...

New TinyPic Image for my ad


Vannesa567 said...



rosie333. said...

WOO! Adverts! Not any more. Still if anyone's looking for advert places go to HotbUysBazaar, (see link at the isde of this page!)

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